What Does Amtrak Have Against The People Of Lancaster?

Regular Consumerist readers may remember the story from last November of Amtrak commuters in Lancaster, PA, who had to break down the station door in order to catch their train. At the time, the rail service shrugged it off as a “scheduling error,” but why were train passengers locked out again this morning?

People who arrived at the Lancaster station in the pre-dawn hours on Monday were once again greeted by a locked station.

“We had to cross the tracks to get to the station,” one commuter tells Lancaster Online. “There was no way to get into the building.”

There were about a dozen people who had to slog across the tracks to reach their platform.

One person says that once on the train, a conductor admitted this was the third time since October that people have been locked out of this particular station.

“Apparently no one’s learning their lesson at Amtrak,” she said.

In the November incident, commuters were able to get a construction crew to let them cross through the work zone to the platform, where they pushed open the barred door from the other side.

Commuters again find Amtrak station doors locked

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