Verizon To Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

If you were one of the Verizon Wireless customers who was allowed to continue their unlimited data plans after the company switched to tiered pricing last summer, we have some bad news. The company says it will be eliminating grandfathered plans as it rolls out LTE service.

Speaking at the J.P. Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo said customers currently enjoying unlimited 3G data access will have to switch to VZW’s soon-to-launch data-share plan when they move to 4G LTE service.

Explained Shammo:

LTE is our anchor point for data share. So, as you come through an upgrade cycle and you upgrade in the future, you will have to go on to the data share plan. And moving away from, if you will, the unlimited world and moving everyone into a tiered structure data share plan.

“Everyone will be on data share,” said Shammo. “A lot of our 3G base is on unlimited… [and] when they migrate off 3G they will have to go to data share.”

This is precisely why we opposed the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and wireless consolidation in general. Consumers need to have options when companies decide to pull the rug out from under them. Now at the very least, people still have a small handful of national options.

Verizon will kill ‘grandfathered’ unlimited data plans, push users to data share [Fierce Wireless]

Verizon CFO says grandfathered unlimited plans on the way out


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  1. Torchwood says:

    Thank you, Verizon, for ruining my day.

    • CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

      So I dont get it.
      LTE is 3G, LTE-A is 4G
      So with a 3G plan you can use LTE(peak 100mbps), but not LTE-A (peak 100mps to 1000mbps)??

  2. Derek Balling says:

    Time to switch to Sprint.

    • incident_man says:

      Sprint only offers “unlimited” data while on their network. If you’re on roaming, you have a 300MB cap. Let’s face it: Compared to the competition, Sprint’s coverage and their data speeds suck ass.

      Do Not Want.

      • Cat says:

        Do Not Have Many Options.

        • incident_man says:

          I used to have “unlimited” data with Sprint, and like a commenter posted above, the data speeds were painfully slow. The “unlimited” aspect means nothing if it’s not usable. There are other options besides Verizon and AT&T, depending on where you live. There’s Cricket, MetroPCS, US Cellular and T-Mobile. Plus there’s always Straight Talk if you want to go the prepaid route. I ditched my Sprint SERO account a long time ago because of coverage and data speed issues; what I have now costs more, but it’s way worth it……and it’s not Verizon, AT&T, or ST.

    • BobOki says:

      Sprint’s server is the worst I have ever seen. Their 3g is AT BEST the low teens in KBs and fastest I have ever seen it was it hit 100KB/s for a spike… then quickly fell back down to 15KB/s. At 15KB/s (on a good day) how much data do you think you can consume?
      Assuming 15KB/s non-stop over a 31 day period that is about 1.5 or so gig a day or around 170gig a month total. That’s non-stop, never going below 15KB/s (which it does… a lot).

      So, now take 15KB/s connection, you can’t; watch youtube, you can’t stream netflix, you can slowly (dialup speeds guys) watch images load…. what possibly will you be doing with your phone, non-stop, all day that would get you anywhere close to what a tiered plan is?

      And do not think I am kidding. I get nearly 10x the speed on roaming than I do on Sprint’s 3g…. and my 3g with sprint usually clocks around 50-100kbps which is about 5-10KB/s according to speedtest. Highest I have seen on roaming was around 1.7mb/s.

      p.s. Their new flagship phone just got hungup for an undetermined amount of time in customs due to Apple. What now….

    • GadgetsAlwaysFit says:

      Unlike everyone else, I have had a really good experience with Sprint. All carrier’s have their turns screwing up. It’s just what the screw up is that matters to individuals. I have been with AT&T and Verizon in the past. Sprint has, so far, been a better experience.

      • incident_man says:

        Just an FYI, if I was willing to get rid of my Sprint SERO plan for something substantially higher in cost, there’s something rotten in Denmark.

        • Geekybiker says:

          No kidding. I finally dumped SERO because of their pathetic data speeds. What good is unlimited if you’re getting 56k modem data rates?

    • scottd34 says:

      And how long do you think sprint (whi is losing money hand over fist) will keep unlimited ? They already got rid of it for some devices with no grandfathering… it isnt hard to get rid of it for the rest.

