Alleged Customer Sues Over 2010 Racist Walmart PA Prank

Loyal Consumerist readers and retail-watchers may remember the 2010 incident in which a 16-year-old took over the PA system of a New Jersey Walmart and announced, “Attention Walmart customers: all black people must leave the store.” The prankster had done the same thing a few months before, and was charged with harassment and bias intimidation for each incident. Now, more than two years later, someone has filed a lawsuit against the store over the incident. He claims to have been in the store at the time of the prank, and that the incident led to “depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies.”

Yes, the man who filed the suit is black.

The lawsuit claims that by not securing the public address system, the Washington Township Walmart was negligent and reckless and showed deliberate indifference.

Because we love you almost as much as we love public records, here is a copy of the complaint in all of its PDF glory.

Walmart sued over 2010 ‘black people’ announcement in Washington Township store [] (Thanks, Naomi!)

Our thorough coverage from 2010:
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  1. MonkeyMonk says:

    Someone should sue this guy by claiming he’s recklessly and negligently disparaging the entire human race with his dumbass frivolous lawsuit.

    • DaveBoy says:


    • ARP says:

      And his lawsuit has me caused me insomnia, weight gain (I gained 0.25 lbs since the event), and depression.

    • atthec44 says:

      I love when the first commenter hits a home run, rendering all further discussion unnecessary.

    • Costner says:

      True, +1, Fact, and whatever else needs to be said here. This lawsuit is a total and complete misuse of our legal system, and I sincerely hope when the dust settles that this man is stuck with tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills while the lawyer who is bringing the case is reprimanded by his or her state bar.

    • JennQPublic says:

      Some credit should go to the 16 year old kid who trolled us all.

      ZOMG, the racisms! Somebody should do something!!!

    • framitz says:

      You said it all, no need to add more.

    • Jawaka says:

      I’m surprising that he isn’t claiming that it caused him back pain as well.

    • imasqre says:

      I actually this he has a point. But I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety and all that crap. To know I am in a public place and at any moment have someone say such a hateful thing (essentially toward me) with no provocation, I’d have anti-social tendencies too.

      But they do need better security if some 16yr old kid can get into the main office. Unless he’s friends with an employee, it’s creepy that it happened twice.

      • Northern Lights says:

        Nobody said anybody got into the ‘main office’. Every phone is set to be able to access the PA system with a button press, and sometimes those phones are left unattended. Employees just can’t possibly personally monitor the phone at every instant. Sometimes they’re working with stock, sometimes they’re assisting customers. Heck, because of where it was located in my store there was hardly anybody ever standing at the Site2Store pickup station. If somebody wants to be a dick I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities to do this same thing at virtually any large store.

        • imasqre says:

          I don’t feel like arguing with a Devil’s Advocate over a minor detail. You acn say how your stores did it and I can counter with how my store’s did the same exact thing.
          In this situation, the guy feels that there will always be an air of hate around him and he doesn’t even know when to expect it so the guard is up high now, to strangers even. “Damn.. I just needed a toothbrush and a notepad, this sucks.”

          • Kisses4Katie says:

            No arguing, he’s just pointing out a fact. In most big box retailers, the pa system is accessible by grabbing any phone any usually hitting one obvious button. Of course this might change now due to lawsuit..

      • Doubting thomas says:

        What point? That he is such a special snowflake that hearing a teenager say something stupid ruined his life? If that is true it couldn’t have been much of a life anyhow and probably wasn’t worth much.

        • imasqre says:

          Special Snowflake? Um, no. And if anyone thinks that about themselves they need to go out into the real world where someone can just walk up to them and spew hate for no other reason than their looks. That’s just hate and has to be hard for people that deal with it. Like this gentleman in the complaint.

  2. Southern says:


    Suing for $1 million, too!

    “Battie is claiming the incident has left him with emotional damage and emotional harm that has resulted in depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite and a loss of enjoyment in life activities.”

    OMG.. What is wrong with these people.

    • boardboy330 says:

      Being black means everyone is out to get you…

      This is a frivolous lawsuit plain and simple. America as a society is going downhill drastically. Everyone wants an easy payday.

      • Nobby says:

        “Being black means everyone is out to get you”.

        No, being Black means everyone automatically thinks you think everyone is out to get you.

        You said it, I didn’t.

        • boardboy330 says:

          Allen West has done more for Black Americans than Jesse Jackson ever will. Moot point as most of you probably don’t know who that is.

