Waiter Kindly Lets Cook Know That He Has A Tendency To F*&k Up The Eggs Benedict

Think of all the times you may have complained to restaurant servers that your food was prepared poorly or incorrectly. Then think of all the times in a single day that same server has had to take complaints and re-do orders back to the kitchen. At least one waiter out there decided to put his feelings in writing.

Over at PassiveAgressiveNotes.com, a reader submitted the photo seen here for an order of Eggs Benedict with the note from server to cook: “PLEASE DON’T F**K IT UP THIS TIME.”

The woman who submitted the picture — and works in the restaurant where this all went down — says that one server “has had some issues with the cooks not reading his tickets correctly.”

At least it’s good to know that the person serving your food is trying to fight the good fight on your behalf. That is, unless he leaves a note with your bill saying “Don’t be such a f-ing cheapskate.”

A one-two brunch [PassiveAgressiveNotes.com]

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