GameStop Sells Me Three Defective Nintendo DSes In A Row, Shrugs

AC used to shop at Gamestop a lot, but has vowed not to go back. Why? Somehow, the odds caught up with him and he has ended up with three defective Nintendo DSes in a row, all purchased from the same store. Return a defective one, get another. Return a defective one, get another. Not wanting to continue the cycle, he sent this letter to GameStop more than a week ago. They have not responded.

I am sending this email in to voice my dissatisfaction with GameStop’s [redacted] location. In less than two weeks, I have gone through THREE defective units which should not have even be sold.

Roughly on the 18th, my now Ex Girlfriend purchased a Nintendo DS for me from the GameStop in [redacted]. While playing a game on the 24th the upper LCD went completely black. I did not have my receipt, and called the store and I was asked to call back in an hour, I did so, and he told me to bring it in and they would swap it for me. The replacement unit powered up, so I thanked the gentleman for helping me and went on my way. When I got home and put in a game to being playing again. I noticed that the “Down” and “A” buttons were very hard to press. I assumed that it was because the unit may have been sitting for a while.

After three days the buttons were not loosening up, so I went into the store today for an exchange (I had my receipt). As soon as I walked in the door, the gentleman that helped me last time stepped out from behind the counter and tapped another man on the shoulder (I am assuming he was a manager). I got less than 10 feet from the counter and the manager went behind the counter and waved me to him holding his hand out. I had not made any contact with the store before going in. I handed him the system and described my issue, he sighed, looked at my receipt and said in a short tone, “Since you didn’t have your receipt the first time, this is the LAST exchange we are doing.” I replied, “As long as this one works, it will be.” He then took the defective unit, scanned it, put a sticker on it, and placed it back in the display case for sale, (which I would almost guarantee will be sold to a customer without being repaired) He then handed me a different system, the battery was dead so I was unable to test functionality of the buttons and it was already three minutes past closing time, I did not want to keep them there and become “that guy”, so I felt the buttons and they felt fine.

I get home and immediately place the DS on a charger, give it three hours to charge. I put my game (Pokemon White) in the system and begin playing. It works great. After about 15 minutes of playing, I noticed something off, the R button, which is a shortcut in the game to switch menus, was not working.

This is the THIRD defective unit I have received from this location. I am not happy. Between my older brother, my roommate, and I, (they come to me for game recommendations as I am the biggest gamer of the group), we have literally spent over $8,000 dollars at GameStop locations in [redacted] and [redacted] this year alone. I recently moved to [redacted] and am regretting that this GameStop location is the only store in this town that sells used video games and systems. The way the manager acted towards me was unwarranted, I was polite the entire time and thankful that they were able to assist me, as I know from personal experience how thankless a job in customer service can be.

At this point, I am not sure if I want to allow any money from my older brother, roommate, or my wallets to continue to support GameStop. I know for a fact, if I want a video game purchase, I will no longer be using the GameStop in Duncan. Sadly, this only leaves Wal-Mart for new game purchases, or traveling over 40 miles to [redacted] to buy used which is extremely inconvenient for me. Right now I do not know if I would even want another exchange, because I fear that the fourth system may be defective as well.

It really gets under my skin, that in this economy, I am willing to spend money for entertainment just to be treated the way I was for systems that are obviously not thoroughly checked before being accepted. I am not sure what the policy is on accepting used trade ins, but it seems that it is not being followed, unless of course, the policy is to take in any system without testing its functionality.

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