Congressman Claims TSA's Pat-Down Was Aggressive & Strayed Into Uncomfortable Territory

Senator Rand Paul isn’t the only politician who’s upset with the Transportation Security Administration. Congressman Quico Conseco claims the TSA was overly aggressive while patting him down, and that he didn’t appreciate where he says the agent’s hands went while searching him in San Antonio.

KENS-5 News in San Antonio reports that Canseco is upset over an incident last month, where he says a TSA agent strayed into uncomfortable territory during an “aggressive” pat down at the San Antonio International Airport. And now there’s surveillance footage of the encounter that shows Canseco pushing away the agent’s hand during the pat-down.

“The agent was very aggressive in his pat-down and he was patting me down where no one is suppose to go and it got very uncomfortable, so I moved his hand away,” Canseco told the news station in April.

He was also subject to another pat-down at the same airport a week later, which he didn’t think was a coincidence.

The TSA hasn’t answered questions from the news station, but said it will talk to Canseco.

“TSA has been contacted by the Congressman’s office and will respond to them directly. Once a passenger enters the screening process, they must complete it prior to continuing to a flight or secure area,” said the TSA in a statement.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul says his son, Kentucky senator Rand Paul, was detained after refusing to submit to a pat-down in January.

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