Cafeteria Workers Win The Right To Eat Expired Food For Free

Want to eat expired food? Sure, go ahead. But a new settlement in Pennsylvania says one school district can’t charge union workers for food that has been deemed unacceptable to serve to students.

The Herald in Sharon, Pa. reports that cafeteria workers have come out victorious in the Sharpsville Area School District. In 2011, members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees filed a grievance that said they didn’t want to have pay for food or drinks that couldn’t be sold to or consumed by students.

The grievance was based on the allegation that the school district “violated established past practice” in charging cafeteria workers for food or drinks that couldn’t be sold or consumed by students. These items would include food or drinks with expired dates or foods that had been reheated, none of which can be served to students according to safe food regulations.

The school board unanimously approved a settlement that says those cafeteria employees can eat the expired or reheated items, but at their own risk. That food cannot then be given or sold to any other party, says the agreement.

As for other, non-expired food, AFSCME members working in the cafeteria will have to pay up, just like everyone else.

Free food that might get you sick or paying for a meal? I’m pretty sure I’d take the risk, or at least would like the right to do so.

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