      • BurtReynolds says:

        I believe their numbers improved this last quarter. Unlimited remains their main selling point. Get rid of it and what do they have? A slightly cheaper CDMA carrier?

        • incident_man says:

          Their numbers improved only because they started offering the Jesus Phone in October.

    • NorthAlabama says:

      it’s no problem for sprint to offer unlimited data on their network, because you are rarely on their network…their coverage is awful, at best, and they cap the roaming data, soooooo…

      • Mr.DuckSauce says:

        Wtf are you talking about? I have unlimited everything, data and roaming too, when they say unlimited, they mean unlimited. Service is way better than most of the other carriers.

        • jiubreyn says:

          He didn’t say you don’t get unlimited, just that the coverage is spotty.

        • incident_man says:

          When you’re on roaming, your data limit is 300MB and none of your freebies like mobile-to-mobile and free nights and weekends apply. Read the fine print. Plus if your roaming use is greater than 50% or 800 minutes, whichever is less, you’ll be getting a Sprint-issued cancellation letter.

          I used to work for them, so I know their rules.

  3. clippy2.1 says:

    Wait, so what about those of us with LTE unlimited already? We win?

  4. Jen says:

    What? I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan and I will probably be leaving Verizon because of this.

    • Jawaka says:

      The question is; where will you go any why?

      • Tamena says:

        if I lose my unlimited plan I’m out too…

        pretty much stay in the metro NY area, I’m thinking MetroPCS will be the way to go

    • BurtReynolds says:

      I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Are they going to kick unlimited LTE people off once their contract is up? I guess I could suck it up and buy a LTE phone now.

      I’m going to go ahead and assume they will implement this before any sort of LTE iPhone comes out so they can get all of those upgraders off their unlimited plans.

      Like everyone else, I am really tempted to try Straight Talk, but I don’t know anyone who has it. Anyone use it in the DC Metro area? Virginia suburbs from Loudoun to Arlington specifically. The only other place I really go is back “home” to Upstate NY. I think T-Mobile and Sprint are pretty decent between here and NY as well.

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    “LTE is our anchor point for data share. So, as you come through an upgrade cycle and you upgrade in the future, you will have to go on to the data share plan. And moving away from, if you will, the unlimited world and moving everyone into a tiered structure data share plan.”

    TRANSLATED: Although we signed a contract to provide you with unlimited data access, this does not benefit us anymore; we therefore spew forth mountains of gobbledygook written by our lawyers and hereby relieve you of your written contract while charging you insane early termination fees if you break a contract that actually is beneficial to us.


    • InsomniacZombie says:

      They would probably argue that when you renew your service you are signing up for a ‘new’ contract, having already fulfilled their previously contracted agreement with people that had the unlimited plans, myself included.

      • SabreDC says:

        And they’d be right. Your contract is for a defined period of time. After that time, it’s a new contract, with new terms, and both parties are free to discontinue their business relationship.

    • wildbill says:

      New Phone.

      New Contract.

      As long as you want to keep your 3G phone you can keep your 3G network and the unlimited 3G plan that came with it.

      • Blueskylaw says:

        When they say “moving everyone into a tiered structure data share plan”, they are saying they are moving EVERYONE, and you will eventually be forced into a structured data share plan whether you upgrade or not and whether you cry about having a contract or not.

        • rugman11 says:

          Read your own quotation. “So, as you come through an upgrade cycle and you upgrade in the future, you will have to go on to the data share plan. “

          If you upgrade to an LTE phone, you’ll need a new LTE plan.

    • Cosmo_Kramer says:

      It’s a 2 year contract. If they boot anyone off their unlimited plan within two years of their signing up for it, you’d have a valid complaint.

      Or do you also think a 2 year contract obligates you to be their customer forever?

      The reality is that wireless spectrum is NOT unlimited, so wireless data could only remain unlimited until its popularity prevented providers from delivering unlimited data. That time has come. Sprint sticks with their unlimited plans because they have to promise the world to get customers to sign up with them. Eventually they’ll have to give it up too.

