Are Verizon Reps Pushing 4G Android Smartphones Over The 3G iPhone?

Is there some kind of anti-iPhone conspiracy going on at Verizon Wireless stores? Some customers think so, but perhaps it’s just a matter of 4G versus 3G. After all, there is no 4G-compatible iPhone for Verizon, and many customers want the fastest, newest technology. Or maybe it’s all one big secret deal conducted in dark corners with men in trench coats and fedoras!

CNNMoney’s David Goldman decided to take the questions being batted around on various online forums and put it to the test for himself, so he went out and had conversations with some Verizon reps in the New York area, as well as phone chats and online chat sessions.

He found that yeah, Verizon really does want you to get a 4G Android device, but perhaps not because of a deep-seated hatred of iPhones or any kind of deal with Android. There are more practical, sensible reasons.

In each of the 10 discussions, representatives steered me toward either the Motorola (MMI) Droid Razr Maxx, the Droid Razr, or the LG Lucid — all 4G-capable phones running Google’s (GOOG, Fortune 500) Android software. When I asked if those devices were better than the iPhone, they responded that the iPhone was an inferior alternative because it only runs on the company’s slower 3G network.

As one rep put it, “The iPhone is a great phone, but it’s on 3G. I’m not going to recommend a phone that’s outdated.”

Another says it costs the company money when customers purchase a 3G iPhone, then go home and figure out that they could be doing things faster with a 4G, and return the iPhone.

Verizon itself isn’t directly answering the question of whether or not reps are told to focus on Android devices.

“Our sales force’s mission is to ensure customers are familiar with our product line and to match the customer with the right device to best meet their needs,” Verizon Wireless spokesman Tom Pica said in a written statement. “At the end of the day, our goal is that every customer is delighted with the device that they have chosen.”

Verizon reps push 4G Android over iPhone [CNNMoney]


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  1. scoutermac says:

    I would love to have a Verizon iPhone or 4G phone if it wasn’t $80 to $100/month for the plan.

    • hansolo247 says:

      3G or 4G…same price on verizon

      • StarKillerX says:

        Don’t forget that Verizon has had a few double data offers already this year, and those only apply to 4G phones.

    • Vulpine says:

      Hey, they used to be a lot more expensive–$120-$150 /month previously.

    • BorkBorkBork says:

      Wow, that’s outrageous. I didn’t know it was that much.

    • Aliciaz777 says:

      My husband and I both have an iPhone 4 with Verizon. We’re grandfathered into the unlimited data plan and pay $80 a month for our iPhones, so a total of $160 a month. For the service we receive, it’s definitely worth it. We’ve had service with these phones for a little over a year and have never once had a dropped call or any reception issues. Just last month I had my iPhone replaced with no problems whatsoever due to a visible pixel on my screen, and my husband had his replaced with no problems because the spring on the “On/Off” button broke.

      Before we had Verizon, we had Androids with Cricket Wireless and it was the worst cell phone experience ever. Constant dropped calls, awful reception, and the Androids were slower than molasses. Customer service with Cricket is also awful and when we found out they were lying to us about why reception was so bad, we switched to Verizon. So for us, the $160 a month is definitely worth it and we’re absolutely getting what we pay for, which is top notch cell reception and customer service.

    • ganon446 says:

      There is no IPhone 4G

  2. Hi_Hello says:

    what’s wrong with pushing new tech rather than old tech?

    • jono_0101 says:

      because some people just cant handle the idea that anyone would want a phone other than whatever apple product is the newest

      • Vulpine says:

        Or maybe it’s the fact that some people can’t handle the fact that people don’t always want the “latest and greatest”. Especially when it means more expense.

        As he said, you hit caps much faster–sometimes in as little as 15 minutes compared to the one month (or at least a couple weeks) on 3G and 4G tends to simply drink the batteries. At the moment, 4G just isn’t practical for everyday use unless you’re using a notebook or a tablet.

        • Vulpine says:

          First you have to assume the item being pushed is a ‘superior product’, something that is not as true as you would think. Quite often in the past, the harder a product was pushed the weaker the product really was. I’m not saying LTE is weak, but the costs involved in at least three different areas tends to make it less efficient in the long run.