      • JennQPublic says:

        Being black means people routinely make stupid assumptions about you.

        Sometimes those assumptions are right, but even a dead squirrel is right twice a day.

        • partofme says:

          Being (insert group here) means people routinely make stupid assumptions about you.

          Sometimes those assumptions are right, but dead squirrels actually aren’t ever right.

        • Hibyeman says:

          They saying is not even a dead squirrel is right twice a day it is even a stopped clock is right twice a day

    • ovalseven says:

      I didn’t need to look at your name to guess you might be from the south.

      • bhr says:

        ? What could that possibly mean.

        • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

          Well, Southern probably meant “these people [idiots who will sue anyone for making them have a less than optimal day]”, but to ovalseven “these people” always means “these [bad word for minorities]”.

          • ovalseven says:

            Not always. But race is the topic of the lawsuit and story, so I thought that’s what he meant. I apologize if I jumped to conclusions and Southern really did mean “people who file frivolous lawsuits”.

            • wade says:

              It’s people like you who ruin it for everyone else.

              And before you get your panties (or jockeys) in a tizzy, by “people like you,” I don’t mean “everyone of any particular race, sex, or other discriminating factor,” I mean “idiots who automatically assume something is racist, sexist, or any-other-kind-of-ist.”

              At least you have the ability to apologize for being a moron. Now try not being a moron in the first place.

            • Southern says:

              Wow.. That’ll teach me to comment right before going out for the afternoon! :)

              In no way, shape, fashion, or form did I mean to allude to his race; but I also wasn’t specifically trying to allude to people who file frivolous lawsuits, either – I specifically meant “what is wrong with THESE (2) people”; Him (Battie) and his lawyer, (Klamo) — suing for something so stupid. Just the plural for “what is wrong with this person?”, since I was also including his lawyer as being a complete idiot. :-)

        • JennQPublic says:

          I re-read the comment for an accent. Nope, I don’t get it either.

      • Coleoptera Girl says:

        He could be South American or from South Africa or other some such southern area. Could even be a reference to the entire southern hemisphere.

    • Kuri says:

      Fitting name, as he is evidently batty.

  3. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    Wow. The guy should sue the ‘prankster’ for being so deriviative and late to the party that it is traumatizing.

    This is a much better version of the prank.

    • Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

      Unfortunately, the prankster does not have any money I guess, therefore his lawyer is suing the deep pockets.

    • JennQPublic says:

      I was struck by this line from that page:

      “After that night it got sort of boring. I was a little upset that none of this made the papers. And not getting any press for it kind of discouraged me from doing it anymore.”

      Moral of the story: Don’t feed the trolls.

  4. Blueskylaw says:

    It took me 2 years of laying in bed with depression to get over this incident.

    SHOW ME THE MONEY, I can’t get on with my life without it. Besides, the new Ferraris are coming out this year and red is in.

  5. Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

    I need to think back on all the bad things that has ever happened to me in the past and conjure up a lawsuit or two… I’m so tired of the 9-5 life.

  6. JasonK314 says:

    Perhaps we should start an internet campaign to let the @$$&@!# attorney who actually took this case know how we feel about them wasting taxpayer money on something like this. Internet backlash works wonders.

    • Torgonius wants an edit button says:

      From TFA: According to Battie’s attorney John Klamo, who is based in Cherry Hill
      811 Church St.
      Suite 112
      Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002

      Have at it.

      • MrEvil says:

        Looking up the address on street view, I think this guy is just one step above Saul Goodman from Break Bad.

    • jimbo831 says:

      This lawsuit is pretty ridiculous. However, where do you come up with the fact that they are wasting taxpayer money? When you file a lawsuit, you have to pay court costs. Those should cover any costs incurred by the taxpayers. If they don’t, then they should be raised so they do.

      • JJFIII says:

        BUT, all courts have limited resources and time on their calendars. The court costs cover clerical filings, BUT not the cost of the judge. The court stenographer. The bailiff. The cost of the jury. They do not cover the cost of Wal Mart having their attorney spend time on this bullshit. They do not cover the cost of time that employees of Wal Mart will need to spend in depositions.
        The ONLY person he could sue would be the person who committed the crime. It would be like suing Wal Mart if they were robbed because you had emotional distress. No REASONABLE person would believe Wal Mart knew in advance about this, supported it, or did nothing to stop it.
        What pisses me off even more is this douche bag is making me defend Wal Mart.

