Could Eating Yogurt Give You A Slimmer, Sexier Swagger?

It might be time to start stocking up on yogurt, if studies on mice are any indication of health benefits to humans. Scientists researching how probiotics fight obesity stumbled upon some unexpected results in mice — they got super sexy and had increased “swagger.” Swagger as defined by researchers, that is.

ABC News says scientists at the Massa­chusetts Institute of Technology knew they were onto something while studying how yogurt could possibly ward off age-related weight gain, and were surprised to get such sexy mouse results.

To test that theory, researchers fed one group of mice a normal diet and added a mouse-sized serving of vanilla yogurt to the diets of the other group. That’s when things got sexxxxy!

“One of the first things we noticed was their fur coat,” said one researcher. “It was so thick and shiny; shockingly shiny.”

Not only were the mice shiny and slimmer, but the males had “swagger.”

“We knew there was something different in the males, but we weren’t sure what it was at first,” said a researcher. “You know when someone’s at the top of their game, how they carry themselves differently? Well, imagine that in a mouse.”

It wasn’t just a general sense of swagger, either. There was some, uh, very visible evidence, noted by a lab technician.

“She noticed their testicles were protruding out really far,” said a researcher, adding that the yogurt-eaters had testicles that were 5% bigger than their counterparts, and 15% larger than those on a diet aimed at mimicking a human’s junk food diet.

Beyond the apparent yogurt-inspired confidence, researchers say male fertility was enhanced, and there were legitimate physiological differences in the yogurt eaters and the other groups.

Females also had a share in the swaggerfest, with shinier coats than the males and better mothering habits to larger litters.

“We think it’s the probiotics in the yogurt,” another researcher said. “We think those organisms are somehow directly interacting with the mice to produce these effects.”

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