Has Gatorade Been Slimmed Down By The Grocery Shrink Ray?

For years, Gatorade drinkers have grown familiar with the hard lines of the sports drink’s 32 oz. plastic bottle. Now we’re hearing that the beverage might be shifting over to a slimmer, easier-to-grip bottle — that is also 12.5% smaller.

Gatorade has already been selling 28 oz. versions of its “Recovery” formula that includes protein, but the thrilling video below appears to feature a slimmed-down 28 oz. iteration of the standard “Perform” Gatorade we all drink after hours on the basketball court (or hours spent playing Madden on Xbox).

We know from this guy that the company is producing and promoting the smaller size, but we don’t know if it’s an actual instance of Grocery Shrink Ray use.

It’s possible that Gatorade is only testing the smaller bottle or that the company will continue to sell the 32 oz. and 28 oz. versions with different price points.

However, one Consumerist reader says he saw the 28 oz. Gatorade for the same price as the 32 oz. He did not, however, provide photo evidence.

We’ve written to the Gatorade gang to see if the more-slender bottle is intended to replace or supplement the 32 oz. bottle. They have not responded to our comment request.

So if anyone sees the 28 oz. “Perform” for sale and wants to send us a photo with the retail price, that would be awesome.

Of course, if you live in New York City, it may soon not matter and both sizes would be banned from sale at corner stores and delis.


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  1. AcctbyDay says:

    “Recovery” of gatorades profits.

  2. Coffee says:

    This will be a welcome change for me, personally. Typically, I’m only able to drink about 28 ounces of Gatorade before I get full. Not wanting to waste the other four ounces, I’d taken to injecting it into the neighbors’ children, but syringes are becoming prohibitively expensive, and I don’t like reusing them (as I worry about transmitting HIV to the young ones), so truth told, I was at my wit’s end before hearing this. Thank you, shrink ray!

  3. MichaelRyanSD says:

    Has anyone noticed Phil is gone, I wonder if its because of those incidents a couple months ago where they gave him the keys to the site and went buck wild with “3 ways to….” stuff. I almost miss that guy

  4. Sian says:

    I’ve seen 28 and 32 oz bottles for about the same price, but I haven’t seen ANY sign that they’re discontinuing the 32 oz size.

  5. Marlin says:

    Powerade is cheaper and still 32oz last I bought one.

  6. consumed says:

    “Easier to grip” yeah right, more like “easier to charge you the same and give you less”

  7. econobiker says:

    I mix the powder at half strength which is what athletic teams used from the start. The bottled editions are too sugary anyhow.

    For a while my children were getting 1/2 strength 8 oz bottles as I cut those once I had enough clean empties to remix 1/2 of the bottle with water and refrigerate.

  8. timwoj says:

    Some convenience stores here in the Phoenix area are selling the 28oz bottles for the same price as the 32oz ones were. Thankfully, most of those same stores sell any-size-79cent fountain drinks, and all of them have some flavor of Gatorade or Powerade in the fountain.

  9. Mighty914 says:

    If you wait for the right deal, you can get the 64 oz bottles for the same price as the 32 oz ones too.

  10. diagoro says:

    I’m sure the plan will be to introduce them at a slightly discounted price, than eventually replace the 32 ox with these (at the 32 oz price).

    I wish they would change the cap design, I’ve actually cut my fingers on the edge when opening tight bottles.

  11. Cat says:

    I drink Brawndo. It’s what a body craves.

  12. SisterMaryPollyEsther says:

    I once read a paper on phallic imagery in advertising/branding. Since then, I have given my husband a “hard” time about drinking Gatorade. He will be relieved to learn the new bottle design no longer looks like a male member.

  13. HenryES says:

    If you like lemon-lime, orange or fruit punch Gatorade, the powdered kind they sell at the grocery is the way to go. It’s a lot cheaper, and no disposable bottles.

  14. mykie says:

    I wonder if this is why I’ve been seen crazy markdowns on Gatorade lately? Making room for the new packaging design…

    The other day I saw Safeway Lucerne’s ice cream in FULL HALF GALLON SIZES! They looked like ice cream containers from Planet Amazonia, and they were the same price as those new lilliputian Dryer’s and Breyer’s containers.

    Good job, Safeway for reversing the shrink ray!

  15. BoringCommenter says:

    Pretty sure you’re last paragraph is wrong: From CBS:

    “The ban would impose a 16-ounce limit on any sugary bottled or fountain drinks that contain more than 25 calories per 8 ounces.”


    This is, not-at-all-coincidentally, the number of calories in a serving of Gatorade. They’re likely to be the biggest winner here.

  16. P=mv says:

    When I was still drinking this stuff, I used the powder at half strength. It was tons cheaper and I could mix it exactly how I liked it.

  17. IGNORE says:

    What is this “Gatorade”? Never drink it.