          • dwtomek says:

            Obviously they could attempt to sway you all they want to no avail. I don’t think Verizon pointing out technical advantages of competing products is going to cost Apple any of it’s loyalists. At least, that seems to be your primary concern. So rest at ease kind loyalist. You and your ilk are legion and not much would be able to shake the foundations of that devotion.

            • Vulpine says:

              Technical advantages aren’t the only kind of advantages. In fact, sometimes they’re disabilities, not advantages. Usability and reliability are far more valuable than being the “latest and greatest technology”.

              • clippy2.0 says:

                By your other posts, it sounds like “usable” is code for “sitting around waiting for web pages and email to load” Relativity is hard to measure, pure performance numbers are not

        • clippy2.0 says:

          That’s the most retarded argument I’ve ever heard. How is the ability to be able to hit your bandwidth in a matter of minutes bad? First of all, if you are going to hit your bandwidth in a few minutes, you will hit them each month anyways, unless you are saying that being on 3g is so bad that it will literally take you a day to download an email. Secondly, most people use the data on their phones for things like web browsing, getting directions, and checking email; the ability to do that faster means simply that; that you can do it faster. If the sudden ability to load a web page instantly means that you will use more bandwidth because you can surf more pages, again, I’d love to hear how thats bad. 4g is better than 3g. Nothing about it. In fact, the only downside to 4g is the battery life, when you can directly compare the same phone 4g vs 3g.

          • Vulpine says:

            I’ll give you an idea. I have a 250MB cap on my contract. I don’t get a warning on my cap usually until I’m down to about 2 days before refresh. When you compare that to people hitting their caps in hours simply because it’s so fast and easy, those people are suddenly paying far, far more for their service due to overage charges than I am with my basic account.

            How is it bad? Well, if you ask me suddenly having to pay $2000 or more for broadband service that you’re used to paying less than $100 for, then that’s real bad–for your wallet.

            • clippy2.0 says:

              I don’t believe, deep down in my heart, that this warrants a response, but I’ll give one anyways.

              You know those Comcast commercials, with the 2 turtles who don’t want high speed internet because they like slow dial up (or DSL, whatever)? That’s what you sound like. If the only thing stopping you from hitting your data cap is the fact that your phone can’t load the data in a manner that you don’t get bored waiting for it, I feel bad for you.

              Also, 4g doesn’t come with a 250mb data plan. Hell, even with an iPhone, a 250meg plan is useless, what is the point of a smart phone if you can’t use it?

            • NeverLetMeDown says:

              If you have a 250MB cap on your contract, then you can’t have a carrier-issued iPhone, since neither AT&T nor Verizon offer 250MB plans. You could, I suppose, have an unlocked iPhone being used on T-Mobile, which means you’re only getting 2G speeds (~10% of 3G, 1-2% of LTE). If you’re happy with that experience, great. In effect, however, you’re in the same situation as somebody who owns a car that only goes 30mph and argues that a highway with zero traffic is somehow WORSE than one that’s congested, since you can’t go 55 anyway.

    • dragonhunter21 says:

      When the “new tech” isn’t supported in your area yet, quite a bit, actually.

      I went in to my local Verizon store to buy a new phone in December. I didn’t know a lot about the latest phones, so I was steered to the new 4G model. I was all ready to get it, but the price with the accessory pack was just too much. “No problem”, the rep said. “Our area won’t have 4G for another year or two anyway.” Ended up buying a better, faster 3G phone (Droid3) for $100 less.

  3. Geekybiker says:

    LTE= You hit data caps faster and get overages.

    • Scooter McGee says:

      If you increase your usage too.

    • ferozadh says:

      ^ this exactly

    • who? says:

      Gee, I didn’t know that using LTE caused me to use more data when I’m reading email. I thought it just made my email download faster.

      • Geekybiker says:

        Okay smartypants, you sit down to browse the web for a half hour at lunch. Who is using more data- The guys who waits for pages to load or videos to buffer or the guy who has continuous instant access. LTE doesn’t directly cause you to use more data, but it certainly can inadvertently cause more usage.