    • Geekybiker says:

      You realize that this contract says they can change the terms to whatever they like and all you can do is take a hike sans ETF, right?

  6. Cat says:


    Doesn’t this count as a breach of terms and give all unlimited data customers a “get out of contract free” card?

    • castlecraver says:

      No. According to the quote, the change affects upgraders, and you sign a new contract when you upgrade.

      • Jawaka says:

        So what if you don’t upgrade your phone or sign a new contract and just continue on with your old one?

        • castlecraver says:

          Then you’re probably fine for the foreseeable future. Eventually they’ll try some shenanigans to get the last remaining off-contract unlimited data users to switch over — probably first by throttling or limiting access to certain sites/services. You’ll get inundated with upgrade offers. And eventually (although this won’t happen for a very, very long time) they’ll kill support for 3G data altogether.

        • emyaeak says:

          I’d be happy to keep my phone for several years, if the “updates” didn’t make the hardware practically obsolete. I’ve barely completed my 2 year contract, and my phone (the original DROID by Motorola), although I’ve removed most apps and don’t save anything else on the phone (no more than a few pictures, no videos), it has gotten slower, stupider, freezes all the time, and is generally a pain to use.

          What if I pay cash for a new phone, not using their “discount with a 2 year contract” scam, is that still considered an upgrade?

          Who am I kidding, of course it is.

          • Geekybiker says:

            Well, when sprint pulled this trick with SERO a couple years back, that was the case. You couldn’t even activate a newest phone without a new plan.

        • Cosmo_Kramer says:

          It sounds like you can do that, but you’ll be stuck on 3G. No unlimited LTE.

          • CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

            That is fine as LTE is 3G.
            LTE-A is 4G.

            So if they limit you to 3G you can still use LTE as it is 3G.

            • castlecraver says:

              You’ll get a lot of arguments on whether that’s technically true, but they’re provisioned separately by the service provider and Verizon will not let your device on to LTE unless you have a compatible data plan.

    • erinpac says:

      They’d already be out of contract if Verizon is changing the plans when the customers upgrade.

    • StarKillerX says:

      Actually I’m surprised Verizon and At&t haven’t been doing this all along, I mean if old unlimited data plans are becoming a problem because of even increasing speeds of the service, just disallow maintaining the old plan when upgrading to a faster service.

      Makes perfect sense to me, afterall how many people kept their dial-up internet pricing plan when they switched to broadband?

      • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

        I know many people who have stuck with AT&T only because they are grandfathered into their unlimited plan. I’d be surprised if any of them use more than 1 GB a month. If they were kicked off their plan, they’d probably just jump ship.

        I’m surprised that AT&T doesn’t keep a black list of people who would be ineligible to keep their unlimited plan when their contract expires, while at the same time letting the normal users keep their plan at renewal.

        • Daggertrout says:

          I’ve never used more than 1.5 GB in a month, but when the choice is $30 a month for 3GB, or $30 a month for unlimited…

    • scottd34 says:

      how is it a breach of contract when they went out and said that when you move to an lte device you will need to take a tierred lte data share plan? you are accepting new terms when you sign the contract for that new device.

  7. sherrietee says:

    Good thing I’m not planning to upgrade to 4G any time in the near future.

  8. Derigiberble says:

    But I am on LTE and have an unlimited plan. Am I some sort of rare lucky person?

    • boardboy330 says:

      Me too. Not sure how this affects us.

    • Grogey says:

      Yeah same here im already LTE and unlimited. As long as a I don’t upgrade I shouldn’t loss the plan.

      That just means ill have to buy my next phone outright instead of upgrading.

      Or ill give them the finger and go to straight talk.

    • Boven says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. When I upgraded to my current 4g phone last year I was grandfathered in. I wonder if they’ll now claim that I’m somehow upgrading if/when I next renew my contract, even though I’m already on LTE.

    • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

      Same here. I have an unlimited LTE plan; in fact, I switched to Verizon a few days before they phased them out just for that reason. This sure as heck would count as a material change to me…I guess I need to start looking at Straight Talk phones, and see how much the Samsung Charge goes for on eBay….

