Petco Loses Dogs Too

It’s not just airlines that fail at keeping a handle on customers’ pets. Just ask the Texas man who took his retriever in to his local Petco for some grooming and is now looking for help trying to find the lost pooch.

The man tells KXAN-TV that he dropped off his dog at Petco around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. Within a couple of hours, he was getting calls from Petco which he missed but assumed was just the store letting him know the grooming had been completed.

So when he went to pick up his canine companion at 2 p.m. that day, he was shocked to learn that the dog had gotten free and lost in the field behind the store.

“I just showed up and she was gone,” he tells KXAN. “I wouldn’t have even dreamt that something like this would happen.”

While the Petco general manager helped the customer in his fruitless search of the field, the dog’s owner says he didn’t even get an apology.

Other than that first day, he says Petco workers have not helped in his search for the dog, and the store is no longer returning his calls.

The customer is beginning to wonder if there is more to the story than just sloppy pet-handling. He’s now asking to see surveillance video from inside the Petco.

The KXAN website has more information about the dog and who to contact if anyone in the area has seen it.

Dog owner: Petco groomer lost my dog:

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