        • clippy2.0 says:

          That’s quite the sales pitch you have there “Don’t you hate getting shit done? Well use this product instead, we promise you’ll never get anything done!”

          Did you even read what you wrote? How could you type something so stupid. That’s completely retarded. Also, try looking into how much data is actually used to surf the web anyways. Most people don’t hit their caps, and LTE gives you a bigger cap to boot.

          • Geekybiker says:

            Some people just don’t get it no matter how much you break it down for them I guess.

            • YouDidWhatNow? says:

              Clearly…so with any luck, people will give up on trying to reason with you. But, gotta love your “buy an Apple product because the other stuff is too good” sales pitch.

            • clippy2.0 says:

              Break it down? Alright captain dumbass. First of all, don’t know where you fanboys all came up with the idea that slower internet is better, but lets run the numbers. A quick hop over to shows us that we can buy both an iphone, and a 4g droid. If I go to add 450 minutes, 1000 texts, and internet, its the same plan price for both. With both plans, I choose the go with the cheapest option. On the iphone, thats 2gb per month. With the 4g phone, its 4gb per month. Wow, look at that, 4gigs, and you’re worried about data overages?

              Not that you’ll be back to reply, but in the future, shut the fuck up with nonsense. I think there are some good selling points for the iphone, but for people that have access to 4g networks, a 4g phone is going to offer alot more advantages than a 3g phone.

        • MyTQuinn says:

          LTE loads data more quickly, not more data necessarily. If all you do is wait for a page to load, then load another page without reading the first page, sure, you’ll end up using more data on LTE than on 3G. But if you actually take the time to read the pages you’re loading, the difference in data usage would be insignificant.

          Most of the delay I see waiting for pages to display has to do with rendering time resulting from the complexity of the page content, not the time it takes to download the page. Consumerist is by far the worst offender here – it literally takes MINUTES to render a page, mostly due to this commenting system they switched to several years ago.

    • NeverLetMeDown says:

      Except that your data cap is 2x as high on LTE.

    • Patriot says:

      Except with Verizon’s grandfathered plan, I get unlimited data.

  4. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    WTF is wrong with Macolyte people and websites, like this one, such that the fact that a vendor is “pushing” a superior product over an inferior product is news? ZOMG they’re not properly drunk on the kool aid! MOAR KOOL AID!!!!11!!1one

    • MCerberus says:

      Well here, we’re seeing what’s implied as going higher-pressure, which is often a tactic to bully consumers mixed with the implications of the vendors calling their customers stupid.

      Also, please do not use ‘drink the kool-aid’ incorrectly or lightly, it refers to Jonestown and is what happens after an illusion is shattered.

      • YouDidWhatNow? says:

        Um, no…I see no reason to infer that it has anything to do with “going higher pressure.”

        It would seem to have to do with recommending the best product to your customer.

        And yes, we all know about Jonestown – the analogy being that of a whacked-out religion being utterly disconnected from reality. Which, actually applies to all religions…but especially the Apple religion. Such that there is this apparent outrage that some vendors would dare to present a 4G non-Apple phone as being a better choice than a 3G Apple phone.

      • Jaynor says:

        also it was flavor-ade, not Kool-aid

    • Vulpine says:

      Or maybe it’s the fact that some people can’t handle the fact that people don’t always want the “latest and greatest”. Especially when it means more expense.

      As he said, you hit caps much faster–sometimes in as little as 15 minutes compared to the one month (or at least a couple weeks) on 3G and 4G tends to simply drink the batteries. At the moment, 4G just isn’t practical for everyday use unless you’re using a notebook or a tablet.

      As for the “Kool Aid” statement, maybe you should do some more research. It seems you’re the one drinking it, not the Apple users. It appears that it’s your illusions getting shattered, not Apple users’.

