Movers Accused Of Holding Items Hostage In Exchange For Sex, Cash

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has filed a lawsuit against a moving company, claiming dozens of cases in which movers allegedly held customers’ items hostage until they paid charges that were several times the quoted cost. One woman claims she was told she could get could get her items off the truck — if she had sex with them.

“They won’t do something for me unless I do something for them,” the woman tells NYC’s 1010 WINS radio about her experience with the moving company.

She had originally been quoted $210 for the move. But when the truck arrived, the movers allegedly demanded $1,100 in cash to get her stuff.

When she told them she didn’t have the money, she says they offered to let her have her things for the quoted $210 price on the condition that she sleep with two of the men.

“It’s not only wrong in terms of ripping people off with money, but putting people in unsafe circumstance where I felt like my life could have been in danger,” she says.

In the end, she paid the cash.

Authorities have charged the company with 87 instances of jacking up prices when it came time to deliver customers’ items. A judge has issued a temporary order halting the moving company’s operations.

“The State has no tolerance for unscrupulous movers who hold consumers’ property hostage as a form of extortion,” says NJ Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa. “We are committed to cleaning up the marketplace to ensure a fair and safe environment for anyone seeking to hire a mover, and to protect the interests of the many movers who operate honestly and in compliance with the law.”

N.J. Women Claim Moving Companies Used Disgusting Bait-And-Switch Tactics []

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