The Threat Of Unplanned Parenthood Is One Way To Sell Condoms

No need to resort to flashy gimmicks or big marketing campaigns — if you want to sell condoms, just present an easy juxtaposition with a meaning that can’t be missed. A gas station is doing just that with a handmade sign showcasing two of its products.

“Which one do you want to buy?” asks the sign in a picture posted on reddit, pointing at a display box filled with condoms and a few lonesome packages of disposable diapers.

As one commenter points out, if you fail to buy one option, you might end up having to buy both if you don’t want to repeat the experience of parenthood.

Whoever came up with this sign is a regular Don Draper — or a sales rep at Trojan trying to get ahead. In either case, we salute you, teller of life’s truths.

Found this at a gas station. [Reddit via Buzzfeed]

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