Alleged Customer Sues Over 2010 Racist Walmart PA Prank

Loyal Consumerist readers and retail-watchers may remember the 2010 incident in which a 16-year-old took over the PA system of a New Jersey Walmart and announced, “Attention Walmart customers: all black people must leave the store.” The prankster had done the same thing a few months before, and was charged with harassment and bias intimidation for each incident. Now, more than two years later, someone has filed a lawsuit against the store over the incident. He claims to have been in the store at the time of the prank, and that the incident led to “depression, anxiety, anger, loss of sleep and appetite, paranoia, and antisocial tendencies.”

Yes, the man who filed the suit is black.

The lawsuit claims that by not securing the public address system, the Washington Township Walmart was negligent and reckless and showed deliberate indifference.

Because we love you almost as much as we love public records, here is a copy of the complaint in all of its PDF glory.

Walmart sued over 2010 ‘black people’ announcement in Washington Township store [] (Thanks, Naomi!)

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