Rogue Garbage Truck Kidnaps My Trash, Demands Ransom

Reader Fubish lives in a rural area, where he pays for his own trash pickup. That’s pretty normal. What isn’t normal is that one day last month, an unfamiliar truck stopped in front of his house and took his trash. His regular hauler came by later and found the empty cans. Now, it would be one thing if the rogue hauler admitted that they stopped at the wrong house and just said, “oops, our bad.” But they’ve sent him a bill for the pickup that he didn’t want and never asked for.

Here in very rural Vermont we don’t have any kind of municipal trash collection. We pay a monthly fee to a small local private hauler to collect our trash every week (and this is one reason compost piles are important around here). Very early one morning a last month on trash day as I had my morning coffee, I watched an unfamiliar, unmarked garbage truck stop and pick up our trash. I thought our regular trash guy had a new truck.

An hour later, our regular guy shows up, and looks at the empty barrels. I went out to see him and we both wondered who the hell did a trash pick-up. The following week I get a bill in the mail for $10 from the people who picked up our trash by mistake. I called them to straighten it out, and they insisted I pay even though it was their error. The nice lady on the phone said I should have gone outside and stopped them (yeah, me in my jam-jams and a foot of snow on the ground).

I guess I could have insisted they return my trash but I’m afraid they’d just dump a full garbage truck at the end of my driveway. One more thing”: the barrels were behind my property line – is it theft? Hahahaha. Anyway, I’m waiting to see what their next step will be.


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  1. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    If they insist on billing you or go further and send you to collections you may have to have them charged with theft. I would dearly like to hear how this one turns out.

    • limbodog says:

      It’s not theft. Things left on the street for trash pickup are fair game. They took something that he no longer wanted. It is now theirs.

      If, however, they used the USPS to mail him a bill for something he did not ask for and did not want, despite having cleared up the mistake over the phone already, that sounds like mail fraud. (clearly I am not a lawyer)

      • Emperor Norton I says:

        You didn’t
        t read the most important line: “One more thing”: the barrels were behind my property line – is it theft?”
        Nothing was on “the street”!
        They had to go on private property to get the trash.

        • The Cupcake Nazi says:

          If the trash was placed for pickup, that is completely irrelevant. Trash, once placed out for pickup, is no longer private. This is why the police can search your trash without a warrant. Whether the place your trash goes for pickup is technically inside or outside your property line has no bearing on the matter.

          • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

            Local laws are all over the place on this. You and limbodog need to do a little research. Many places anything placed on the curb belongs to the city, many it’s a crime for anyone to take it other than the designated disposal service, and most it’s fair game. But there’s no way to tell without researching the laws where the OP lives, so you all are just talking out of your…garbage disposals.

      • samonela says:

        Not much of a reader either huh?…he said the barrels were behind his property line. Not left out on the street.

      • CreekDog says:

        “things left on the street for pickup are fair game”…later you said you aren’t a lawyer.

        Damn straight you aren’t a lawyer. WTF.

  2. Major Tom Coming Home says:

    Since the rouge trash guys don’t have any legal agreement and don’t have any personal information (SSN, drivers license, etc) from OP, I doubt they can send them to collections even if they wanted to. Even if they did, what collection agency is going to bother with $10? Tell them to pack sand and call the police if they harass you, you owe them nothing.

    • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

      Well, they obviously know his address, and probably his name from property records if they sent him a bill in the mail (unless it was marked “Resident”, which would bolster Fubish’s case that they did not have even a verbal contract.for services).

      Anyway Fubish, if they agree to return it, tell them you want it left as it was picked up, in the can, otherwise it’s at a minimum littering, vandalism, and trespassing (if the trash is now on your property).

    • mikedt says:

      I’ve read about people getting black marks on their credit reports for far less than $10. I wouldn’t forget about it. I know it’s a hassle, but I’d pursue this further and would want a letter from them showing I owed nothing, otherwise I’d threaten them with small claims court.

    • Keep talking...I'm listening says:

      I was sent to collections for a $0 balance due on a medical bill in 1997. It took 3 years for the hospital, collections and credit reporting agencies to clear up.