    • Saskiatas says:

      Same here – I went to a new phone/new plan a few months ago that had unlimited data and uses the 4G LTE when I’m in range of it. Verizon is really the only carrier option in my area…all others have coverage issues. I think I’d better keep a very close eye on my bill for awhile. I know it is only a matter of time before the honeymoon is over and Verizon starts acting like the behemoth they are.

    • zumdish says:

      +me. And I know from experience Verizon has the only workable coverage in my rural area. I thought they were gonna yank my unlimited data when I upgraded my phone. What’s really irritating me about this is when I lose my unlimited data am I actually going to GET 4G speeds, because I sure as hell don’t get it now, it’s 3G only where I live… and barely. I have to maintain a landline at my house because I constantly drop calls unless I walk up to the road at the edge of my property!!

  9. HammRadio says:

    Read headline… “Verizon To Kill Grandfather”…

    • Cat says:

      You’re not alone. And I wouldn’t put it past them.

      • failurate says:

        My grandfather is 80 years old and has lived a rich and full life. Are there some more things he would like to see or do? Probably.
        Would he be willing to give his life up to Verizon so I can keep unlimited data? I think so.

  10. CrazyEyed says:

    I’m one of the lucky few who have unlimited on 4G. Maybe from now on I’ll just buy the phones at full price since I’m on contract for 4G as an unlimited customer. No way in hell I’m signing a new contract to move to tiered pricing for my next upgrade.

    • incident_man says:

      Maybe they’ll pull something similar to what Sprint did with their $10 smartphone add on: Existing smartphone customers weren’t charged the extra $10 until they changed phones, regardless if the new phones were subsidized or not. Maybe Verizon will be like, “Ok, you want to swap that phone you bought on eBay to your account? Then you’ll have to give up your unlimited data.”

      • j2.718ff says:

        This is why we needed a standard like GSM. Want to change phones? Just move your SIM card from the old phone to the new one. Sigh.

        • KnightCrusader says:

          People who have Verizon 4G LTE phones already use SIM cards… so, just swap the card and no fuss?

          • chucklesjh says:

            Someone on a different forum said that if you switched to a different phone you’d have to take it to the store to activate even though you already have a SIM. Whoever that guy was is a moron, I’ve placed my SIM from my Thunderbolt into a friend’s phone before with no issue.

            • StarKillerX says:

              Actually wasn’t there a story here, not to long ago, about someone with a 4G phone but they put his old 3G SIM card in it so he never got the full speed he was paying for?

            • EnergyStarr says:

              some experience with this. Broke a 4G phone screen, bought a replacement phone on ebay (same exact model). Moved the sim card from broken phone to new phone. phone did not work. called verizon. CSR confirmed that most of the time (not 100%) the sim card will not work in a different phone. I had to visit a verizon store to get a NEW sim card to put in the replacement phone. then it worked.

  11. dwtomek says:

    I’m guessing they won’t be waiting to “upgrade” my plan until 4g is actually available in my area.. So much for my plan to stay unlimited by purchasing last year’s phone at an unsubsidized price.

  12. McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:

    Their data plans are what, 2GB, 5GB and 10GB?


    • StarKillerX says:

      Something like that, although roughly half the time this year they’ve been offering double data on 4G phones, so 4, 10 & 20.

    • Cosmo_Kramer says:

      That’s a ton of data for a phone.

    • StopGougingMeThere! says:

      They also have a 300Mb plan. We switched to it a few months back for 20 bucks a month for 2 phones after my wife and I discovered we were only averaging about 70Mb between us a month and ended up saving 40 bucks a month over the Unlimited plan we started with. Silly us for actually using our phones to make phone calls 95% of the time.

  13. RedOryx says:

    Dammit Janet.

  14. plasticorange says:

    does this only apply when your contract is up for a renewal?

  15. JohnDeere says:

    straight talk soon as all my contracts are up

    • delicatedisarray says:

      Are they any good? You are the second person I’ve seen mention them on Consumerist this week. I looked up reviews on them after the first person mentioned them and it wasn’t a lot of 5-star happy reviews… I’m looking for something new, my contract has been up for awhile now and I’ve just been chilling with Sprint while trying to find a good deal somewhere else.

