When You Really Need Deodorant, Don't Use A Bobcat Loader To Break Into A Store

No one likes that less-than-fresh feeling, but a little body odor is no reason to take drastic measures to get at some deodorant. Cops in Chicago say a man used a small Bobcat front loader to break through the windows of a Family Dollar and gain access to the store. He reportedly left with two cans of spray deodorant and a pocketful of gift cards.

The Chicago Tribune says the man was stopped a block away from the crime — ostensibly not still driving the loader — because he matched a description provided by security at the store.

He apparently lifted the loader from a nearby construction site, where it was being used to build a community center for young mothers. He used it to break the windows at the store, and went inside to grab some loot. An alarm company watched the crime happening from security cameras inside the store and called the cops to the area.

The report doesn’t say what time this all went down, but we’re going to assume it was after hours, as it doesn’t sound like he came into contact with anyone during the deodorant spree.

The man claimed that his pocket of gifts cards was the result of a coincidence, and that he’d just found them on a half-block away. But when he was compared to the security video, cops arrested him.

Cops: Man uses Bobcat loader to break into store, steals deodorant [Chicago Tribune]

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