NewEgg Sends Package To Wrong Address, Shrugs

When Jessica placed her NewEgg order, she provided them with a shipping address. This turned out to be a waste of her time, since NewEgg just went ahead and picked an address to send the package to out of her PayPal account. Not the one associated with her credit card, or her primary address on the account. Certainly not the address where she actually lives. Their customer service representative’s solution? Wish really, really hard that the person who ultimately received the package would return it so she can get a refund. She hung up and called back until she got someone competent.

Despite putting in the correct shipping info on their website, NewEgg decided to be a pal and change the shipping info to match the one on my Paypal account (and strangely, not the primary address, or the one even associated with my credit card I paid with).

I got my invoice and saw all the wrong addresses and called up. The first person I spoke to actually could not respond to my questions, and we sat in awkward silence every time I asked a question before I just plain hung up.

The second person was courteous and refunded me ten of my 45 dollars…. but told me I wasn’t going to see that package ever and I needed to hope the recipient would return to sender so I could get a refund and reorder.

USPS won’t respond to any inquiries about the package due to ‘safety’ reasons.

The landlord of the recipient isn’t able to intervene because it’s a breach of privacy.

So there you have it, if NewEgg changes your address for no reason, well, that’s tough, isn’t it? I hope you didn’t need that by tomorrow… you know, which was when you paid to receive it. I know I won’t, NewEgg made that abundantly clear.

The recipient is under no obligation to send the package back, and this isn’t Jessica’s fault by any means. She should try calling back again….and if that’s no help, escalate.


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  1. Extended-Warranty says:

    You deserve to have that happen to you by choosing New Egg

    This is why all my purchases are made in person at Best Buy

    (Sweet revenge)

  2. zh8705 says:

    Why was the address on her PayPal account not her address?

    • scoutermac says:

      I had this problem with an individual that I order parts from online for my Toyota Camry. I recently moved and forgot to change the address on my paypal account until after I completed the payment. Fortunately the person I order from was kind enough to correct the address when I requested it.

    • Gorbachev says:

      I ditched PayPal long ago, so I can’t check, but I’m assuming it stores addresses you’ve sent gifts or if you sell on eBay the addresses of your customers.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      I have been moving around alot and I listed my parents address as the registered PayPal address instead of trying to forward mail and change addresses all the time. I opened up a seperate checking account so my parents can pay the bills I still have going there.

      • dangermike says:

        I’m assuming you’re probably not the person from the story because it would have made a lot more sense to just have your parents forward the package rather than complaining to newegg and consumerist.

    • Yorick says:

      I discovered recently that my Paypal address changed back to my prior address without my knowledge. This was after getting a confirm email saying it had been successfully changed to my new address. Computer errors happen. What shouldn’t happen is NewEgg’s inability/refusal to do something about it.

  3. scoutermac says:

    Interesting. I’ve never had any problems with newegg. In fact when I ordered my ASUS laptop UPS was three days late delivering it. Newegg refunded half of the shipping cost to me.

    • limbodog says:

      Same here. I have purchased a few thousand dollars worth of bits and pieces and never once had a problem with newegg. I’m surprised by this. I hope it was just a couple of call center people who needed training. I’d hate to think this is a trend forming.

  4. APCO25guy says:

    Here’s the problem: Paypal. A seller MUST ship to the address on file to qualify for seller protection. As a buyer, your only covered if merchant doesn’t ship to the confirmed address on file with Paypal.

    Newegg did just that. It’s your fault for not having your correct confirmed shipping address on file with PayPal. You lose.

    • mobiuschic42 says:

      RTFA. It was not her primary address on her Paypal account, either:
      “This turned out to be a waste of her time, since NewEgg just went ahead and picked an address to send the package to out of her PayPal account. Not the one associated with her credit card, or her primary address on the account.”

      • APCO25guy says:

        if she paid with Paypal, (why else would Newegg have done this unless she was) then she is SOL. This is not clear, but one can ASSUME she paid with Paypal. I don’t use Newegg but every other merchant who accepts PayPal will usually have their shipping software default to what is. On file with PayPal if a customer makes a payment using PayPal. Sounds like that is EXACTLY what happened here.

      • Lyn Torden says:

        If she had more than one address at PayPal, she may have inadvertently picked one of them during her paying steps without realizing NewEgg was required to use whichever one was transmitted by PayPal with the payment. Maybe PayPal does not provide multiple addresses to merchants to avoid confusing the merchants that don’t even ask customers for an address and depend on PaylPal providing that info.

        Still, if NewEgg is taking in an address to ship to and it is NOT the same as the PaylPal supplied address, they should reject or cancel the order and notify the buyer to resolve the conflict and do over.

      • Applekid ‚îÄ‚îÄ‚î¨ Ôªø„Éé( „Çú-„Çú„Éé) says:

        So then it would be a clear cut and dry with opening a Paypal dispute. The idea that she seriously doesn’t think they’d side with her since they screw sellers regularly is kinda cute, though.

      • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

        New Egg has no access to the alternate addresses on file with PayPal – they only see the PayPal address that the buyer selects.

      • kobresia says:

        It’s not Newegg’s fault that the OP failed to update all of her information, which is almost certainly the problem. I’d bet she didn’t re-confirm her credit card after moving.

        Each payment method in Paypal has an individual default. It doesn’t matter at all what the default profile address is, Paypal goes by whatever address was “confirmed” for the particular payment method if a credit card is involved.

        I have more than one shipping address on file, I can’t even CHOOSE my default shipping address on the credit card which I only confirmed to my work address. Also, when the USPS changed my zip code a few years ago, I had to change my address everywhere it was associated in Paypal. Once in my profile, and then I had to change it for each credit card on file too, so they could be re-confirmed. Thanks for the ridiculous & unnecessary hassle, USPS.

