Where Is The Absolute Best Seat On The Airplane?

We all have our favorite spots on the plane — a window seat in an exit row so we can rest our heads on the wall and doze off, while stretching out our legs. Or perhaps an aisle seat, so as not to have to disturb our rowmates to get up and use the bathroom. But a new study claims to have determined the absolute best seat on any plane. And that seat is…

…6A, according to Skyscanner (via HLNTV), which surveyed 1,000 people about their air travel preferences. Combining all those responses, they came up with the magic seat.

The survey says 45% of people prefer the first few rows of seats, so they can be the first to deplane at the destination. Although we must point out, sometimes if you’re among the last to get on the plane (if you’re boarded by zone), you might not have a spot for your stuff in the overhead bin by the time you get on.

A window seat is also preferred by 60% of travelers polled, which leaves 40% for the aisle and a less than 1% who like the middle seat. Whoever you are, we would like to speak to you and see what makes you tick.

The very worst seat, says the study, is 31E, a middle seat, near the back, with a long wait for refreshments and no easy way to get out to pee.

Of course, these seat preferences could change depending on the size of the plane you’re on, or whether or not you’re splurging for first or business class on an domestic or international flight. And even 6A looks kind of dismal when seated next to that person with the smelliest food ever or a shrieking baby, right?

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