This Is An Actual Sign Telling People Not To Have Sex In Cable Cars

Bad consumers are responsible for those signs that remind you not to litter, smoke, talk too loudly, turn off our cellphones, and apparently to stop having sex in cable cars.

An Australian news broadcast reports that riders — especially those born in the ’90s (must be all those sexy En Vogue and Color Me Badd songs) — on the gondolas high above China’s Henan Province have been using the cable cars as a place to express their most intimate feelings for one another.

Thus, the warnings have recently gone up asking youngsters to refrain from making the beast with two backs, at least while on public transport.

Perhaps it’s time to start employing this latest no-no sign at other places where people get it on to the consternation of the flying/movie-going/shopping/grieving/dining public?

Love is in the air? The new Mile High Club in China’s Henan province [ via BoingBoing]

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