        • alexwade says:

          I agree that the person who should be sued is the prankster and not Wal-Mart. But remember, the prankster doesn’t have a lot of money. You can’t get blood from a turnip. When you look at what the person claimed to have suffered — “depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies” — then you can clearly see that there is a lot of “symptoms” to make the problem seem real. Anger I can see. But that is the only one I can see. The motivation is not to fix his emotional problems. The motivation is the new American dream: to have a lot of money without working hard.

  7. HomerSimpson says:

    I’m assuming that “old school” store in the photo is a cookie cutter supercenter now.

  8. Galium says:

    Sleazy lawsuit, by a sleazy lawyer, for a sleazy client. Just glad that Walmart didn’t lose his pants, or the lawsuit would be larger.

  9. absherlock says:

    I think Walmart deserves some sort of punitive damages for failing to secure their PA system (for at least the second time!), but I don’t think those damages should go to Battie or his lawyer. Walmart should make a sizable donation to an appropriate racism-fighting charity and offer each person who can prove they were in the store at the time a token gift card ($100 or less). Ends up costing them less in the long run, helping a charity and making sure this guy and his pet ambulance chaser don’t receive a windfall.

    • bhr says:

      “failing to secure the pa?” You realize that almost every retail store has a phone system/PA that can be accessed like this right? Walmart did nothing wrong here, so I don’t know why they should have to give one penny to anyone.

      • absherlock says:

        Yes, I’m aware of how the PA systems operate. But the same kid did the same thing the year prior. The first time it happens, I think the company gets the opportunity to fix the problem with no penalty. The second time, however, it’s negligence and the company has to take responsibility.

        • Torgonius wants an edit button says:

          Read the story in my link near the top.

          Fred Meyer got pranked much worse than this back in the 90s. They took steps to make their system more secure. They got pranked again because their employees were easily fooled into allowing people access. They tried to secure the system and train their people. It still wasn’t foolproof.

          What level of security are they expected to provide to ensure that this type of thing can never happen? Easy… just don’t install a PA system, and it can’t get hacked. That’s the only foolproof way.

          • absherlock says:

            Having employees that are easily fooled isn’t an excuse. It certainly wouldn’t be if those easily fooled employees had sold beer or cigarettes to an underage person, would it? A store is responsible for the actions of it’s employees and if they (the store) chose to hire people that are easily fooled, the onus is on them.

            And I’m not suggesting that a solution has to be foolproof, just that steps were taken to prevent it from happening again. Such steps might include requiring a secure passcode to connect to the PA system or requiring all PA announcements to go through a single phone that is out of reach of the general public. It sounds, though, like Walmart didn’t take the first event seriously and steps weren’t taken until after the second event. That makes the second event their fault.

            • rmorin says:

              You are aware you are victim blaming right? Obviously anyone in the store is a victim, but Wal-Mart the company is a victim of this idiot kid as well.

              If someone does something unlawful to someone else, it’s the victims responsibility to change their behavior? Get a clue man.

              • absherlock says:

                People and companies that allow themselves to be re-victimized by failing to take appropriate measures (locking your doors and windows after a break-in, cancelling your credit cards and changing passwords after identity theft and, yes, securing your PA system after being pranked) after the first assault don’t get to play the victim card or have it played for them. At least not in my opinion.

                • rmorin says:

                  Your comments are beyond ignorant and a step away from “she derserved to be raped, she was walking in a bad part of town”. Illegal behavior is COMPLETELY the fault of the perpetrator. Seriously read the crap you are spewing, you can’t actually believe it do you?

                  • VintageLydia says:

                    I never thought I’d ever agree with you on anything, but thank you.

                  • absherlock says:

                    I do believe what I’m saying. I think the kid who did the deed is 100% in the wrong. I think the first time it occurred, Walmart was a pure victim. And I think the fact that Walmart allowed it to occur a second time because they didn’t take reasonable steps to prevent it (filing charges against the kid and changing the set-up of the PA system – things, I might point out, they did do after the second event) makes them, in part, culpable.

                    • rmorin says:

                      You are a lost cause. Victims are never culpable, period. Your line of thinking is downright disturbing. It is interesting that you side stepped my analogy to your victim blaming about sexual assualt. Maybe speaks to a warped view you have on victim blaming in general.

                    • absherlock says:

                      I ignored your rape analogy because I found it offensive, distasteful and designed simply to be inflammatory. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

                      If you prefer, look at it as an attractive nuisance case. If someone trespasses on your property and drowns in your pool, you’re responsible even though you were the victim of trespass because, simply put, you should have known better and had appropriate protections in place. And even if you had a fence up, if it was found that people were regularly able to navigate the fence, you’d still be responsible.

