Harley Davidson Says It'll Restore Motorcycle Washed Away By Tsunami

If your heart has been feeling a little chilly, here’s a chance for it to warm right up: Harley Davidson says it’ll restore a motorcycle found washed up in British Columbia, that was swept away during the tsunami that hit Japan last year.

The motorcycle is believed to have crossed the Pacific Ocean from coastal Japan after the March 2011 tsunami. A man named Ikuo says the bike is his, reports CNN, and he was tracked down by a Harley-Davidson representative after the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. ran a story about him.

The bike was found in a storage container on British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii islands, along with some camping equipment and golf clubs. Harley-Davidson intends to spiff up the well-traveled cycle, which has rusted but still has its license plate. It’ll then send the motorcycle back to Ikuo.

He says he’s “so glad that [the motorcycle] will be returned to me.” He lost three members of his family as well as his home in the disaster.

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Japanese man claims motorcycle that washed up in Canada [CNN]

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