      • Geekybiker says:

        If you’re bringing in an outside phone to ST there is a little bit of setup to do. Many people aren’t technically competent enough to do it on their own and ST’s support isn’t the best. Plus ‘unlimited’ data really means 2gb a month and you better not have many days over 100mb. Also there are at least 3 networks you can get with ST. They have sims for ATT, and tmobile. I think their CDMA phones run on sprint. So depending on how competent you are and what network you choose with them there can be a lot of variables. However if you have an ATT phone, don’t have a VCR blinking 12 all the time and are happy with ATT service, you’ll be happy with them. Same with the other networks. You just have to be sure you get on the right one.

    • Bionic Data Drop says:

      Me too. The day after my contract expires, I’m going for Strait Talk. Unlimited everything for $45 as compared to my $100 limited plan with Verizon. I have a friend who has it and their data speed doesn’t seem noticeably slower than mine (which is 4G) and they say they have no problems getting a signal and haven’t had any more problems with dropped calls than they did with Verizon.

      I’m f-ing sold. I will be buying an unlocked Nexus strait from Google to use on it. The stock strait talk phones are pretty lame.

    • TasteyCat says:

      This Agreement is subject to Verizon’s business policies, practices and procedures, which can change without notice. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, we can also change rates, terms and conditions in this Agreement at any time by sending you written notice prior to the billing period in which the changes would go into effect. If you choose to use your Services after that point, you are accepting the changes. If the changes have a material adverse effect on you, however, you can end the effected Service(s) without an early termination fee, by notifying Verizon within 60 days after we send notice of the change.

  16. dwtomek says:

    Will I get to keep my plan if I just continue buying unsubsidized phones?

    • castlecraver says:

      Probably in the short term, but over the long term, there are a couple problems:

      First, you’ll be paying for your phone twice. The monthly rates are determined so that the telco can recoup the subsidized portion of the equipment over the contract period. And those rates don’t go down as soon as you fulfill your contract commitment. If you do want to buy an unlocked phone, a prepaid outfit like StraightTalk may be your best bet as a provider (if you live in an area that they cover with GSM) as they don’t subsidize even the phones they sell directly. I’m uncertain of their 4G data support though…

      …which brings the second point. You can buy unlocked phones all you want, but sooner or later, the tech is going to advance and you might feel left behind. For example, you’re getting along fine on the 3G bands for now, but down the road a bit you find yourself doing more data-intensive stuff on your phone and decide that you need LTE (or whatever’s next after LTE). Even if you can find an unlocked phone that’s compatible with your carrier’s LTE, they won’t provision your account to access it unless you switch over to the new data plan structure. That’s what the article is about. You’ll be stuck on 3G if you insist on keeping your old plan, even if your equipment supports better data. Kind of a Catch-22.

      3G may be fine for you now and in the foreseeable future, but at some point, carriers shut down legacy support. For 3G, it won’t be for a very, very long time. But when AT&T finally shut down their TDMA support, there were still a few justifiably-pissed-off users on super-cheap plans from the stone ages that either had to finally upgrade or find a new carrier.

      • Anticitizen says:

        With Verizon, due to CDMA, you cannot buy phones outright. If the system sees you’re trying to activate a phone, it’ll saddle you with whatever plan Verizon deems “required” for that phone.

        Example: Back in 2010 I decided to replace my Verizon dumbphone with a LG enV touch. Verizon decided about a month prior that all 3G feature phones must have a $10 data plan attached to them. I bought the phone outright, and even though I did, there was no way out of that $10 data plan that I didn’t need.

        So once this change goes through, and you get a 4G device, Verizon will force you off the minute you try to activate it.

  17. Costner says:

    I have an unlimited data plan on Verizon, and yet I only average a few hundred MB a month. Thus even though I don’t use it, I still feel like Verizon doesn’t value me as a customer because almost every time I renew my contract there is some new excuse and some new inflated charge.

