Citizens Bank Manages To Make Debit Card Number Breach Even More Unpleasant

Mobile apps that can pay for things are pretty neat, but lead to a huge headache if your phone is lost or stolen. Especially if you don’t have a credit card, and use your debit card number instead. When Megan’s iPhone was stolen, she was ready to deal with the annoyance of getting a new debit card and changing her information on each app. She didn’t expect a cascade of incompetence and obnoxiousness from Citizens Bank.

On 5/20, my iPhone was stolen while I was on a business trip. Because my debit card was linked to apps on the phone, I cancelled my card. In a separate call, I asked for a replacement card.

During that call:

  • The rep asked our standard security question, which I answered correctly. He then asked an additional, unapproved question and denied access based on the answer. I had to go through additional layers of authentication to even discuss my account
  • The rep raised his voice
  • The rep denied access to a supervisor

I ended this call and spoke with someone else, who said she would send the debit card out right away. She also corrected our zip code, which has been wrong since we opened the account despite repeated requests to fix it.

My husband’s card no longer works online. On Saturday, 6/2, I learned that our current home address has been wiped from our account and changed to a location we lived at eight years ago. My new debit card was sent to that address, putting our account and my identity security at risk and creating further delays.

I spoke with a supervisor who gave the verbal equivalent of a shrug for this error. She refused to expedite the card without proof that the address error was made by Citizens. I have to wait another five to seven business days for a new card. Additionally, we corrected our address again and it will take a “full billing cycle” to kick in, continuing to limit the use of the single debit card in our household.

Do I have any recourse? Are there any tactics that I haven’t tried besides going to a branch (it’s impossible with our work schedules)? I’m about to leave on vacation and my debit card is an absolute necessity. We are planning to switch banks but are in a tight spot until we’re able to do that.

Thank you in advance for any help you or the Consumerist hive mind can provide.

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