Community Not About To Let Walmart Sneak Into Spot Zoned For Residential Use

In the case of an Arkansas town situated near the Bentonville headquarters of Walmart, proximity has not made many hearts grow fonder. Citizens packed a recent meeting in Bella Vista to make themselves heard on the issue of rezoning a spot so a Walmart Neighborhood Market could ostensibly move in.

News station says the proposed location for the new Walmart is not only a spot zoned for residential use, but it’s located at a dangerous highway intersection. There’s also already a local grocery store at that corner, Allen’s Foods.

Citizens were so fired up about the issue, they packed a meeting held on Monday, where the proposed rezoning was to be discussed. The fire marshal had to shut down the meeting because so many people showed up, and the meeting was rescheduled.

Those who did make it into the meeting said they were upset because they hadn’t been properly informed of the meeting and there was no room for them. Others demanded it be moved to a larger location at a later date. It’s now set for June 11 at a larger venue.

People who live near the area in question say it’s a bad idea to have a Walmart there, because it’s already a hot spot for traffic accidents. Bella Vista’s city records say that particular intersection has 30 or more accidents every year.

Angry Residents Attend Public Hearing []

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