Shopper Sues Neiman Marcus For Refusing To Take Back Expensive Gifts From Her Cheating Husband


Not only did her husband allegedly cheat on her while she was bedridden for three years recovering from a traffic accident, but a Dallas woman is claiming he spent $1.4 million of her money buying gifts for her from Neiman Marcus, while carrying on an affair with the personal shopper who made a commission on those gifts.Still with us?

Good Morning America reports on Patricia’s attempt to return all those expensive pajamas, furs, jewelry, crystal sculptures and other luxury goods to Neiman Marcus that she didn’t even want. The department store is well-known for its generous return policy, but in this case, it refused to take back $1.4 million in merchandise, so Patricia is suing.

According to a lawsuit filed by Patricia against Neiman Marcus, her husband was carrying on a secret affair with Patricia’s trusted personal shopper, who worked at the department store. The woman earned a large commission from the sales, made using Patricia’s store account, claims Patricia’s attorney.

In 2010, when Patricia attempted to return the piles of gifts, Neiman Marcus sent employess to check things out, but never followed through or explained why they weren’t taking them back.

Their return policy is:

“If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly accept your timely return of unworn, unwashed, or defective merchandise. Returned merchandise should include the vendor packaging and tags and be in the same condition as when it was received. Used merchandise cannot be returned unless defective. A pickup and/or restock fee may apply.”

Before her accident, Patricia spent $100,000 per year at Neiman Marcus, and while her husband was spending on her account, he shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars more, says Patricia’s lawyer.

She closed her account during divorce proceedings in 2010, still unaware of her husband’s alleged infidelity. That detail came up during divorce proceeding months later.

Patricia’s attorney thinks Neiman Marcus is at fault here, as the personal shopper still works at the store and wasn’t disciplined.

“The real villain in this case is Neiman Marcus,” he said. “After learning of this affair decided they weren’t going to do anything about it.”

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Neiman Marcus Shopper Sues Store After It Won’t Take Back Gifts From Cheating Ex-Husband [Good Morning America]

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