  3. skitzogreg says:

    I don’t think it’s theft since you’ve indicated that you wanted it taken anyway. That aside, pay the $10. This is one of those situations where I would pay the $10 to keep some random away from my property. My senses are telling me that you have no idea how some random dude picking up others’ trash would react if you pissed them off. Do as you please; I would pay that as quick as possible myself and tell them motto do it again.

    • Major Tom Coming Home says:

      Random people on your property? That is what the second amendment to the constitution is for ;)

      • Velifer says:

        You just made a great argument to put the 18th back in place.

        • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

          What does that have to do with alcohol prohibition, exactly?

    • caradrake says:

      But if you pay, they may come back and do it again, and again, and again.

      • A.Mercer says:

        Yeah, like your basic extortionist. Once they know you will pay they will keep coming back.

        • Conformist138 says:

          “This is some nice trash you got here… shame if something were to *happen* to it” and nonchalantly toss a discarded chicken bone into the lawn…

    • RvLeshrac says:

      I’m pretty sure you can charge someone with theft if they’re not the person you wanted to take the item in question.

      If you sell your car, that doesn’t mean anyone can tow it away.

    • Admiral_John says:

      So following that logic, if I went around on garbage day and picked up everyone’s trash (I also live in a rural area with no municipal garbage pickup service) I could bill them each for my services?

    • heismanpat says:

      You’re a pansy…stand up for yourself and put your foot down.

    • Sneeje says:

      How exactly did they indicate he wanted it taken? This may make sense to you, but I don’t think it is correct as a matter of law. He would have to have a contract with the company requesting said action.

      Trash cans on your property (or even on your street) are not, by law, considered to be an “invitation”. Items (such as trash cans) left off your property *may* be considered abandoned property, but they have to meet certain criteria. This is why it is generally recommended to label trash cans as your property or the property of the company that collects the trash (b/c then they fail one of the abandonment criteria).

    • Difdi says:

      If I tell my friend, call him John, that I am going to give him my old TV, and will leave it on my back porch for him to pick up, and some random guy I don’t know trespasses on my property and takes the TV, it would indeed be theft.

      The fact I intended to give something away does not make it a freebie for anyone who wants it. And someone who stole it certainly does not have the right to charge me a disposal fee!

  4. Snape says:

    This happened to me once with a laundry service. A separate laundry picked up my clothes by mistake and tried to get me to pay for them. Their reason was I still got their service so I had to pay. I told them I will be coming to their office everyday and I’m going to wash all of their cars and charge the for getting the service. That shut them up.

    • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

      Nice! Although I can understand how they might feel that they did the work, and the victim…er, person is benefiting from it,you countered that point beautifully. Also, I’m sure Fubish didn’t get a discount from his regular company just because there was no trash that week. So besides them not having a contract, if they keep being jerks about paying for something he never agreed to and point out that he benefited from it, he should point out that he still has to pay his regular trash company because they had an agreement.

    • Lyn Torden says:

      Excellent comeback!

  5. Alan says:

    Just for the fun of it, some random saturday go out and mowe the grass (or shovel the driveway) and bill them 100 for it. Lets just see what happens :)

    • StarKillerX says:

      That’s absolutely brilliant!

    • scoosdad says:

      I love this suggestion. If anything, it would go a long way to point out to the trash hauler the absurdity of them billing him for picking up his trash when he’s not a customer.

      No lawn? Sweep their sidewalks, wash a few windows. Something worth about ten bucks.

      He’s gotta do it when no one is there, so they can’t send anyone out to tell him not to do it, just like their pickup. Have someone take pictures or video of Fubish doing this so he can prove to them he actually did it. And I’ll bet the nearest TV station (do they have TV in Vermont?) would kill themselves to run the story if there were video of the mowing.

  6. namgorf2001 says:

    skitzogreg- I disagree completely. Just because it’s only $10, who’s to say this rogue company isn’t doing this to a ton of people. To you it’s just $10 but for them, if everyone pays, could be hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

    If they want to get a business going then they need to do it the right way and contact the people they are trying to get to switch companies and convince them they are a better choice.

    I refuse to pay for something I didn’t ask for, especially from someone i didn’t ask to do it in the first place.

  7. wagnerism says:

    *facepalm* Ugh… some people and their realities.

    This will never go to collections. It would be interesting to see how far they go to be compensated $10 justified by their employee’s mistake. The probably have already spent more than $10 of their time over this.