                      A PA system in a retail store should be considered an attractive nuisance. In addition to this story, there have been others posted in this comments section. Walmart’s system in this store was compromised in December ’09. They did nothing to “fix the hole in the fence”, so it was compromised again in March of ’10 at which point they did “fix the hole”. They may not be responsible for the kid “drowning in the pool” but they are responsible for not preventing his access to it.

                    • partofme says:

                      Your mom is an attractive nuisance. I can’t wait to sue you for my penisrotofficus fallusongroundicus. Shoulda kept her locked up tight.

            • wade says:

              And who would you suggest that Walmart donate money to as “punishment” when their PA system, now under the lock-and-key that you so desperately want, is not easily enough accessible to get their “Code Adam” alert out and prevent a child abduction? Because you know they’ll be sued for that, too. . .

              • absherlock says:

                If you check out the above link to the story “NJ Walmart To End Racism By Reducing Access To PA System”, you’ll see that Walmart did make a change to their system.

                Also, in the stores I’ve worked in, missing child calls are not made over the intercom, they are made quietly to select employees who then go and stand watch at all of the exit points. The reason for this is that if the child in question hasn’t been abducted and is merely lost in the store, you don’t want to advertise that fact to a potential predator. Only after the exits have been secured and a quick sweep of the store has been by management and security is a general announcement made.

                But I’ve never worked for Walmart, so their procedure may be different…

        • bhr says:

          Are you on crack? What could they have done short of pulling all the phones out of the store? put them under lock and key?

          Being unable to prevent someone’s stupid prank doesnt constitute negligence, and I can’t believe your internet law degree would let you think so.

          And again, even if they could have prevented this idiot kid from accessing the system, what harm did his prank actually do? Do you really believe that anyone was damaged by hearing it? Enough that some “anti-racism” ground needs money to help people recover?

          • absherlock says:

            Nope, no crack. Also, no internet law degree.

            And this isn’t a case of simply failing to prevent a prank, it’s a case of being pranked once and allowing it to happen again. That’s where I think negligence comes in. If you check out the above link “NJ Walmart to End Racism By Reducing Access To PA System”, you’ll see that there were solutions and that they simply didn’t chose to enact them after the first incident.

            Finally, I don’t think any real harm was done, that’s why I don’t think the plaintiff should win the lawsuit. My suggestion for Walmart to make a donation and offer a “mea culpa” to those in the store at the time who may have been offended wasn’t based in legal responsibility so much as in good public relations.

            • StarKillerX says:

              Well maybe NJ itself should be held liable since obviously it’s “punishment” for the crime was so lame that the same person went right out and did it again.

    • Bladerunner says:

      That’s ridiculous. They shouldn’t have to pay a punitive penalty just because some kid is an idiot. They have no obligation to secure their PA system, and a PA system cannot actually cause harm (Though, had the kid done something to actually cause panic, people might have been hurt, that’s not what happened here, and even if it did, it wouldn’t be the PA system’s fault).

    • dolemite says:

      What “damages”? If hearing a slightly offensive message from a stranger not even directed directly at you over a PA system in *Walmart* completely destroys your life, you need to seek psychological help.

      • absherlock says:

        I don’t really think the plaintiff deserves anything but I think Walmart needs to be…well, punished isn’t quite the right word but the right one isn’t coming to mind, so…punished for failing to secure their PA system after the first event. These events were just some kid making an offensive statement, but what if it had been someone making a bomb threat or calling for an evacuation of the store or, this being Walmart, announcing a Black Friday-type special on flat-screen TVs that resulted in customers getting trampled?They’re lucky that it wasn’t and I’m that they’ve since taken steps to prevent it from happening again, but the fact remains that they knew of a problem and they chose not to take steps to prevent it from happening again. That isn’t right.

        • msbask says:

          ….what if it had been someone making a bomb threat or calling for an evacuation of the store or, this being Walmart, announcing a Black Friday-type special on flat-screen TVs that resulted in customers getting trampled?

          Who would you suggest they donate money to if one of those things had happened?

          • absherlock says:

            I wouldn’t – I’d think they’d have people who were physically injured and actually deserved compensation. My suggestion for Walmart to make a donation in this case is as much to short circuit the plaintiff’s case as it is to “punish” (again, I hate that word but can’t come up with another) Walmart.

