Throwing Hot Coffee On The Donut Shop Worker Is Not A Reasonable Way To Resolve A Dispute

For years, we’ve advocated the use of the Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb as a way for customers to resolve disputes with companies. What he have never suggested is the Donut Shop Employee Coffee Bomb.

The video below, released by the Philadelphia Police Dept., shows a somewhat inaudible argument between a male customer and female staffer at a donut shop in West Philadelphia.

While the details are hazy, it’s obvious from the clip that the dispute involves whether or not the customer had paid for his sandwich. It sounds like he’s arguing that he’s already paid while she insists otherwise.

Regardless, it all goes straight to heck when she hands the man his cup of hot coffee, which he immediately hurls right back at her. He then storms out, but not before shouting at what appears to be another customer on his way out the door.

Police say the woman suffered severe burns as a result of this very bad consumer.

Philly police are now trying to ID the customer, who faces aggravated-assault charges.


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