    I’m actually eligible for a new phone right now and I’ve been holding off because I simply cannot fathom signing another 2-yr contract with these people. I think it might be time to dump them once and for all and consider Straight Talk or some other non-contract option.

  18. daemonaquila says:

    This is really OLD news – they’ve been telling customers like me, who need a new wireless device (and, of course, they won’t sell any more 3G wireless devices), about this for probably a year now. I’m planning to short-circuit this as long as possible by buying a used 3G device on eBay. They don’t have an excuse to force the account change as long as I’m not using the LTE equipment, and I’m losing nothing since in my home and office areas there ain’t no LTE service and there ain’t gonna be until 2015.

    • madsquabbles says:

      actually they’ve been telling people since july last year and told people that if they got a 3g they could upgrade to 4g and keep unlimited. this was for those that were waiting for a phone other than the current 3 4g phones they had at the time.

  19. samonela says:

    Soooo….what if I stay on a 3G phone and never upgrade?

    • RvLeshrac says:

      Then you’re fucked when they discontinue 3G service.

    • samonela says:

      Maybe I should have been more clear.

      I have a phone capable of running on 4gLTE, but where I live, 99.9% of the time it runs on the #g network. If I drive just an hour or so into Los Angeles, I have 4G the whole time I’m there.

      So I’m still on the grandfathered plan, but my phone is capable of using either network. If I never leave this phone (or similar models) until I’m good and ready, do I keep my plan?

  20. TerraSin says:

    Well, Verizon has just lost their bargaining chip with me.

    My grandfathered account was the one thing that keeps me as a Verizon customer and they essentially just gave me the finger while opening the door and inviting me to look at other options. After the service I got (or lack there of) with my Thunderbolt, I am more than willing to oblige them in checking out the competition.

    • wren337 says:

      Straight Talk will sell you a sim card with unlimited everything for $45 a month. You have to buy your own phone.

  21. ToddMU03 says:

    I already upgraded to 4G LTE with my unlimited plan. Suck it Verizon.

    • Costner says:

      I bet they have language in the contract that allows them to cancel it at any time and move you to a tiered plan. Just one more reason to consider someone else. I’ve already started comparison shopping.

  22. rstark says:

    so out of all the people here…..How many have actually looked at the amount of data you actually use? I have rarely gotten even close to a gig of data and I browse the web/use apps all the time. Sure there are those that stream constantly and you would be the reason for the need to do this. Just sayin.

    • BooBee says:

      I always check data usage on my family plan because of my teenage son. When I first got my phone I was hitting 4GB of data usage but because 3G is slow it’s deterred me from streaming Netflix on my phone. If I upgrade to the faster 4G LTE it’s very likely my data usage will probably triple (1GB is my current average only because of the 3G slow speed).

    • cromartie says:

      Some of us stream audio because our preferred listening options while mobile are out of market. That’s at least 2GB a month alone, right there for myself, and another 1GB minimum for the rest of the household.

      Pandora, Jazz Radio, ootunes, Sirius/XM. All bandwidth hogs.

    • KnightCrusader says:

      You’re right. Some people don’t. Heck, I don’t even use 1.5GB on my plan and I use the most on my 5-line family plan.

      However, my unlimited data for all 5 lines put together is $50 a month total, so I doubt they’ll have anything for at or below that price that will give us the same amount that we use now. So, I’m more upset about the impending inevitable price hike.

      • icerabbit says:

        Can you elaborate on ” my unlimited data for all 5 lines put together is $50 a month total “

        VZW charges us $30 per month per line for limited data and has no family data sharing they claim for smartphones.

    • Boiled for your sins says:

      While my husband uses less than 2 gigs per month on his unlimited 3g, mine is usually between 4 and 5 gigs. We both stream music, and access the web & email – the difference is that I’ll stream 8+ hours at work and 3 hours of commute time. I also enjoy watching Netflix during lunch at work. My stepson is usually under 4 gigs a month. The week before this contract term is up, we’ll be contacting Straight Talk and terminating future service with verizon.

      Let the exodus begin!