            • Doubting thomas says:

              You want to punish them over hypothetical what-ifs? What if someone took a garden hose grom the garden center and stretched it across an aisle tripping someone. Sue them for not locking up dangerous garden hoses!!! What if someone grabbed a jar of peanuts and threw them in peoples faces and killed someone with an allergy? Sue them for not keeping dangerous plants locked up and out of reach!!

              The guy that filed this lawsuit is on a pure cash grab. Screw him.

  10. dragonfire81 says:

    Waiting for two years = he didn’t need money badly then but REALLY does now.

    • bugpaste says:

      I got sued almost two years after a car accident because it took the other person that long to find a lawyer who would take her case. It was about as strong as this one.

      The sad part is, Walmart will settle and this dude will get a fat check for being an idiot.

  11. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    My guess is the antisocial tendencies already existed. It just took a lawyer to point them out.

  12. CrackedLCD says:

    I’m losing faith in humanity, one stupid lawsuit at a time. Not securing the PA is NOT a million dollar mistake, and it’s not even serious enough to warrant donating money to some shrill anti-racism group.

    Also, those dirty air vents in the photo look like an alien looking down on everyone. *shudder*

  13. CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

    The person should be beaten and left for dead for saying such stupid lies – “the incident led to “depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies.””

  14. Markitect says:

    Attention Consumerist readers: all black people must leave the internet. OK, now you can sue the Consumerist for letting this get posted.

    • CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

      I know have “depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies.” Thanks for ruining my life.

    • rmorin says:

      According to poster “absherlock” about three posts up that’s how it should work.

  15. kobresia says:

    It’s not remotely Wal*Mart’s fault. He’s only suing them because they have money, he should sue the real culprit, the prankster. Oh, but that’s probably some penniless loser, too.

  16. MrEvil says:

    Hey guys, let’s all file a class action against Donnell Battie for causing our depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies.

  17. jrwn says:

    I will ask the question everyone is begging to ask, is this a white guy who is suing walmart?

    • Laura Northrup says:

      He’s black. Oops, that got edited out when I changed the first paragraph. Fixed now.

  18. Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

    I thought “Being Offended” was on the list of Stuff WHITE People Like…. Jeez.

  19. PunditGuy says:

    I don’t think this lawsuit is legitimate.

    I don’t think many of you have any clue what racism is really like.

    There is something particularly sublime about someone in a passing car yelling “Nigger!” at you as you walk down a public sidewalk.

    • CrackedLCD says:

      I certainly do. I once worked in a factory where I was the only white person not in management and because I didn’t fish, hunt, smoke dope or screw loose women I was immediately hated and tortured on a daily basis, even threatened with blackmail if I reported all the weed transactions going on around me out in the open. I was told in no uncertain terms, “If you rat us out, we will say you called us ‘niggers’ and get you fired. We all stick together against you people.”

      So yeah, I know what bigotry and racism is like, because believe it or not in some places you can be a minority whilst being white.

      And to follow up, I got so fed up with the harassment I quit. Never did rat anyone out. Kinda regret that now.

    • rmorin says:

      “I don’t think many of you have any clue what racism is really like”

      WTF prompted this!?! Get off your high horse.

      • PunditGuy says:

        The quick dismissal of the notion that racism could cause someone actual harm? The idea that you might want to have some clue about what you’re talking about when you’re dismissing it?

        Eh, it’s the Internet. Carry on.

        /rides high horse off in to sunset

        • rmorin says:

          Me thinks most people think this is ridicolous is because Wal-Mart was the victim of the prank and is being sued. Also while racism certainly causes harm, some of the claims are pretty far reaching for a singular incident. (I doubt the same person was in the store both times). Part of understanding racism is being realistic about its implications.

          • PunditGuy says:

            But that’s the point. There are people here assuming the implications.

            This is completely unlike being called names. This isn’t something that some people can just shake off. This goes to your core identity. Somebody dismisses you, ostracizes you, hates you because of what you fundamentally are. This isn’t like being dissed for having a certain color of eyes or being left handed or fat — unless those things about yourself form part of your self-identity somehow.This is insidious.And it can have real, incapacitating implications. I remember being momentarily sidelined in college when I was loading groceries into a car and a three-year-old in the car said “Thanks, Sambo” when I was done. I had to sit in the break room and process that one for 10 minutes before I could go on with my day. Was that an overreaction? Possibly. Low blood sugar? Maybe. I was no shrinking violet, but that was my emotional reaction at the time. It still stings a bit 20 years later.