    The next time you have contact with them, simply ask them to produce any proof that you ordered their service and agreed to pay them for it. You don’t need to get all FDCPA on them unless they start bothering you about it. Since they feel owed… there’s no telling what they will do.

    If they still insist on getting payment, tell them that you’re going to get a can of paint and a roller to paint their trash truck for them. They will owe you $100 for the service if they don’t stop you before you start.

    • zippy says:

      It wasn’t a mistake. If it was, they’d never know about it because the employee would have thought he was picking up from a regular customer of theirs and there wouldn’t have been a bill. This is a scam to get extra payments, pure and simple.

  8. Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

    The whole “provide a service nobody requested or wants and then try to collect” is a common scam around here.

    It usually involves a pillhead who either stencils your address on the curb or mows your lawn and then claims it was a “mix up”, and tries to collect anyways.

    • delicatedisarray says:

      We have that problem too. It’s with the lawn being mowed and some random newspaper. I drove up to my house to find a guy mowing my lawn and asked him what he though he was doing. He informed me I owed him $50 and he wasn’t leaving until he received it. I went inside and called the cops. My lawn didn’t even need to be mowed, the people I rent from had mowed it just two days before.

      Then you get the folks with the newspapers, I inform them if they leave their litter in my yard it was going in the trash, that they will be getting no money from me, and that I will call the cops if they keep trespassing.

      • aaron8301 says:

        I would have removed my pistol from my holster, pointed it steadily at his chest, and kindly reiterated, “So you’re trespassing, vandalizing my property, and now you’re refusing to leave, is that correct?”

        • wagnerism says:

          Look everyone. A rare sighting of the ITG! I could only imagine the size of the crater if he catches someone’s dog crapping on his lawn. I hope you’re really a troll.

          • aaron8301 says:

            I’m sorry, but protecting one’s property is exactly what the second amendment is for. You come on my property, start destroying it, and then refuse to leave when I catch you, you’re just asking to get shot.

            • andrewe says:

              You’re seriously going to kill a person for not leaving? Given the choice of a 911 call or killing someone I think most reasonable people would pick up the phone. Are you a sociopath?

            • Conformist138 says:

              The problem is that “excessive escalation from a mild problem into the threat of death” isn’t the same as “protecting your property”

              Interestingly, from the wiki page on crime in America: The year 2010 was overall the safest year in almost forty years. The recent overall decrease has reflected upon all significant types of crime, with all violent and property crimes having decreased and reached an all-time low. The homicide rate in particular has decreased 51% between its record high point in 1991 and 2010.

              Again, people insisting that they must “defend their family and property” at the slightest provocation are wildly paranoid. It’s more dangerous to bring a gun into the equation most of the time. Imagine if Zimmerman had just carried a damn Taser!

    • HomerSimpson says:

      I thought I remembered something about driveway repaving being a prevalent one here.

    • tinmanx says:

      If they really picked it up by mistake, they wouldn’t even know, it’s a garbage truck full of garbage, how can you tell what garbage belongs to who? It’s a scam.

  9. Quirk Sugarplum says:

    Tell them the matter is between them and the *contracted* garbage removal provider – not you. You already paid to have the garbage removed. The service they provided was a conveneince to the contracted company, not you.

  10. Guppy06 says:

    It’s a scam. Call the cops.

    Next question.

  11. sparc says:

    Tell them they were trespassing and providing an unauthorized and unrequested service and you’re going to file a police report.

  12. GrandizerGo says:

    You should NEVER pay someone for a service you did not contract for.
    skitzogreg sorry, but by paying all you are doing is letting them know that this homeowner is a sucker.
    If I am stopped at a redlight and someone comes and cleans my windshield without my permission, I am not going to pay them. If they motion if it is okay to do so and I say yes, I give them a few bucks.
    Whatever the reason, someone was in the wrong and it was NOT the homeowner by any stretch of the imagination.
    The people who say that it can damage the homeowners credit as they will send it to collections are absolute fools. There is a law that protects you from having false information placed on your credit report and in any case this rogue collection agency has no rights to ding the homeowners credit. If it did happen, let it. Then collect the money as you sue them for false utterings.
    BTW, if the rogue picked up your trash by accident, did they NOT pick up the proper trash as well???

