"Drive-Thru" Doesn't Mean Driving Through Door Of Taco Bell Over Missing Taco

A rumbly tummy can be blamed for many an act of frustration, but please, don’t drive into buildings just because a $0.99 taco is missing from your combo meal. A man in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio did just that, even after regretful employees replaced said taco.

ABC 22 in Dayton says the Huber Heights man pulled into the drive-thru just after midnight with his girlfriend, and ordered a combo meal.

“He was already peeling his tires, being cute whatever he was on, and came through got his food. We forgot a taco. We realized we forgot it,” said one employee. She says he came back and yelled at the workers for the missing item, and they tried to apologize, telling him to please pull through to get the taco.

“He peeled all the way through the drive-thru to our window and snatched his taco,” she said.

That wasn’t good enough, say cops, so the man drove his truck around the corner and then into the entrance of the restaurant before taking off.

“We were able to track the vehicle fluids back to his house about two miles from here. Upon interview he admitted that he purposely hit the building because he was mad because they messed up his order,” said a sergeant with the police.

The man is now in custody after being arrested for felony vandalism.

Man Drives Pick-Up Into Taco Bell Over Missing Taco [ABC 22 Dayton]

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