Duo Tries To Scare Pizza Delivery Man Into Giving Up Free Food With Help Of Of Baseball Bat

We’ve seen hungry people resort to drastic measures in order to eat their fill, but planning to scare the delivery man into giving up free food with a baseball bat? That’s a bad plan. And an illegal, mean one. Cops say two women came up with a harebrained scheme involving intimidation and a weapon in the name of two large pizzas, 14 chicken wings and an apple pie.

The Smoking Gun has the goods on the story of two Florida women who are now facing felony charges over their plan to scare up some grub.

With rumblies in their tumblies but dust in their wallets, the two 19-year-old women “planned on scaring the pizza delivery man into leaving prior to them paying.” One woman donned all black clothing and a mask, and grabbed a baseball bat from a neighbor’s yard.

Meanwhile, the other woman greeted the Pizza Hut delivery man and told him to put the food down inside while she looked for more cash, since she only had $12 in her hand. That’s when the other woman jumped out of her spot like a ninja and approached the man from behind.

She claims she meant to just swing the bat and scare him, but “accidentally” hit him in the side. He says he was hit in the head and the arm, before he grabbed the bat and threw it in the yard.

Not to be one to leave without cash, he returned to the home and “asked the original customer if she was going to pay for the food.” When the woman said she was calling the cops, the delivery man did it for her and dialed 911.

The two women hid in some woods until sunrise, before returning home to eat the food. They were eventually arrested, and cops say they “laughed profusely” about their plan. One of the women said she was going to rob a McDonald’s with her cohort when they got out of jail.

Turns out, this whole scenario was a repeat of an earlier attempt by the women to scare a delivery man — they tried their plan a month before with the exact same delivery man. After more thought, he says, he remembered a suspicious incident, where the women ended up paying him.

There’s no scaring off this guy. Good employee you’ve got there, Pizza Hut.

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