Will Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell Menu Make You Feel Less Guilty For Bingeing At 2 A.M.?

We originally reported on Taco Bell testing its “Cantina Bell” menu, the fast food Mexican chain’s attempt to rise above quickie burritos and tacos back in January, and now those upscale offerings are officially headed for restaurants on July 5.

In a bid to compete with Chipotle, which uses fresh ingredients, Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell menu will try to lure in eaters with a new marketing campaign highlighting its new high-falutin’ image, reports AdAge.com.

A major part of that campaign will involve Miami chef Lorena Garcia, who created the menu. And while the menu will include fresh ingredients like black beans, fire-roasted corn salsa, cilantro rice, pico de gallo and other Chipotle-esque items, true to Taco Bell form, the prices will be lower than at the rival chain.

Beyond trying to cater to healthier options sought by consumers, Taco Bell is also apparently trying to nab more female customers and according to parent company Yum, “make us more mainstream with male and female target audiences.”

Can you picture rolling up after a night out and going for citrus-herb marinated chicken, black beans and pico de gallo, or will the $0.99 taco still rule?

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