Suspicious Device Prompts Partial Evacuation At Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

While it’s still unclear exactly what a “suspicious device” found in a piece of checked baggage at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport turned out to be, business returned to usual last night after a brief evacuation of one of the terminals. The woman whose bag contained the device was allowed to continue on her way without that luggage.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune says Terminal 2 was reopened last night at 6:30, including access by light rail and road, after being closed since the device was discovered around 4:30 p.m.

According to an airport spokeswoman, the device and luggage were removed for off-site examination because Transportation Security Administration agents “felt it was significant enough to call the bomb squad.” A partial evacuation followed.

Apparently only a few flights were delayed as a result of the discovery, and none were canceled. Terminal 1 wasn’t affected whatsoever.

The spokeswoman says she’s not aware of what the woman who owned the luggage told authorities, but that similar situations happened at the terminal “two or three times a year.”

MSP’s Terminal 2 reopened after alarm over suspicious device [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

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