      • StarKillerX says:

        It’s worth noting that Straight Talk’s TOS states that streaming any content is grounds for canceling your service.

        Would they? Maybe, maybe not, although I’m sure they wont blink at doing so to heavy data users.

        • Boiled for your sins says:

          Well that’s a big, ol wet blanket on the plan… I hadn’t gotten far enough along to have actually read the ST TOS. I guess I would’ve found out eventually though.

    • BurtReynolds says:

      It is the principle of spending the same amount for less.

      Right now I pay $30 for unlimited. VZW wants me to pay the same $30 for a 2GB cap and overage fees if I surpass that. How is this appealing? I’ll just go to another carrier after 10 years.

  23. Lyn Torden says:

    Verizon … please stop repeatedly telling me you don’t want my business. I’ve already decided to not sign up for your services. I went with T-Mobile. Are you happy now?

  24. AllanG54 says:

    Sprint does something like this too. We have 3 lines on the unlimited everything plan and it’s $178/mo. Wife was told (it’s her plan) if we upgraded our 3G phones they’d charge us $10/mo more for each line. So, we’ll stick with our 3G phones that run Android 2.1 but they’re still pretty good and do what we need them to.

    • wren337 says:

      That fee is no longer optional, the next time you’re up you’ll get the 4G fee even on 3G phones. I got in on it near the end and bought a 3G phone just to avoid the fee.

    • c_c says:

      Not really the same … the $10 is just part of all of Sprint’s plan. You still keep unlimited data with them if you upgrade – regardless of if you phone is 3G or 4G (WiMax or LTE, for that matter).

  25. Posthaus says:

    No me gusta.

    My only hope is they still apply my work discount to a decent family plan data package (I stream Netflix in a pinch, but my spouse’s iPhone is used so much it is like an appendage ) so atleast it doesn’t cost more, or might actually save me a couple of bucks.

    Otherwise, I am pissed- I have an upgrade available in less than a week and I WAS gonna wait it out for the next iPhone- but now I have to wonder if that’s even worth it anymore.

  26. dush says:

    So just never switch off your 3G phone.

  27. Cicadymn says:

    If I won’t get unlimited data then I might as well move to ATT because of a discount my company has with them.

    I’ll look into sprint, but I haven’t heard great things about their service.

    Too bad. Wish there was a decent cell phone company out there. Just another decade or so and we’ll be getting charged for every single webpage we visit.

  28. Randomeis says:

    I received an early upgrade offer this week, I just used it and confirmed I was able to keep my data plan and go from the Droid 3 to Droid 4

  29. scoutermac says:

    So.. what about those that had Unlimited LTE?

  30. Tortri says:

    Read into the wording

    “come through an upgrade cycle, you’ll have to go onto a data share plan”

    Basically saying when you UPGRADE your phone, your plan will be changed. So save your pennies and instead of buying an substidized phone with a 2 year contract you’ll have to buy it full retail price elsewhere and just change phones keeping your plan because you aren’t “upgrading” through them, your changing phones.

    oh and since you want to play games verizon i plan to disable my wifi and just use you on my unlimited 4g from now on to stick it to you while i can.

  31. majortom1981 says:

    This could actually hurt their fios business also. Here on long island cablevision has optimum wifi in their footprint. This could cause people to leave fios for cablevision just for the wifi.

    I use optimum wifi with my iphone 4s all the time.

  32. bubblegoose says:

    I am a year into my contract and I don’t have good service at my new house. I really want to get out of my contract. I have unlimited on my Droid X.
    Will this in any way help me to get out of my contract? Could I twist this somehow to get out of my contract?

  33. Kevin says:

    I won’t switch to another carrier. I’ll just give up a smartphone all together. Google, Apple and the device manufacturers need to send a message to the carriers that unlimited plans must remain and remain affordable.

  34. dwfmba says:

    How about a Grandfathered Alltel plan that is already on LTE?

  35. tz says:

    You have to upgrade to LTE. I have a 3G Mifi under unlimited and recently replaced it (and my worn phone) with cheap duplicates from Amazon. I’ve not been able to upgrade or even change plans for years, lest I lose the unlimited – which I rarely go over 5Gb, but I don’t want a surprise $5k bill (why can visa decline overages but not cell phone companies). I’ve been ready to jump ship.

