Does Your Windshield Installer Actually Know What They're Doing?

If you’ve ever had to get your car’s windshield replaced, you might be familiar with rain water dripping down onto your dashboard and lap. Even worse, maybe you’ve had the window pop out or crack because it wasn’t properly installed. Unfortunately, these problems may be all too common.

CBS Sacramento’s Kurtis Ming looked into just how easy it is to become a registered windshield installer in California. Even though it’s a process that requires care and can be dangerous if done incorrectly, all you need is to pay the state $200 a year.

The state says the registry is a good idea because it at least gives consumers a way to hold installers accountable if they have a complaint.

Meanwhile, an inspector at the state’s Bureau of Automotive Repair shows Ming numerous examples of shoddy installation, including a windshield that, four days after installation, would pop out if someone shuts the driver’s side door.

Ming talked to one expert who said that upwards of 85% of windshields are installed improperly. Alas, you may not know until you’ve actually taken the windshield out — or it’s fallen out on its own.

Here are 6 questions you can ask your installer before letting them repair your windshield:

1. Are you an AGRSS-Registered Company?
2. Do you use o.e. (original equipment) or o.e.-equivalent glass?
3. Do all the materials you use meet or exceed ANSI Z 26.1 and all pertinent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards?
4. Does your adhesive manufacturer certify you, and who is the manufacturer of the adhesive?
5. What type of warranty can I expect?
6. How soon after my glass is replaced will I be able to use my vehicle

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