I Paid $2000 For A Stupid TV That Lasted Two Years

I feel a certain kinship with Alan. Two years ago, both of us purchased HDTVs made by Vizio. Both of us bristled at the idea of buying an extended warranty for an electronic device that really shouldn’t be disposable. Both sets are out of warranty, but mine still works (for now) and Alan’s has black horizontal streaks running across the screen. A warranty’s a warranty, but he wonders: did he really just pay $1,000 per year for the privilege of owning a TV?

I purchased a 55inch Vizio TV two years ago. The TV has developed dozens of dark transverse lines across the screen. Vizio refuses to do anything about it.

At almost $2,000 that means television has cost me $1,000 a year. No I didn’t get an extended warranty. And why should I have to pay more to make sure their product works as advertised? The television has never been abused is on a surge protector. In an adult home with no children. There is no reason for it to malfunction other than poor construction.

The help department has been anything but helpful. The tech department has no solutions. Now I have a 55inch piece of garbage.

Folks don’t buy a Vizio unless you want a piece of junk that the company won’t fix or support. Multiple emails and pictures get nothing but robo responses about turning off the TV and and repowering. Of course I’ve done that. These lines have nothing to do with that. They look like water tracks except they are on the inside of the screen.

Bad company, bad service actually no service. Buy at your own peril. And for those of you who say get an extended warranty. Why? Shouldn’t a product that expensive work for longer than 2 years without protection money?

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