Is It Worth Eating At Denny’s In All 50 States In One Year To Win Free Grand Slams For Life?

My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty and cheap breakfasts with names like Moons Over My Hammy! Denny’s is all about celebrating America with its new “50 State Challenge,” wherein the first person to check in on its mobile app at a Denny’s in all 50 states in a year will win free Grand Slams for life. For life. So is it worth it?

The Dallas Observer’s “City of Ate” blog points out that hitting up every single state in a year would involve visiting a different state every week, unless you managed to lump a few of those states together in one week.

Here’s how it works — using Denny’s new mobile app, customers check in at various locations around the country, and receive digital badges and awards. The more you visit, the bigger and better the rewards. The whole thing is tied into Denny’s regional “Tour of America” menu.

You win the grand prize of free food for life if you complete the aforementioned sweep of states, or you can split up the challenge with two friends. But if you divide things up that that way, all three of you only win free Grand Slams for a paltry year. Pfft!

If anyone out there reading this has the wherewithal and digestive courage to attempt this almighty feat, pretty please, let us know.

Denny’s New “4050 State Challenge” [Dallas Observer]


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  1. Snarkster says:

    Maybe if you have an American Airlines Lifetime First Class Pass…

    • HenryPython says:

      Not needed. Airline employees or their families can often fly free. I could probably fly to at least 10 states in a weekend, but the thought of eating at Dennys makes my stomach curl.

  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Do I actually need to order food, or just check in with the app?

  3. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    I’d like a clarification on “free Grand Slams for life.” Is that daily or weekly? Includes coffee and OJ?

    When a Schlotzsky’s/Cinnebon combo opened here they gave free Cinnebons for Life to the first 50 customers. People lined up all night to get 1 Cinnebon per week for life.

    • who? says:

      I won “a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s” in a contest once. I found out that I’m not supposed to eat more than a 8 pints of ice cream in a year. Right after I won, I went to visit my brother in NYC, in July. I think we walked to B&J’s and got a pint of ice cream every night until for eight nights straight.

      In another contest, I won “a year’s supply of hot dogs”. That was a stack of 52 coupons, dated by the week, each for a free pound of hot dogs. That was indeed a year’s supply of hot dogs. After the year was over, I think it was about 5 years before I ever ate another hot dog.

      • tofupuppy says:

        I once won a year’s supply of Gardenburgers. That amounted to 12 boxes of burgers (4/box), which is slightly less than 1 per week. They shipped them to me all at once though, so I had a freezer full of Gardenburgers for more than a year.

  4. zandar says:


  5. Quirk Sugarplum says:

    Fortunately for Denny’s, the duration of “for life” is remarkably shortened for the so-called winner.

  6. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    No one is going to do this by actually visiting all the states. Someone will visit most of the states and then send their phone to friends/family in the other states, esp. Alaska and Hawaii.

  7. Jim M says:

    Fake location app work fine to beet the system. Just tried it.

    • dwtomek says:

      Don’t worry, they’ll be analyzing your travel logs, and subsequently throwout the competition entirely as a result of the game being duped.

  8. dwtomek says:

    So how long does “for life” last again these days? Corporate America, not content to simply rule over us financially (and politically, as a derivative), have taken to redefining our language as it suits their bottom line. It’s hard to keep up with all of the evolving linguistics.

  9. josephbloseph says:

    I wonder what the shortest/cheapest way to do this would be. Maybe if you found a bunch of people and chartered a bus, you could do a lower 48 tour over the course of a few weeks with travel costs lower than transporting yourself. Or if an airline has a one or three-month pass program, you could probably knock out a lot of locations on weekends, with one major push within a reasonable vacation.

    • juggler314 says:

      you’d probably need to cover something like 10-12K miles to hit the lower 48 by car, which if you had rotating drivers you could probably do in 10-11 days…but it wouldn’t be much fun.

  10. Buckus says:

    It’s not worth eating at Denny’s in one state for one meal, because all you’ll win is diarrhea…

  11. az123 says:

    Time to get a burner phone and a network of people together to ship the phones around and check into Denny’s in each state

    • Reading Rainbow says:

      There ya go. Same thoughts I had. Who says you need to travel around when you can just ship the phone around to do so.

  12. Murph1908 says:

    Is it truly “for life?”

    The Maryland State Lottery has a Ravens “Seats for Life” prize.

    The promotion is completely bogus. “For Life” has a maximum of 20 years.

    • RandomLetters says:

      I’ve seen that defination of “For Life” on a lot of lotto scratch offs here in Texas.

      • Krazycalvin says:

        Welcome to the United States, Where life expectancy is always 20 years beyond that current moment.

