Survey Says Women Are Working Longer, Harder Hours On The Job

Many of us are putting in longer hours on the job these days, whether it’s in an office at a desk, in a warehouse or on a store floor. But according to a new survey, women are clocking in more hours at work, and are working harder than their male counterparts.

A survey by software recruiting firm Bullhorn Inc. involving more than 5,000 workers found that 54% of women say they worked more than nine hours a day, compared to only 41% of men with the same claim, reports CBS 4 in Miami.

“There is a slight advantage to the women that they are putting in longer days than men. Generally, women are working harder and longer,” said Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn.

Originally, Bullhorn wasn’t aiming to study gender, just work habits, but the difference between men and women jumped out to researchers.

It’s not just at the job that women are working more — 68% of women surveyed said they stayed connected with the office while on vacation, as well as on days off. Only 62% of men said the same.

“Everyone really wants to prove themselves at their job. So if someone needs you, you want to be ready, you want to have your Blackberry,” said one woman in the survey.

Men didn’t mind picking up the phone more frequently to make a certain kind of call — 21% of men admitted to playing hooky the last time they called in sick, compared to 14% of women.

Who else is thinking of Diane Keaton in Baby Boom right now? Just me? Okay then.

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