      • Errr... says:

        You get twice as much data usage on a 4g phone vs. the iPhone, so even with more usage,
        It’s great that you like iPhone and don’t want the latest technology, but not all people feel the same way. If I’m shopping for something, I like to know all my options. I don’t buy things based on brand without comparing it to the next brand. Once everything was laid out to me, I went with a 4G Android because it’s faster (I have unlimited data), more customizable, less expensive (the phone, accessories, insurance were all MUCH less), expandable memory, larger screen, I didn’t have to have an iTunes account, etc.
        It’s great that you obviously like Apple products, but not everyone shops by brand; some people shop by need and price.
        Also, I don’t really go through much more data now that I’m on 4G. Pages load much quicker, but I still read the page at the same speed I always did.

  5. theblackdog says:

    How DARE sales reps push the newest products?! Next they’ll start telling me I should buy one of them newfangled horseless carriages.

  6. Tim says:

    In my experience, yes. A friend of mine recently bought an iPhone and took me along, and the salesman definitely discouraged him from getting an iPhone and pushed him toward an 4G Android phone. He went with the iPhone though.

    • YouDidWhatNow? says:

      …and you’re proud of the fact that your friend chose an inferior product? Are you mad that the sales rep was recommending a superior product?

      • Tim says:

        No … I didn’t say I was proud or mad about anything.

      • DarthCoven says:

        Pleas stop. You’re coming across as a pompous ass and you’re making Android users seem like venomous fanboys. You’re not going to “convert” anybody with the way you’re attacking Apple products.

        • YouDidWhatNow? says:

          You’re projecting. Only Apple consumers believe their shiny fruit-themed toys actually imbue their persons with new virtues. And you hate it when people who live in the real world point it out.

          Hence, the sheer stupidity of this article and the sentiment it conveys – the Apple religious up in arms because someone dares to promote a clearly superior non-Apple product over a clearly inferior Apple product. You’d never get that kind of patently moronic behavior from any group of people other than the reality-challenged Macolyte brigade.

          I’m not necessarily pro-Android, or pro-much of anything…but I am staunchly anti-stupid.

          • DarthCoven says:

            One problem with your reply: I’m not an Apple user. My computers all run Windows 7 and I have been using a Motorola Droid X as my cell phone since the day it launched. Prior to that I owned a Blackberry Tour 9630. My next phone will likely be the 4th generation Nexus, as I’m not about ready to give up on the X which still has plenty of life left in it.

            Unlike you, I’m not about to start painting an entire userbase with a broad brush stroke. Some people prefer the simple user experience an Apple product offers. Others, like myself, prefer the ability to customize their devices to their liking. You’re comparing apples to oranges and coming off as a giant cock in the process.

    • who? says:

      Why? I did the same thing, and as soon as I saw how slow web pages loaded on the iPhone, I went with a 4g Android phone.

    • Silverhawk says:

      In my experience last month, upgrading my parents handsets, the salesman really pushed the iPhone. I even encouraged it because of the “they just work” aspect. They still chose a Galaxy Nexus because of 4G.

    • zippy says:

      There can be real reasons based on the customers needs to recommend one over the other (4G can be one, but the salesperson should also make sure the customer is aware of the battery issues with that), but it’s also well known that many Android models are spif’d, meaning that the salesperson gets a higher commission when selling those models.

  7. consumed says:

    4G LTE iPhone is right around the corner. The smart consumer would wait and see what happens in the coming month or two before plopping down a 2 year agreement for the Android du jour.

    • clippy2.0 says:

      If you’re on verizon and looking for an iPhone, you’re not really a smart consumer. It was well known that the iPhone verizon initially got was going to be replaced within mear months of the launch, and even then, the “new iphone” was still not going to have 4g. It’s not that hard to google for either 4g phones, or for iphones. It’s no secret, if you want 4g, you can’t have apple. the antennas are too big. sorry

      • Vulpine says:

        Really? Antennae too big? Does that comment really make sense when you place the products side by side?

        I’m not going to deny that 4G is faster–it’s a great system that’s getting abused by the carriers. They offer higher caps at roughly the same cost as the 3G contracts but neglect to tell you that you’ll be hitting those new caps 4 times sooner. Is that really cost effective?