  13. pk says:

    Yes. (to answer the question in the headline). For the hilarious bragging rights. I think this is genius marketing on Denny’s part since I tend to hit up Denny’s when I’m roadtripping

  14. shepd says:

    Yes, worth it. An airplane ticket between neighbouring states is, what, $99? Add in cab fare at, say, $20 each one and we’re at just under $6,000. The average person eats, what, $50 in food a week? 3 years and you’re paid for.

    Remember, you can always ask for LESS of the stuff that’s unhealthy in the grand slam. I’m sure with effort you could eat just those + multivitamins and stay reasonably healthy.

    • allknowingtomato says:

      Winning a lifetime supply of something is usually not “as much as you would consume if given unlimited access.” More often, it’s along the lines of “12 grand slams a year for 20 years.”

      • shepd says:

        ‘Tis not a man, ’tis a grand slam eatin’ machine!

        • buftar says:

          Went to a Simpsons Bar Trivia game last night…they showed three episodes in-between rounds, that was the first ep. Glorious. Something new I learned…witten by Conan O’Brien. Is there anything he can’t do? (besides have The Tonight Show)

    • Libertas says:

      Get real. I priced KC to OKC a few weeks ago, and it was like $500.

      • shepd says:

        I just priced it using matrix ITA, KC -> OKC for the cheapest one way flight

        Price? $139.

        I hope you’re not a travel agent because you’re getting ripped off!

  15. Jules Noctambule says:

    Unless you’re ordering a salad with no dressing or a cup of decaf most of the time, ‘for life’ might not be long enough to make the effort worthwhile.

    • dangermike says:

      I don’t know… if you spend $20,000 on traveling, assume a 4% price increase per year with a starting price of $7 for a grand slam, and plan on eating one per week (hardly excessive), it’s about 30 years to break even. Or at twice a week, it would be about 20 years. Every weekday, and it’s under 10 years.

  16. J. Cohen says:

    Or if you voted for Obama, you have to go to all 58 states.

  17. RandomHookup says:

    Not a good investment. Somebody else might beat you to it while you’re tooling your way through Montana.

  18. RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

    My only memory of Dennys is getting severely choked on something there as a small child (I think it was s bite of cheeseburger) and coughing so hard it went up and out my nose.

    It was not very pleasant, and I seem to have somehow associated that with Denny’s food ever since.

  19. myktag says:

    And they remove the grand slam from the menu in 3…2…1

  20. idx says:

    If I were homeless and had a smart phone I would do this.

  21. El_Fez says:

    hitting up every single state in a year would involve visiting a different state every week, unless you managed to lump a few of those states together in one week.

    All 50 states? That’s easy! I’ve seen road trips done where you do the lower 48 in under 10 days – motorcyclists do it as a bragging rights badge of honor sort of thing:

    • JMK from CT says:

      Hitting the lower 48 in 10 days is a lot different than stopping in at a Denny’s in each those states. In the 4 corners area out west you can hit 4 states in seconds but it would probably take a heck of a lot longer to hit a Denny’s in each state.

      • RandomHookup says:

        Even the Iron Butt requires you to get receipts in each state (though that is a lot easier than finding the Denny’s).

  22. j2.718ff says:

    The real problem is that only the first person gets the prize. I’d hate to make it most of the way there, only to find out that someone else already won.

  23. j2.718ff says:

    The app isn’t compatible with my android phone! :(

  24. squirrel says:

    This is great. I have an L3 GPS constellation simulator sitting 20ft away from me, I know how to use it, and I can likely visit all 50 states in an hour or less, depending on how fast the GPS receiver in the iPad will lock in to the new location.

    I’m pretty sure my employer will take a dim view on using a $250K machine for this purpose.

  25. caj111 says:

    According to the Google Play website where the app is explained, up to 3 people can work together as a team to win this. So I’ll just call my friends in Alaska and Hawaii for those locations and do the other 48 states myself. Piece of cake. :)

    But I can’t find the specific rules as to whether you have to actually order something or just actually check in at a location. Because after winning this contest, Denny’s would be about the last place I want to eat.

  26. framitz says:

    Eating at Denny’s is not worth the health risk period.

  27. HogwartsProfessor says:

    They know there’s no way anyone will do this. They have nothing to lose.

  28. tasselhoff76 says:

    Does Denny’s have a location in Alaska? I didn’t find one on their Website locator.

  29. Papa Midnight says:

    Nothing like that Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast at 3:00 AM after a long drive up the PCH.

  30. oldtaku says:

    Given the amount of sodium in Denny’s food, you’d be a salt lick by the 50th.

  31. dangermike says:

    Does the deal include the grand slamwich? I absolutely love them but rarely buy them due to the exhorbitant prices (of course, the last time I had one, it was in a hotel lobby denny’s on San Francisco’s fisherman’s wharf. Between the meal, orange juice, and tip, it was $16 to get out the door)

  32. ReaperRob says:

    Wait, does Denny’s have a location in every state? If they don’t then they never have to give out a prize.