  36. megan9039 says:

    I have been with Verizon since 95. I think that is going to change. My family has 3 phones with them. I have a feeling my already $200 a month is about to go even higher…. Ugh.

  37. JJFIII says:

    You can not sign a contract with the old pricing. Once the contract is expired it is basically a change in pricing, NOT a change in the terms. Once the notice is given, you are SOL

  38. rambo76098 says:

    It’s not going to effect anyone in contract – it’s when you upgrade. So upgrade now before the grandfathering ends and voila!

  39. Nic715 says:

    What if you’re one of the few people that still use a Blackberry and switch to an iPhone that doesn’t run on on LTE…are they still going to force me to spend more for less, even when my product doesn’t run on the system they’re using as an excuse to force people into plans with boundries?? I already know the answer and just want to say that it’s BS. Total BS.

  40. Steeb2er says:

    This won’t be a popular opinion … but I understand VZW’s view here. I’m a grandfathered customer with unlimited 4G LTE. I’ve already gotten lucky and grandfathered through contract upgrades in two regards: Kept unlimited data even when it was no longer offered to new customers and kept unlimited data when my area (and phone) were upgraded to 4G. VZW is just trying to “correct” the benefits they’ve poured on me.

    That said, I’ll be a good shopper and consider all of my options when the time comes to renew. VZW won’t get the automatic pass they got during the last upgrade.

  41. Buckus says:

    Verizon grandfathered in my unlimited data plan when I switched to 4G. But still…

  42. Saskiatas says:

    Hmmm…just read this and went to check my usage, since I was on unlimited LTE and never paid attention before. The MyVerizon site says “The activity you are trying to perform is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Learn more about Verizon Wireless products and services: Shop or browse our selection of phones and plans.”


  43. ned4spd8874 says:

    I’m due, overdue actually, for an upgrade. I’ve been holding out for the next big phone, but I might have to give up on that dream. Looks like I’ll be upgrading sooner rather than later now.

    Then, after my 2 year agreement, I’ll either stick with the phone and not upgrade any further or move to Sprint or find another carrier that has unlimited or at least reasonable network prices.

  44. hansolo247 says:

    I use my phone heavily, and haven’t broken 500MB in months.

    Just use wifi at home and work…not that hard.

  45. shelman23 says:

    There isn’t enough Options! Verizon & ATT have what 82% of Market share already, it’s a joke.
    I think Tmobile is 8%, then a few others round out the rest. Very tough on us consumers. I have ATT and they blow. No matter what their ads say about blazing fast speeds, I’ve never had it fast. If I get it to work at all! However I love the phone, so I can’t complain too much about my mini-computer that I never actually use as a phone. Heh.

  46. Extended-Warranty says:

    1.) You aren’t entitled to anything
    2.) You don’t need unlimited
    3.) Verizon will end up making more money off this. “Taking your business elsewhere” is laughable.

  47. swat1227 says:

    So, from what I understand, if you had both 4G AND the unlimited data plan, you remain grandfathered? Am I reading this correctly?

  48. Peter V says:

    I’m Switching to T-Mobile in 3, 2, 1…

  49. Steevo says:

    What you should do is get the most expensive new phone they have and when they make this material change to their pricing you can cancel the service and keep the phone with no early termination fee.

    It’s right there in the contract.

  50. SidusNare says:

    This article, especially the title, sounds very missleading to me.

    If you change your phone service you get a new contract and are no longer grandfathered. Getting a 4G/LTE phone is a change to your phone service. What am I missing?

    I have Verizon on a Driod X . I will be moving to sprint when my contract is up, if they take unlimited data away from me that will be a change to the terms of the contract and I will not agree to it and go to sprint.

    This jsut sounds like a reitteration of “We dont do Unlimited data any more”, am I missing something?

  51. DaveBoy says:

    this came out and yesterday they reduced the price of the Razor Maxx by $100. I purchased one a month ago. I will leave when this contract is up