Is It Worth Eating At Denny’s In All 50 States In One Year To Win Free Grand Slams For Life?

My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty and cheap breakfasts with names like Moons Over My Hammy! Denny’s is all about celebrating America with its new “50 State Challenge,” wherein the first person to check in on its mobile app at a Denny’s in all 50 states in a year will win free Grand Slams for life. For life. So is it worth it?

The Dallas Observer’s “City of Ate” blog points out that hitting up every single state in a year would involve visiting a different state every week, unless you managed to lump a few of those states together in one week.

Here’s how it works — using Denny’s new mobile app, customers check in at various locations around the country, and receive digital badges and awards. The more you visit, the bigger and better the rewards. The whole thing is tied into Denny’s regional “Tour of America” menu.

You win the grand prize of free food for life if you complete the aforementioned sweep of states, or you can split up the challenge with two friends. But if you divide things up that that way, all three of you only win free Grand Slams for a paltry year. Pfft!

If anyone out there reading this has the wherewithal and digestive courage to attempt this almighty feat, pretty please, let us know.

Denny’s New “4050 State Challenge” [Dallas Observer]

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