  13. chiieddy says:

    You need to contact the non-emergency number of your local police department and have them call the nice people demanding money for a service you didn’t ask for and see what they do next. :-)

    • GHDave says:

      The police will probably say it’s a civil matter and decline to get involved. Then again, in a rural area, maybe they don’t have much else to do.

      • chiieddy says:

        Actually, it’s fraud and a common scam, and the police should probably be involved.

  14. reimero says:

    There is no contract with the rogue company and the trash pickup service was never requested. If they try to send it to collections, the burden of proof is on them that the debt is valid. That means they have to show the signed contract or some other proof that you requested the service. I would argue that the existing contract with your other service is a positive defense that you did not request the service.

    Just to be safe, though, I’d also consider warning at least one of the 3 credit bureaus that this is afoot and to be on the lookout for a false report for about $10.

  15. jrwn says:

    I agree with a random poster, isn’t this theft? File a claim in small courts unless they bring back what is rightfully yours.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      If it’s still on your property and you did not authorize its disposal by this company, it is indeed theft. That is why police always can only rummage through your trash at the curb; they legally cannot rummage through trash on your property. Except with a warrant, of course.

  16. Alessar says:

    This seems like a scam that the state attorney general should be notified about. Also, local police, radio, newspaper, and perhaps the credit reporting agencies.

    • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

      Oooh, good point…if this was an “unfamiliar truck”, they probably don’t even have a route in his neighborhood.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      I would agree. Might think about calling the local news and telling them about it. If they do a story on it, other people might be aware and not get scammed into paying for it.

  17. CPENinja says:

    I blame the OP, but only because he used the word ‘jam-jams’

  18. Hoss says:

    Do your community a favor and send a letter to your Attorney General forward a copy to this trash company.

  19. Retired Again says:

    Offer them $5. and forget it. Learn to pick your battles. There will be another new problem soon – there always is. Save your energy for the big ones,

    • HomerSimpson says:

      And when they return next week (or next month)….then what?

    • IphtashuFitz says:

      No, don’t offer them any money. Read the other posts here. This is a scam plain and simple. If they realize they can get money out of you they’ll be back for more.

      If it were me I’d tell them that for $10 from them I would’t be filing a police report, contacting the state attorney general, local TV news stations, etc. After all, what they did is likely illegal, and they’re very likely trying to scam lots of other people as well.

      • Cor Aquilonis says:

        Don’t do that – its’ illegal and gives them grounds against you. I saw something similar happen at a business I worked for.

    • cosmic.charlie says:

      “No wonda that Loch Ness Monsta keeps comin’ back! You keep givin’ him three fitty!”

  20. theblanconino says:

    if you pay them, they could argue that you’ve now entered into an agreement with them and it will happen again. best thing you can do is call the police and give them the company’s information. tell the police what happened and that the company is now trying to extort money from you for services you did not request. do not have any further contact with this company. even a partial payment will give them enough of an in to cause you more harm in the future.

  21. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Trash collection is actually a very competitive business. This collector is clearly using scam tactics to improve their route volume and gain new clients.

    • who? says:

      If you actually pay them anything, you’ll never get rid of them.

      Figure out what authority would cover this, and report it to them.

  22. drewsumer says:

    If in trying to chase them down on the phone, you end up leaving a message, quickly make up a song for them, then send them a bill for it. (“Rogue Trash, Rogue Trash – They’ll take your stuff though you didn’t ask! Rogue Trash!”)

    ps – This advice means you now owe me eleventy billion trillion dollars in Monopoly money.

  23. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    I would say a simple certified letter to any collection agencies would keep them at bay, but we are talking about $10 and certified mail isn’t cheap. But then there is the matter of they may do it again…

    I would argue with them that you are still paying your hauler so you shouldn’t be out any money and that it is their problem they collected your trash without an agreement. I probably would not pay them. Check your mail regularly and if it goes to collections IMMEDIATELY respond with a certified letter that you dispute this debt. Tell the collection agency not to post any negative tradelines as that would be illegal collection activity. If they persist to try to collect or post the negative tradeline after they receive the letter (that’s why it is so important to do this quickly) sue… You should be able to collect $1000.

    Most likely you will end up out the cost of a certified letter, but that’s better than giving in to the extortion.

