Washing Your Clothes Now Involves Complicated Flow Chart, Credit Cards

Darren’s New York City apartment building just got a new set of laundry machines. Which is all well and good, but the instructions that come with said equipment? Let’s just say the “3 Easy Steps” touted on the in-depth flow-chart appear to be neither three in number, nor easy. Whatever happened to sticking some quarters in a machine and popping your whites and darks in?

As he writes, “These instructions for our building’s new laundry machines (‘3 easy steps’) make LA parking signs look comprehensible.”

Not only are there three steps divided into multiple bullet points and in the case of step 2, an A and a B section, but if you want to scrub your duds, you need to have a Visa, Mastercard or American Express, access to the Internet or be willing to call an automated operator or in-person operator.

The people in the pictures look quite happy to be going through such a rigamarole, even the girl who appears to be 13 and has her credit card ready to go during a chat with the automated phone operator.

After all is said and done, then you get to do the fun task of actually washing and folding your laundry. I’m exhausted just reading up on how to prepare to do laundry. Good luck, Darren!


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