        • clippy2.0 says:

          you’re an idiot. Do some research on why the iphone 4 didn’t have LTE. They couldn’t fit the antenna

          • dwtomek says:

            Plus, they couldn’t release a “next-gen” feature like 4g on their iPhone. That would take one bullet point away from next years amazing feature list.

    • bendee says:

      Given Apple lowering 3Q guidance in addition to the many rumors, it may be another 5+ months before the next iPhone is released.

      • Vulpine says:

        Sheesh! Doesn’t anybody read? Apple already said they’re not releasing a new iPhone until September.

    • StarKillerX says:

      Actually the smart consumer knows that there is always a newer and “better” phone a few months down the line and if they always wait put off buying to wait for the new latest and greatest they will never pull the trigger.

  8. XmentalX says:

    “After all, there is no 4G-compatible iPhone for Verizon” That should read “After all, there is no 4G-compatible iPhone”

    Just because AT&T mislabels its 3G iPhone as 4G doesnt make it 4G its still using a 3G (or 3.5G if you really want to stretch it)

    • djdanska says:

      Still, 3Mb rough max verizon iphone vs. upto 14Mb at&t iphone is a HUGE difference!

  9. ansjc09 says:

    I think it costs Verizon more money for them to purchase the iPhone than the Android phones by $100 or 200. So, economically it makes more sense to push Android phones that cost less and carry the “advanced” technology of 4G than the more expensive and “older” technology of 3G. I also just don’t like the iPhone, so I’m probably biased.

    • Vulpine says:

      You may be biased, but at least you make a legitimate argument, not an impassioned anti-Apple rant.

  10. Contradictions says:

    I also found it interesting in the CNNMoney article how quickly those AT&T reps seem to have stopped promoting the Nokia Windows Mobile phone they were all about. Back to slinging those iPhones I guess.

  11. notserpmh says:

    What about the fact that Android phones are better than iPhones? They aren’t locked down, have more capabilities, often have nicer displays and are faster (both in data access and in general use).

    • zumdish says:

      Android phones aren’t locked down? Can ya come over to my place, I got a few non-deletable bundled apps I want to get rid of (and keep my warranty too)

      • dragonhunter21 says:

        I’ve never heard of anyone who actually lost their warranty for rooting their phone. Mine’s rooted, and although I didn’t go to the effort to delete them, I was able to find an app to hide them.

    • Vulpine says:

      Who says they’re better? Who says they’re worse? They’re merely different–intended for very different audiences. What works for you may not work for someone else. To bluntly say that what you like is “better” than what someone else likes is simply conceited.

      • Black Bellamy says:

        No, the iPhone is empirically worse than the most recent Android devices. It’s not subjective. Some people might prefer an overall worse product because that’s the only one that fits in their particular pocket, but that’s their choice to go with an inferior product.

  12. Tegan says:

    Good for Verizon, their reps are going with facts instead of Kool-Aid. And honestly, so what? If someone is ready to drop that kind of money on a device but hasn’t done their own research first, I’m glad the sales guys are pointing out facts instead of hype. I don’t think this is going to persuade someone who’s really set on an iPhone to buy something else.

    On a not-really-related note, I think it’s pretty ridiculous that AT&T has decided to start calling HSPA+ “4G” so they can say they have more 4G than Verizon.

  13. Goatweed says:

    I can’t fault them for pushing a 4G phone over an iphone, that logic is sound regardless of however better the iphone may be as hardware.

    it’s not like Apple needs Verizon to sell iphones, they aren’t exactly hurting for profits these days…

  14. Belle says:

    I don’t think this needs to be a Android vs iPhone debate here. They are probably pushing 4G because they want to shift the bandwidth to the emptier network. I bet all the iPhones are slowing the overall speed of their 3G network.

  15. NeverLetMeDown says:

    Not a surprise at all. Verizon has to subsidize the iPhone by about $400, vs about $250 for an LTE phone. Also, they want to stop having to spend money on the 3G network, since it’s going to be obsolete in a few years.

    • BurtReynolds says:

      This is what I suspected. And before the Android fanboys attack, I still use a Palm phone. So I have no horse in the race. I just like the keyboard.

