Police: Grandma Used Shoplifting Tips From TV's 'Cops' To Get Stuff To Bake With Grandson

Picking up some great DIY tips from TV shows is all well and good when say, landscaping the garden or learning how to crochet tea cozies. What isn’t a great move is getting ideas on how to shoplift after watching Cops a few too many times, even if it’s so you can bake with your grandson.

According to police, a woman allegedly shoplifted groceries and some other items from a Kmart, reports CBS4 WCCO News in Minneapolis. She was caught with her purse lined in aluminum foil with the pilfered items inside, a trick to defeat Kmart’s security sensors that she learned from Cops.

The complaint says she paid for a bottle of water, but was seen putting butter and chocolate chips in her purse during her trip to Kmart. After she exited the first set of doors, Kmart’s loss prevention officer stopped her. Turns out she also had two Sonicare toothbrush heads she’d planned on selling to a neighbor, perhaps after all her baking was done.

She was charged with one count of theft and one count of possession of shoplifting gear.

Charges: Grandma Shoplifter Learned From TV Show ‘Cops’ [CBS4 WCCO News]