Petco Loses Dogs Too

It’s not just airlines that fail at keeping a handle on customers’ pets. Just ask the Texas man who took his retriever in to his local Petco for some grooming and is now looking for help trying to find the lost pooch.

The man tells KXAN-TV that he dropped off his dog at Petco around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. Within a couple of hours, he was getting calls from Petco which he missed but assumed was just the store letting him know the grooming had been completed.

So when he went to pick up his canine companion at 2 p.m. that day, he was shocked to learn that the dog had gotten free and lost in the field behind the store.

“I just showed up and she was gone,” he tells KXAN. “I wouldn’t have even dreamt that something like this would happen.”

While the Petco general manager helped the customer in his fruitless search of the field, the dog’s owner says he didn’t even get an apology.

Other than that first day, he says Petco workers have not helped in his search for the dog, and the store is no longer returning his calls.

The customer is beginning to wonder if there is more to the story than just sloppy pet-handling. He’s now asking to see surveillance video from inside the Petco.

The KXAN website has more information about the dog and who to contact if anyone in the area has seen it.

Dog owner: Petco groomer lost my dog:

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  1. dolemite says:

    If this were my dog…I’d hope to get about 50k in emotional distress.

    • Gizmosmonster says:

      Not in Texas. This is tort reform country

    • ned4spd8874 says:

      Not enough. My two dogs mean the world to me. I’m thinking millions and millions. They are as important to me as any other family member. What price would you put on your sons or daughters?

      • jbandsma says:

        But the courts only recognize the cost of the animal…retail, not what you’ve spent on them over the time you’ve had them. A pet is considered property.

        Lousy idea but that’s the way the laws are written. The need to be changed, but good luck on that.

        • dolemite says:

          Although courts do this, it needs to change. People can get more $ for a family heirloom because it has “emotional attachment and sentimental value”, but a dog that is considered part of the family is worth only what you paid for it? “X” bzzzzt.

  2. AllanG54 says:

    They probably didn’t really lose the dog. The probably just shaved him away. But I feel sorry for the owner. It’s sucks to lose (no pun intended) a family pet. Hope the dog is found.

  3. That guy. says:

    Requesting the surveillance video is a good idea.

    It is entirely possible that an employee stole the dog, or sold the dog, or the dog was killed somehow. Sure, these are not likely, but it is possible.

    • Bionic Data Drop says:

      At Petco, the unlikely is likely. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there is a lot more to the story than “it ran away”. There is probably a reason Petco is now acting all hush hush.

    • Hitchcock says:

      Dogs have been known to die when groomers lock them in a crate with a hair dryer attached to the front. If they leave it on for too long, or position it improperly, the dog can overheat and die. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is what happened.

      Every Petco I’ve been in has the groomers in a separate walled off section. So for the dog to escape he would have had to escape from his leash, some how get out out the door to the groomers section, and then run out the front door. Not impossible, but difficult.

  4. clippy2.1 says:

    Normally, I would vote for burning the place down, but its full of puppies. So instead I would demand 1 billion dollars.

    And a puppy. Hand trained by Cesar Milan

    • Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

      “Who’s the pack leader now, biatch?” :D

    • Bionic Data Drop says:

      It’s a little off subject, but I don’t think I’d want a dog trained by Cesar. Have you ever seen his pit bulls Junior or Daddy? They don’t look like happy healthy dogs, they look like they have the fear of God in them and they’re afraid to even look at Cesar. Maybe it’s just me….

      • longfeltwant says:

        So, what’s the problem?

        • cash_da_pibble says:

          A shut-down dog isn’t a dog, it’s a furry automaton that does what it’s told and nothing more.

          If that’s your idea of the perfect companion, then my dog and I don’t want to be anywhere near you.

          • LawyerontheDL says:

            Neither here nor there, but I’ve met Junior and he’s a happy little guy. I think he’s in working mode on the show.

      • Kestris says:

        It’s not just you.

        I wouldn’t let that man near my fish, let alone my dog.

    • sherrietee says:

      Actually, Petco doesn’t sell puppies. They occasionally run adoption events, however. Maybe the OP should look for his dog at the next adoption event.

  5. Craige says:

    To be fair, it’s not like they lost your laptop that you brought in for repair.

    They lost your dog. Your free-will enabled dog with 4 working legs. If he wants to go somewhere, there’s a good chance he’s going to get there whether someone is paying attention or not.

    I sympathize with the owner, but things happen.

    On the other hand, the store really should offer more help and compensation when dealing with these matters. The dog was in their possession when he went missing, and therefore they are liable.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      So it’s okay that Petco, who handles animals on a daily basis, can’t seem to perform the job duties their business is built around, which causes reckless endangerment of animals?

      • Craige says:

        Not at all, but neither this nor the original article have any evidence to support a theory of misconduct.

        Should they know how to handle animals properly? Absolutely, however there is no reason given to suspect that they mistreated this dog or acted in a way to endanger it. The dog simply got loose. Perhaps the kennel latch was broken. Perhaps it took off when it was taken outside for a walk (I don’t know if they do that for short visits); dogs are strong, fast and hard to catch. Any number of things could have happened, and until we have evidence to support that they acted in misconduct, why are we placing blame here?

        Again, I think Petco should offer compensation, and launch an investigation as to how/why this happened, but until that happens we can only speculate that they acted improperly (excluding the post-incident demeanour) .

