Frontier Bills For Phantom Phone Line For 5 Months

Back in the cold days of January, reader Chris moved away from FiOS territory. It was very sad for everyone involved, but he and his household moved on, subscribing to DSL service from Frontier. One DSL line just wasn’t enough Internet tubes for his household, so they looked into getting a second line and modem, but they couldn’t have a second “dry loop” DSL line. They had to get a phone package along with it. Chris was happy to hand over his money for this service, but Frontier was not so happy to hand over his modem so he can actually start the service. They never sent it, but keep billing him for the service and equipment anyway.

Apparently Frontier can’t make a phantom bill go away. I am on month five of attempting to get rid of a phantom phone line in my name for our home. Back in January 2012, We moved into an area in which FIOS wasn’t an option, so we downgraded to a normal DSL line. After a few weeks, I asked about their Second Modem option, because we have several adults using our internet connection full time.

I was advised that in order to get the Second Line, I would have to sign up for a bundle package to even be eligible to get the second line in my home. When I ordered Frontier the first time, I had it set as a ‘Dry Loop,’ meaning no actual telephone service, just the digital connection for the DSL service. Because of this, Frontier told me I had to get an actual phone package to activate the ‘wet’ part of the loop, and then put the second DSL line on the phone portion.

Getting to the point, they signed me up for this phone package, and started billing me for the $119 total, for two DSL lines and a phone package.

In February, I call them to check the status of the modem, which was never sent in the first place, after receiving a bill for services and equipment that I (obviously) could not use without a second modem. They credit my bill, and I pay only the portion for the modem I have.

In March, I get another bill, under a separate account number, for the phone package, and for the second DSL line, including an activation charge, but again, no equipment. After spending nearly two hours on the phone, They credit my account, assure me that this ‘phantom’ account is closed, and credit me 3 months on my single DSL line for my troubles. I thank them and end the call.

Today, I receive an email that I have a balance due of $222.55 for the same, Phantom account, for a digital bundle that I never received equipment for, that is already past due for two months of service.

It seems they did give me three months credit, but they did it on both accounts and the phantom one continues to haunt me.

[DSL] here was great until Frontier took over. Apparently, Nobody knows how to properly close an account, and I am not paying for services I obviously cannot utilize.


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  1. Blueskylaw says:

    Sounds like OP talked to an operator that was only interested in their performance metrics (get them off the phone quick, don’t give any refunds, etc.). Chris needs to bump this up to supervisor level or higher and not deal with drones who don’t even have the authority to blow their own nose.

  2. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Really, a new post with only 30 minutes before commenting goes down for the weekend? I look forward to radical changes on Monday. Have great weekend all.

  3. AllanG54 says:

    I have stock in Frontier. Got some when it was about $9 a share, then bought a few more shares. Now it’s down to $3.45. I can see the reason why.

  4. dush says:

    I’m curious why they didn’t just send a modem instead telling him they’d close the account.