Reader Thinks Her iPod Is Lost Forever, But Virgin America Has A Surprise

There are many things I’ve learned in three years of reading the Consumerist tipline, and this is one of the most important. Never put any of your electronic devices in the seat-back pouch on an airplane, because you’ll most likely never see it again. iPads are especially vulnerable to this problem. But reader Gladys had the opposite experience from most people who write in. She never expected to see her iPod again, so she was delighted when someone at Virgin America did some detective work to find the device’s owner, and called her up.

On April 3, I left my IPod Touch aboard my Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to Seattle. Its only ID was my partially-mutilated address label on the back. I gave it up as lost, but on April 15, I received a phone call from a Virgin America customer care agent, telling me that she had it and by matching my name to family accounts, she was reuniting my IPod with me. She needed only to confirm my identity and that the IPod was indeed mine. I was happy to pay the Fedex shipping cost, and it was back in my possession the next day.

This is typical of the personal attention I get each time I fly Virgin America. Needing a wheelchair at age 78, I am made to feel that I am a special guest each time I fly Virgin America to visit my daughters and granddaughter in Washington state.

Nicely done, Virgin America! And safe travels to Gladys and her iPod.