Recall Roundup – Banzai Inflatable Slides, Kolkraft Bassinets, And More

There are some particularly scary recalls this week, including a massive pet food recall for dog foods manufactured by Diamond, some bassinets that might collapse and hurtle babies, and those Banzai water slides are finally being recalled after allegedly killing one person and paralyzing another.

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  1. Cat says:

    Mainway Toys “Bag O’ Glass”, may not be suitable for young children.
    Return to place of purchase for refund of $1.98 purchase price.

  2. AllanG54 says:

    I’m reading one of the safety notices from the Bonzai slide and it says it’s important to DRY the water before putting away the slide. So, how does one dry water. Next up, powdered water for campers as it’s much lighter than carrying regular water. Just put water in it to restore to liquidity.

    • CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

      It is a bad translation, but obviously you let the water evaporate to dry it.

  3. Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

    Wait, what???

    Solid Gold, Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Puppy, Canidae, Natural Balance, Apex, and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul are all all natural. They HAVE to be safe and good for your pet.

    They are all natural and some are even holistic. How can they possibly be bad for your pet? There are no nasty chemicals in them, only naturally occurring things like salmonella, which, by the way, is ALL NATURAL.

    • Kestris says:

      One lot each of Wolf Cub and Wolf King were manufactured at a Diamond facility that had salmonella recalls. So Solid Gold is being safe and recalling those lots, voluntarily. Better safe than sorry is their reasoning.

      Which sucks, as I need to get a bag of Wolf King for my Akita this week.}:/

  4. CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

    – Bonzai Slides –
    I am amazed that they can force a recall because people fail to use the directions and use a product wrong. There is nothing defective with this slide.
    In the cases of the injuries people were going down head first which is against the design of the slide and the put it on concrete which is against the instruction manual.
    “Placement: Use on flat lawn only, not pavement or other hard surfaces.”
    “To avoid the risk of serious injury or death, always slide with your feet first and never slide on your stomach or head first.”
    “Warming! Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury or death.”
    If these customer wanted to put it on concrete they needed padding.

    They are setting a precedent that anything that can be used improperly must be recalled.

    Manual can be read here: FALLS WATER SLIDE

    • Crim Law Geek says:

      It’s not that it can be used improperly, it’s that it is very likely to be used improperly. Not everyone who goes to a friend’s house can be expected to read the user’s manual of everything they use while they are there. Example:
      -Kitchen knife used by moron to stab himself in eye– no recall.
      -Kitchen knife that split and cuts you because you used it on meat and the manual said not to– recall.

  5. backbroken says:

    Has there ever been a trampoline that was not eventually recalled?

  6. CalicoGal says:

    OMG why don’t we just recall Stairs then? How many people are injured or killed annually going up or down stairs? O_0

  7. mocena says:

    Not that I want anyone’s infant to get a bruised cheek, but I’m actually sort of thrilled that the bassinet has been recalled. We just received one as a baby gift from my mother in law and we neither want nor need it, so this is the perfect excuse to return it for something more useful. Now to figure out how to return it instead of just ordering the part to make it safe…