Target, I'll Buy Three 4-Packs For Less Than The Price Of One 12-Pack

Target makes us giggle on a consistent basis. It’s always trying so hard to offer customers a deal, but somehow, its resident mathematicians keep on failing at putting together a real discount. Consumerist reader Dane spotted the most recent pricing error and sent us a tip using our mobile tipster app.

He writes of a display at his local Target, where there was a “special” price for a 12-pack of Red Bull of $17.99. Oh, it was special, that’s for sure. Special in that it would actually be cheaper for Red Bull lovers to buy three four-packs of the stuff. And yet, it’s still labeled as a “price cut.”

“Okay Target… $16.47 if I buy 3 of the ‘4 packs’ for 12 cans and $17.99 if I buy all 12 cans at once?!?” writes Dane.

Someone needs to get a calculator out over there at Target HQ, or wherever pricing and promotions goes down. Or hey, maybe don’t do that, because then where would we get our laughs?