  16. lastingsmilledge says:

    “i know someone who….” is a vzw salesman and says that they get a much better commission selling an upper-tier android phone compared to an iphone. mystery solved.

  17. TrustAvidity says:

    I’ve talked to multiple friends and friends-of-friends that work for Verizon and they all had a similar view point of being “sick and tired” with the iPhone. They don’t dislike the phone per-se, just the way most of the customers are when getting one. They told me that most of them that get it say they “just have to have it!” but when asked why, they have no idea. It’s just because other people they know have it. Obviously that’s not a reason not to get one. The people I talked to just seem annoyed with the reasonings behind it.

  18. Vulpine says:

    I have one question:

    How can this article be anything but propaganda when Verizon’s own quarterly report stated, “We sold 1.1 million more 3G Apple iPhones than all Android 4G LTE models put together.”

    Ok, so supposedly Apple doesn’t have a 4G LET model of its own yet, according to those numbers that Verizon reported, 4G isn’t the big seller so many techies claimed it would be.

  19. alilz says:

    I recently upgraded to a Droid Razr with Verizon. They didn’t push the Droid on me, but they did mention that the iPhone was 3G only (which I knew).

    Going in I knew I wanted a Droid but I made sure to ask questions about the iPhone to make an informed decision.

    One rep did say that people who were used to the iPhone and switched to a Droid sometimes came back and exchanged the phone because they were so used to the iPhone.

    Personally I went with the Droid because mostly because they have a bigger screen.

    • jesusofcool says:

      I had a similar experience when I upgraded a few months ago. I knew I finally wanted to get a smartphone and I was looking at the older model iPhone, but the salespeople also suggested I check on some Androids. However I didn’t feel like I was pushed in either way; in fact I got the impression that they were assuming people who seemed to know/care little about phone models would get the iPhone. I ended up getting a Samsung Android and I’m really happy with the choice – glad they suggested I consider it. It was nearly free with contract upgrade and I haven’t paid for an app since I got it a few months ago, plus I find it really easy to maintain and customize.

  20. vyper says:

    I was in a verizon store about a month ago and overheard a sales rep tell a customer that upgrading from 3G to 4G is like going from dial-up to broadband. Seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

    • crazydavythe1st says:

      Mathematically, it’s a stretch. In real world usage, yeah it’s like that.

      You have to remember LTE is faster than the average home broadband these days.

  21. CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

    When did verizon get 4G??
    No provider in the US offers 4G yet.

    • theblackdog says:

      Verizon has been offering phones that run on LTE networks for the last year, and LTE is 4G

      • Geekybiker says:

        Not technically. LTE and wimax are ‘officially’ still 3g tech according to the standard body that decides such things. That hasn’t stopped the marketing.

        • NeverLetMeDown says:

          Not true. ITU has recognized LTE and WiMax as qualifying for the “4G” moniker.

          “As the most advanced technologies currently defined for global wireless mobile broadband communications, IMT-Advanced is considered as “4G”, although it is recognized that this term, while undefined, may also be applied to the forerunners of these technologies, LTE and WiMax, and to other evolved 3G technologies providing a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed.”

  22. BurtReynolds says:

    In my experience: Yes. A couple months ago my wife was looking to get a new phone. She had a Droid Incredible, and was interested in Android again, but they don’t really make one now that isn’t gigantic. So she decided she would get an IPhone 4S basically due to its size.

    We go to the Verizon store, tell the guy we want a white 16GB iPhone 4S, and then he proceeded to spend the next few minutes trying to pursuade her to get an Android phone. Not even pushing LTE necessarily or anything else, just Android over the iPhone. Eventually he gave up on that and moved to trying to sell overpriced cases and covers for the iPhone, and then an overpriced warranty with a large deductible. Then it took him 10 minutes to find the freaking iPhone. The transaction should have taken all of 5 minutes.

    • HeCareth says:

      The phone size argument is big for people. In regards to usability everything is pretty much a personal preference. But the top tier Android phones have large screens, so when you are coming from something smaller it takes time getting used to it. However, I have a Galaxy Nexus, and doing anything on a smaller screen is just annoying to me.

