Here’s How To Not Spoil Your Vacation By Getting Sick Or Injured Overseas

Speaking from the vantage point of someone who has spent an entire day in a lovely hotel room in an amazing foreign city paralyzed with the flu and feeling like death would show up any minute, it’s awful to get sick on vacation overseas. Here you are, spending your hard-earned dollars and you can’t get out and enjoy your trip. So why not prepare against the worst before you go?

It’s a good thing we have wise, responsible older siblings at Consumer Reports to tell us what to do before traveling abroad this summer, because it turns out one in five Americans who leave the country suffer an illness or injury while abroad. No fun!

Read up on what’s going on where you’re visiting, before you leave: Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Travel Health page to get information on which vaccines you might need. Avoid tap water and ice cubes in certain countries, and don’t eat food prepared with unsafe water.

Travel with the medications you need: A month before you leave, talk to your doctor about any recommended vaccinations, and ask about any other health issues you might have. Make sure you have enough of your prescription medications for the length of time you’re away, and don’t buy any meds while you’re gone, as they could be counterfeit. Keep any meds you need in your carryon bag in case your baggage gets delayed.

Stretch on the plane: If your’e in the air for more than 8 hours, it’s important to stretch your legs a few times to avoid the risk of dangerous blood clots. Drink plenty of fluids, dress in loose clothing and get up from your seat at least once an hour.

Avoid injuries: This one might seem like a no-brainer, but tourists are 10 times more likely to die of an injury than an infectious disease, so always buckle up while driving or riding abroad. If you aren’t driving, hire someone local who knows the roads and traffic laws if you can.

For more tips, check out the source link below.

How to avoid disease and injury while traveling abroad [Consumer Reports]

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