Target, ‘Clearance Sale’ Apparently Means 424% Price Hike

Someone at Target has once again brought out the Bizarro Pricing Gun for the clearance sale price on this pack of Windex Electronic Wipes.

The pack, spotted by Consumerist reader Victor, says it was originally priced at $1.00 but is now on sale for the bargain penthouse price of $4.24.

Though as Victor points out, he could trim 5% off that price with his Target redcard.


After looking at prices for these wipes at other stores, we’re guessing that the label should say that the original price was $4.24 and it’s now on clearance for $1.00.

And sure, that is probably some simple goof on the part of a Target staffer, but if some customer doesn’t see the original “1.00” in small type and assumes they are getting a good deal, they end up paying more than they should have.

And if a shopper like Victor notices the error, it’s likely they won’t go through the hassle of arguing their point with Target, which means the item goes unsold and Target’s clearance sale fails to clear the shelves.

Regardless, it is yet another reminder to always compare “sale” prices to original prices.

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