  20. Daggertrout says:

    Oh yeah? Well I’m suing Wal-Mart for $1 bajillion for making white people look bad, giving me irritable bowel syndrome, and giving my chihuahua emotional distress!

  21. homehome says:

    Man, stop being so sensitive, young black ppl are the softest group of ppl ever.

  22. Traveller says:

    You are too thin skinned for life if something that trivial and obviously a prank bothered you. I think the defense could probably find 1000’s of more traumatizing incidents of discrimination against this person to show they are being opportunistic.

  23. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I’m sorry, dude, but this isn’t worth suing over. Some kid acted like an asshole and you’re suing? I’m guessing you were already depressed, anxious, angry, paranoid and anti-social.

  24. spartan says:

    Man, it goes against my nature t support Wal-Mart in any way shape or form, but the called the police and had the racist punk arrested. If this guy is truly suffering as much as he claims, he should be suing the kid and his family.

    Of course the kid and his family dosen’t dop 90 bazillion dollars a year of business like Wal-Mart so my idea isn’t worth a second look.

  25. Pagan wants a +1 button says:

    I get being pissed off and upset by it. I even get that it might be something you dream about occasionally. But suing WalMart because they didn’t put their phone-accessed PA system under lock and key? Really?

    Sue the asshole who thinks it’s funny to broadcast his disgusting remarks over the PA system. Of course, you won’t get anything, because a loser of that caliber rarely overcomes his loserness and becomes a success at anything else, but at least *try* to make it look like this is anything other than a greedy attempt at never having to work again, k?

  26. Kuri says:

    If I were the judge, the criteria for throwing this case out would be that the guy waited two years.

  27. Nobby says:

    This lawsuit should go to trial on a “loser pays” basis.

  28. maxamus2 says:

    Nigga’ please.

  29. ZenListener says:

    I totally understand this. I wasn’t there when it happened but I used to live in New Jersey. Since reading the original article from 2010 I’ve been ashamed to be Caucasian and from NJ.

    I, too, will be filing suit for a couple of million dollars because my shame has caused me to be depressed and do things which I obviously deserve money for.

  30. Martin says:

    The lawyer has estimated how much it will cost Wal-Mart to defend against this frivlolous lawsuit and expects them to settle for an amount slightly less than that. He’s using the expense of litigation as an extortion weapon. This is legally unethical since lawyers aren’t supposed to take frivolous lawsuits but don’t expect the organized bar to give a damn.

  31. maxamus2 says:

    If you are black:
    1) Have your white friend go to WalMart.
    2) Have him yell racial slurs over the intercom.
    3) Profit.

  32. Miss Malevolent says:

    You should have a tag called, “Our Overly Litigious Culture”. But I repeat myself.

    Yay, for opportunism.

    He should be flogged.

  33. Rachacha says:
  34. gman863 says:

    I am easily traumatized by fat women who wear stretch pants that are three sizes too small.

    Given I can’t go up or down an aslie in Walmart without seeing at least one Saran-wrapped Shamu bending down to pick an item off a shelf, my lawyer will be filing in three…two…one…


  35. Dyscord says:

    Not securing–…..oh my god, is this serious? Name one store that has their PA system all secured and locked up?

  36. seth1066 says:

    Guy walks into Wal-Mart with a portable megaphone, makes the same statement. Suit would read that WalMart should have been on the look out for people walking in the door with megaphones.

    Guy walks into Wal-Mart with and with a booming voice yells out the same statement. Suit would read that WalMart should have known that people could yell this out and should have secured all customer’s mouths with a gag.

    Guy walks into Wal-Mart… ok, you get it.

  37. PAZ002 says:

    Prove that you have “depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies”. This is just another person trying to get a big pay day. Wal-Mart did nothing wrong here, and if he wants to sue someone sue the person that pulled the prank.

  38. consumerd says:

    ok so this guy is looking for a $250k payday,

  39. Libertas says:

    The Plaintiff is a “bong!”

  40. scoosdad says:

    I need to now sue Donnell Battie because after reading about him filing this suit, I’ve experienced nothing but depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies.

    The basis for my suit would be that he is negligent and reckless and shows deliberate indifference. How dare he file this suit knowing that I would react that way?

    Now can I have my million dollars too please? I have to go shopping.

  41. jacobs cows says:

    When is the Jackson-Sharpton train coming? These 2 dont get donations-i.e.-their money- until they stage a protest.