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          He says he wants video footage, which would answer the question of misdeeds.

          I see nothing wrong with that.

          Your tone on your original comment, however, was dismissive of the issue at all, as if “these these just happen” was a sufficient explanation. These things don’t “just” happen. They are caused by neglect and incompetence.

    • dolemite says:

      Yeah, I feel the same way when a daycare loses a kid. Those things are hard to keep up with. Now, if it were my PC, I’d be really mad.

    • NotEd says:

      They lost the dog in a store. In a grooming section that (usually) has its own doors and in an enviroment where the pets should be on leads when they are not secured another way.

      Sure, a dog is a sentient creature that will resist being left in one spot, unlike a cell phone or laptop. But the store doesn’t groom laptops. They should be more prepared for this eventuality.

    • wasabirobot says:

      This is a new level of OP blaming. Perhaps he should have known better when he got a dog with legs.

    • Tenacity says:

      So if I lose one of the kids at the school where I work, it’s ok?

      • JennQPublic says:

        It’s okay, as long as you don’t lose anything valuable. You know, like a laptop.

  6. RandomLetters says:

    When I read the dog had gotten free in the store I pictured in my mind a Hollywood scene where the escaped dog, dripping with water and soap suds, careens through the store causing mass chaos.

  7. 2 Replies says:

    “The customer is beginning to wonder if there is more to the story than just sloppy pet-handling. He’s now asking to see surveillance video from inside the Petco”

    Wait… is he now implying that they MALICIOUSLY lost the dog?
    As if they had it out for the pup?


    • wasabirobot says:

      Actually he is probably concerned that they harmed the dog somehow and are trying to cover it up by saying she is lost. It is unlikely but certainly not impossible.

  8. Thopter says:

    I never shop at Petco if I can help it. To me, Petco is to PetSmart what KMart is to Target.

    • NotEd says:

      That’s kind of harsh…

      to Petco.

    • Jillia says:

      Agreed. The Petco is closer to my house, but it is that horribly laid out that I will drive the extra 10-15 minutes to PetSmart. The one time I went, never again. I spent way too much time in there because I couldn’t find anything and you have to go aisle to aisle to find the signs that specify what’s in that aisle. The organization of the layout of products is really not intuitive, things are mixed together. I couldn’t find the register, it was in this really weird, obscure corner.

      PetSmart, I know right where to go. The “dogs” section with the big sign hanging over it. Seems easy right? This is lost on PetCo.

  9. SerenityDan says:

    Well if the place is set up like the one around me the Grooming area is closed off from the rest of the store with a door that leads into the main store. So the dog would have had to get out of that room, then through the store to the exit, set off the door and then exit all without someone managing to catch up to it. I’d demand to see the tapes, something fishy is going on.

    • Doubting thomas says:

      In the one by me the grooming area is separate but has its own entrance as well

  10. wellfleet says:

    I understand that “things happen” and that it wasn’t done maliciously, but I would go absolutely mercenary on anyone responsible for harming my dog.

    What kind of Keystone Cops operation are they running that a dog got outside?! Unless this dog has opposable thumbs, he didn’t open the door by himself.

  11. El_Fez says:

    Oh my god, I would lose my fucking mind at Petco if this was me.

  12. CrazyEyed says:

    Since the grooming stations are right near the entrance, its extremely likely or feasible that if the dog got lose from the grooming table, it could havr exited the store rather quickly.

  13. Hawkins says:

    This is terrible.

    I don’t know how small claims court works in Texas, but in many places, when you bring a case, you can subpoena documents, including surveillance tapes.

    So the poor guy might want to determine a non-grotesque value for your dog, like maybe a few thousand bucks. Sue them in small claims court, and force them to produce the tapes.

    The clerk of the court provides a simple subpoena form. In Texas, this costs $10 extra. If they destroy the evidence, the judge will flip out, ninja-style.

    Worth a try.


  14. j2.718ff says:

    I hope they at least gave a discount on the grooming

  15. dush says:

    I’d have waited in the store until they paid me for the cost of replacing the dog.

  16. Kestris says:

    How the hell can a store lose a dog from inside the store?!? The only way I can think of them losing this dog, is if an employee either took the dog outside, an employee stole the dog themselves or mistakenly gave the dog to another customer who claimed it was theirs and are now making up a story about losing it.

  17. gman863 says:

    To protest, I’d borrow a gangsta car with twin 15″ subs and park in front of Petco with “Who Let The Dogs Out” playing continuously.

  18. Maz says:

    I always try and be at hand when my dog is getting serviced. Unless it’s a kennel I trust. I know it’s an animal, but I wouldn’t drop my kids off at the dentist and then go shopping.

    • Claire says:

      Agree in theory (which is why I wouldn’t take my dog to a big-box groomer in the first place), but I have a Siberian Husky (see avatar) which means that a trip to the groomer’s is easily an all-day event. He’s usually there for 6-8 hours. The dog in the story was a Golden Retriever, so I would imagine a similar timetable for grooming most long-haired, double-coated breeds.

  19. shelman23 says:

    Surprised this doesn’t happen a lot more often actually. Hard enough managing humans, let alone animals.

  20. shelman23 says:

    Is it just me or are these Anchors Hair & styles from the 90’s? I know nothing of style but the ladies hair is really bad.