    • SerenityDan says:

      I’d rather spend the $5 something on the certified than pay them money I didn’t owe.

  24. shepd says:

    Send them back a letter explaining you will require written evidence of a signed contract between you and them, or a telephone recording of your voice explaining that you signed up for said service. Explain that should they choose to pursue the matter without having tendered such evidence, the lack of co-operation on their part, and the lack of evidence will be considered vexatious.

    As far as them doing illegal dumping (your last paragraph), I doubt they would want to endanger whatever license they have to perform their work. If they do do it, discuss it with the city. I expect the city will be happy to put them out of business for that behaviour.

    Ensure the letter is unsigned. Send it registered mail if you’d rather spend some money to ensure they go away.

  25. Costner says:

    I had someone try this with me once when they did some lawn care I didn’t authorize. I called them up and told them I wasn’t paying the bill and the owner protested and cursed and got upset claiming I had agreed to his charges previously (I had agreed to have them install an irrigation system, I had not agreed for them to spray the lawn for weeds which didn’t exist).

    I never paid the bill. Never heard from them again. Case closed.

    Just ignore them. They aren’t about to send you to collections for $10, and if they continue their little scam contact your city or county authorities (whoever grants sanitation permits to the businesses) and report them. Then draft a letter to the local paper… who knows – this might be a nice little scam they have going on and you might not be the only victim.

  26. az123 says:

    It is simple call the police and file a report. It is illegal in most places to perform a service without a pre-existing agreement and then try to bill someone for it.

    Secondly, check with some people who live in your area, see if they are pulling this with other people. If they are get the police involved with everyone. I could see them doing this and sending bills, lost of people would never even think twice… trash was picked up, I got bill, pay bill.

  27. Hobz says:

    WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T PAY THE $10. If you decide for what ever reason to take this to court, the judge will look at your payment as accepting the service you did not want. They do not have a signed contract with you and there fore can not collect on a purely random act.

    I don’t believe taking your trash is considered theft, however they would have been trespassing.

  28. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    Wow – $10 for a one week pickup? My rural garbage guy charges $16 per month, for one can every Wednesday (whether there are 4 or 5 Wednesdays in the month).

    This sounds like someone picked up an old garbage truck at auction, and is going around trying to get customers by picking up the trash before the established business gets around to it. You don’t need to pay them, and if they keep harrassing you, call the police.

    • BBBB says:

      “Wow – $10 for a one week pickup? My rural garbage guy charges $16 per month, for one can every Wednesday”

      The costs to run a trash pick-up business can vary a lot in rural areas. Are the houses 300 feet apart or 3000 feet apart? How many competing services are there? How many houses haul their own trash? At my in-laws old place, the half mile road had ten houses and seven of them hauled their own trash.

  29. Fishnoise says:

    This is not one of those one-time deals where it might make sense to drop a few bucks to make a situation go away. You pay them this time, and you’ll be a regular part of their weekly route. You do NOT want to create any history of paying their fraudulent bills.

    By the way, reminds me of the time an old boss of mine arrived home one day surprised to discover a roofing crew merrily ripping off her shingles. Was supposed to be a house down the road. The company owner demanded full payment to put a new roof on. After a talk with a lawyer, they ended up doing the half they had damaged for free, and discounted the other half (she wanted the entire roof to match).

  30. Bladerunner says:

    A thing to be careful on is that, according to my parents, contractor’s liens are easy to obtain in Vt., and the owner isn’t notified.

    When I was young we lived there; my parents paid to have repairs done to a septic tank. The contractor wanted to charge some ridiculous amount to also replace the pump, which my parents said “no” to, since the pump was fine. After the work was well over, the guy said he’d replaced the pump and demanded payment. My folks told him to pound sand, since they neither asked for nor wanted the pump replaced. They heard nothing more.

    Fast forward to five years later and we’re moving. My parents hadn’t looked closely at their title for liens because, hey, there aren’t any, they know that…except there is one, and according to them at that point (they were right in the middle of the sale and we needed to move for my dad’s job) it was easier just to pay the money, although they still stew about it. I don’t know if garbage collection qualifies for a contractor’s lien, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  31. crispyduck13 says:

    As much as I find myself despising the OP based on their 15 year old writing style, they got scammed and I feel bad for them. They need to report this “company” to their state’s attorney general immediately, get police involved as well because not only is it trespassing and theft, this sounds like a very common type of scam.