      In the end size will not matter much because face it, the “phone” function of our phone is used far less than everything else.

  23. agold says:

    Apple charges a lot more for the iPhone than most other manufacturers do for their smartphones, so Verizon makes less money on the iPhones.

  24. agold says:

    Apple charges a lot more for the iPhone than most other manufacturers do for their smartphones, so Verizon makes less money on the iPhone.

  25. atomoverride says:

    the iPhone is just a 3G phone with HSPA capabilities. so yeah 3.5G at most. It is not a 4G phone. The latest apple update switches a simple graphic to show a 4G logo but its NOT!.

    Personally when I slapped my Samsung Galaxy S2 next to my wifes iPhone 4S you just cant compare the speed of my S2 vs. her slow iPhone 4S. And the screensize omg its like using a tablet compared to her small ass flip phone.

    Apple sucks. Android ROCKS!

  26. esc27 says:

    Verizon always tends to pick one or two phones to promote. Lately it has been the Droid Razr/Maxx. The Galaxy Nexus for all its “Google phone” hype wasn’t pushed much more than the iPhone.

  27. StopGougingMeThere! says:

    Could it be as simple as an added bonus incentive for the employees? When I worked as a CSR for a cable company almost 20 years ago we got paid more for selling HBO versus Showtime for example. And that wasn’t a commission based job either.

  28. ryan89 says:

    I just talked with a VZW a few days ago. He took his Droid Razr and threw it into the air 15 feet (open air mall kiosk, no exaggeration) and it slammed to the ground. The phone was fine. He then said “If that were an iPhone, the screen would be shattered and you would be buying a new phone.” So, yes, they are pushing the better built phones.

  29. [censored] says:

    Nobody will probably even read this comment as I am so late with it but there is ONE reason the reps were pushing Android over iphone. There is something in it for them. They are getting a spiff or some commission bonus of some sort for pushing that product.


  30. crazydavythe1st says:

    Verizon is pushing LTE over 3G more than anything. They’re even offering early upgrades much earlier than they normally would to get people off a 3G phone (at least my experience and those of the other Verizon customers I know)

    Heck, I got an upgrade 12 months into my contract and $100 off as well with the caveat being that I had to upgrade to a phone that supports LTE. It’s not the data plan either as I got to keep unlimited data (used 7 GB with no throttling last month).

    Unlimited data + LTE = sweet

    • theblackdog says:

      Really? I’m about to go off of my 2 year contract with Verizon and I have not heard a peep from them about upgrading.

  31. BrownLeopard says:

    This is one of the reasons I will stick with my Boost Galaxy Prevail. I have fully unlimited internet, talk, texts and it’s 3G, which is fast enough for me. Oh, and since I’m on shrinkage I only end up paying $40 a month.

    • BorkBorkBork says:

      I love my Boost as well. I was surprised at how expensive unlimited contract plans are when I was doing my shopping. Love my Transform Ultra, and can’t wait until Shrinkage kicks in for me, too.

  32. ned4spd8874 says:

    Yes, they are! I just went through a rash of defective “recertified, like new, 100% checked” phones (5! Yes, 5 defective in a row!) and each and every time I spoke with someone, they had to push that I just use my upgrade and get on a 4G/LTE device. Each and every time I had to tell them that they had no phones out I was currently interested in. Heck, I even got follow-up calls almost every time still trying to get me to upgrade to 4G!

  33. d34dm4n says:

    Verizon’s 3G is god awful slow sometimes. Also they run a lot of promos (like double data) on 4G phones so its actually in the best interest of the user to get a 4G Android phone. I am not trying to make this an Android vs. iPhone debate but it is better for the consumer to either get an LTE Android phone or wait til whenever the iPhone 5 comes out which is rumored (and should) have LTE. Im glad I am grandfathered in to the unlimited data because especially when downloading bigger apps, it can take a while

  34. Boehme417 says:

    I love when people bring the argument to me that there is phone is better because it’s 4G (against my iPhone). I’m like, “You don’t get 4G coverage where you live. Do you ever get 4G?” There’s usually a pause and “well… sometimes.” Awesome. It doesn’t reach where you live, work, or places you frequent most often, but isn’t it nice you have the capable phone.