    It’s the same thing as those people who come door to door to “fix” your roof or reseal your driveway, even more devious because they don’t even have to convince you to give them your money.

  32. Costner says:

    This story is just rubish.

  33. Shadowfire says:

    As a fellow rural Vermonter, I’d just like to know where had over a foot of snow this year. ;-)

    There’s a serious issue with trash removal here. I’ve been trying to pay for trash removal for months. They keep taking my trash but don’t bill me or return my calls. Vermont is fun…

  34. Nighthawke says:

    Simple theft, their driver screwed up, so they get to eat the pickup. The trash is still the owner’s property and she did not authorize the company in dispute to pick it up. She is within her rights to file a complaint with the PD on both property theft and fraud against them.

    Bottom line, better navigation system or a better driver.

  35. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    You didn’t enter into a signed legal agreement with this person. I would tell them to suck it.

  36. kobresia says:

    Send them a drawing of a spider as “payment”.

  37. dush says:

    Sounds like one of those guys who sprays and wipes your windshield then demands a dollar.

  38. GarretN says:

    Copied this from a Yahoo! Answers post, asking wether or not it was illegal to steal garbage from the curb:

    “I think a dissenting judge in a case in a Florida appellate court said it well:
    In my view, a homeowner, upon placing items in a closed garbage container and placing the container in a position on his property where the container can be conveniently removed by authorized trash collectors, is entitled to reasonably expect that the container and the trash therein will be removed from his property only by those authorized to do so, and that such trash will be disposed of in the manner provided by ordinance or private contract. By sealing the containers in a secure manner and placing the containers on his own property, the owner has done everything within his own means to insure the privacy of the contents thereof, short of delivering the containers to a central disposal site himself.
    State of Florida v. Schultz, 388 So.2d 1326, 1330 (Fla.Dist.Ct.App. 1980) (Anstead, J., dissenting)”

    Personally, I think you’re being too nice about it. They’ve commited a crime, I should think a decent person would set them straight, and if you believe it was actually a mistake, then explain that you’re letting them off the hook since you’re a good person.

  39. 132_and_bush says:

    Sure he can pay the $10, but what happens if they do it again? Is he going to have to pay each and every time they screw up and take his garbage by mistake?

  40. Kate says:

    I had someone take out some stumps for me. I had called the company and asked how much it was, they told me and I told them I would get back to them. I talked to my neighbor about it and he said he would do it for far less, so I agreed for him to do it. The next day, the stamps had been removed. I went over to pay for them and he was angry because the company had come by and done it first while I was at work.

    I was a bit astounded but they they didn’t charge me for it because it had been their mistake.

  41. MrEvil says:

    After dealing with them politely and they still politely insist I pay I’d then impolitely tell them to get bent. There are consumer protection laws in place that prevent these sorts of things from happening (company performs yard work for you that you didn’t authorize then sends you a bill).

  42. nickmoss says:

    If they don’t have contracted or municipal trash collection, there’s a good chance they do not have local police. That’s the way it is in much of Pennsylvania. We don’t want the extra taxes that would be needed for a local force or joining a regional police force. The state police, with a 40 minute response time, can handle the major crimes and we can take care of the rest ourselves.

    We are a “shall issue” state and most people are armed full time.

  43. rlmiller007 says:

    If they wrongly send you to collections it’s called “”defamation of credit”. You can sue the crap out of them for it and you can’t lose. Tell them that.

  44. scoosdad says:

    The thing that bothers me the most about this is how the rogue trash hauler, on the basis of a quick stop to throw in a few bags then move on, was able to turn that into a bill to the correct person at the correct address. Did the truck have a Google street view camera to record every pickup then someone reviews the footage and generates bills for unpaid pickups? Was someone sitting in the cab with a clipboard and taking notes?

    My trash guy works alone and the truck barely stops long enough for him to get out and toss in the trash, let alone collect some billing info. I swear, if there was a way for him to collect the trash with the truck still in motion, his company (one of the biggies) would be doing that everywhere to speed up the process even more.

    This one doesn’t pass the smell test. Something says this is some sort of premeditated thing they’ve got going here and maybe Fubish’s isn’t an isolated case.