  35. Levk says:

    mmm… no 4g in PA so really I will just get the 3g not like I surf the net or anything big on cell network. Besides you do not NEED it its an option

    Besides who are they to tell me what I need

  36. syxx says:

    I work for an indirect verizon retailer and we get paid more on the iphone so that is the phone i’m going to try to sell first. But there is more incentive for the customer to get a 4g device besides the speed, it also qualifies them for double data.

  37. zep says:

    I’m not even sure it’s strictly 3G vs. 4G connectivity. I’m not entirely certain how the commision percentages work across brands but I’ve heard from multiple sources (and seen with my own eyes) instances where Verizon reps blatantly try to steer people away from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (a 4G LTE phone) towards Motorola’s line of Razrs. I’m somewhat of a tech geek myself so when I went in to play with both I already had listed in my head the pros and cons of each (longer battery life and removable memory on the Razr Maxx vs. ICS and a slightly better screen on the Galaxy Nexus). When I asked the rep for his opinion he basically told me the GN was terrible because it did not have removable memory.

  38. Sillyheart says:

    A couple of things, 4G and 3G phones both activate capped data plans BUT 4G phones get twice the cap in a promotion that keeps coming back and getting extended. As a sales person who likes customers to be happy and a data hog myself, yeah I’m going to push you into what I think is going to be most beneficial to you.
    Another thing, you may not have 4G yet, but if you have 3G in your area it’s on it’s way. I got the Rezound while my area was still 3G and a few months later, I’m running 4G. Planning ahead.
    Last thing, and this one is a little more selfish, iPhone commission is crap. It’s a flat rate, crappy commission and I make commission only.
    Also I just prefer android. I find it easier to use so I’m more comfortable selling it to you. If you come back with an issue, I bet I can figure it out or call a replacement in for you. iPhone I don’t know so well and if I mess it up, that’s on me. I have to send you somewhere else which sucks and I may lose your future business.

  39. JonBoy470 says:

    They carry the iPhone because there is much consumer demand for it, and they can sell the pricy data plans and such. Android vendors, in regarding the carriers (instead of end-users) as their customers, are much more willing to give volume discounts to the carriers to win sales, and to play the “un-uninstallable bloatware” game. Verizon can offer less subsidy on a 4G LTE Droid yet still sell it at the same retail price as an iPhone. The bundled apps allow for incremental revenue as, inevitably, at least some people actually use them…

    Apple basically tells carriers to suck it, because they’re more concerned with making the end-user happy. As for LTE, Apple has a several design reasons for not including it. Apple would rather introduce a feature late, then do it half-assed. They also want to do only one version of the phone worldwide, and use one chip for all the radios in the entire phone. They also don’t include a feature unless a large percentage of their userbase will actually use it.

    There are virtually no LTE deployments outside the US, and 2/3 of iPhones are actually sold overseas. Even in the US, the state of LTE deployments is such that relatively few users can actually use it. Also, neither Verizon nor AT&T supports making/receiving phone calls or text via LTE, so the 3G GSM/CDMA radio has to be kept on at all times, in addition to the LTE, to allow phone calls to work. Hence the crappy battery life of basically every 4G LTE phone.

    Six months from now, LTE will have much more extensive coverage, it will support voice service, and Qualcomm will have an all-in-one cell phone chip that includes LTE. At that point Apple will roll out “The new iPhone with 4G LTE”. Personally, I give Apple credit for not being crass and trying to pass off AT&T’s HSPUA network as “4G” when they launched it.

  40. soj4life says:

    Clarification, there is no such of thing as a 4g iphone, period.

    It makes sense for verizon wireless reps to push android phones that run 4g because the company is pushing 4g. For the same price to the customer, they will have better connection speeds for the next 2 years. Also apple’s devices cost more to subsidize for verizon, so verizon has good reasons for their customers to be part of the android army.