        I also have this problem with buyers all the time. They don’t bother to look at the Paypal address they’re using, sometimes it’s their home address but they need something shipped to their office, sometimes it’s an address that they lived at a year or two ago and they never got around to changing it. Last month, I had a buyer check the tracking info I provided him with & started complaining to me that his order is headed to their old apartments as if it’s my fault, even though all his information with both eBay and Paypal is outdated. What am I, psychic? Fortunately, it forwarded correctly.

        Due to how shitty Paypal can be on a good day when someone follows all the rules (they really should’ve won WCIA), there’s no way I’m going to screw myself over by making an exception to the rules just because someone is being stupid, lazy, or inattentive.

    • The_IT_Crone says:

      This is actually true. The best thing NewEgg could do is put a red flag warning if you are paying with paypal “NewEgg will ship to your PayPal address so make sure it’s up to date.”

      Or maybe even declaring on the checkout page “this is the address we will be shipping to.”

    • Mike says:

      This is actually not necessarily true. Her purchase is between her an New Egg, they asked for and she specified a delivery address. That’s the purchase contract between her and NewEgg. Through privity she is not responsible for New Egg’s commitments to a 3rd party like PayPal. One would have to read the terms of the purchase to verify, but I bet it doesn’t say they can randomly deliver the product to any address in the user’s Paypal history. I would press the issue. You might also file a claim with PayPal, if they didn’t deliver it to the default address.

    • Jawaka says:

      I was going to agree with you but it appears that while the OP did have a PayPal account it looks like he actually paid with a credit card. The PayPal account is irrelevant in this story.

  5. TheWoolf says:


    You didn’t read the article correctly. The address they sent to isn’t the address she specified, nor is it the default shipping address on her PayPal account. (Yes, there is a saved/default shipping address)

    Perhaps it was the address of a former residence, still dangling on her account? Doesn’t really matter, she specified a shipping address, and they randomly picked a different address.

    Newegg – Replace her product, end of story.

  6. madrigal says:

    Why didn’t she have the correct address on her paypal account? I thought sellers had to ship to the address that was under that.

    • Marlin says:

      RTFA. It was not her primary address on her Paypal account, either:
      “This turned out to be a waste of her time, since NewEgg just went ahead and picked an address to send the package to out of her PayPal account. Not the one associated with her credit card, or her primary address on the account.”

      • TheRealDeal says:

        Actually, Paypal has been doing this more and more. I just had the same thing happen to me. Newegg didn’t pick the address, Paypal did and it probably didn’t give Jessica any option to change or correct it during the order. Paypal has separate areas for shipping addresses / home addresses and payment addresses, so it’s easy to overlook one, as I did. The shipping address can easily be different from the primary address. It’s not fantastic customer service from Newegg, but the root cause doesn’t lie with them.

  7. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    If the package hasn’t been delivered, can’t the OP call USPS and reroute the package? I know UPS charges a fee to do this, but it can be done.

    • scoutermac says:

      My guess would be she would be required to walk into a post office with an ID that has that address on it. Then she could request it to be sent to a different address.

    • Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

      LMAO, You’re silly. Have you ever tried to get ANYTHING done with USPS? I ship well over 300 packages a day with them and even I can’t reroute a package that is already sent out.

  8. FearTheCowboy says:


    Use Paypal, get screwed.

    That should be their motto.

    • Jawaka says:

      I wish that the OP was a little more clear about how she paid for her purchase? she mentions both Paypal AND her credit card in the article but never specifically says which she paid with.

  9. gqcarrick says:

    Weird. I order things from Newegg at least a few times a month and never had issues and when I did, they were resolved by chatting with someone.

    • Coleoptera Girl says:

      Yeah, it appears that PayPal is the issue, not Newegg. I have had no issues with Newegg and have read of very, very few issues other people have had.

    • dangermike says:

      I don’t order stuff from newegg quite that often, but the few times I have ever required any kind of customer service, their staff has responded quickly, courteously, and definitively. I wish more shops were up to their level.

  10. dolemite says:

    Ok, so they sent it to the wrong address. Wouldn’t one of the addresses associated with your account typically be either your secondary address or at least a relative or place of employment? Does she have a complete stranger’s address on her account?

    • packy says:

      In six weeks I’m going to have a complete stranger’s address on my PayPal account: I’m moving.

      I’m going to dutifully try and expunge the address from PayPal’s servers, but, of course, in this era of “nothing is ever REALLY deleted”, I can only hope and pray that they actually honor my changes and don’t hand out my old address to somebody.

  11. Warchik81 says:

    Can’t help but think that if the OP had paid with her credit card directly, instead of going through PayPal, the address issue wouldn’t have happened, AND she’d have the added “charge back” protection of using her credit card should she never receive the item.

  12. Blueskylaw says:

    I had this happen to me on eBay before and not only did the company not apologize for sending the item to the PayPal address instead of the one I listed, they wouldn’t even give me a refund on the money I spent to have it re-shipped to me. They did say they would credit me the money I paid for postage on my next order; little did they know I never bought from them again after that.

  13. Wathnix says:

    Just get your addresses right, i’ve ordered plenty from newegg and they do a good job.

  14. Audiyoda28 says:

    Wait – Paypal’s delivery addresses are a totally different section of your account. I ran into this about three years ago. We had just moved to our present address and I was building a new computer. I ordered everything and put my new shipping address in the Newegg shipping info. But I paid with Paypal – their policy is that it’s sent to the ship to address on file. I’d changed my account address in Paypal when we moved and at the time was asked if I wanted to add this address to my ship to addresses. Of course I clicked yes – but that didn’t change it to my default address. Which I discovered when my computer parts were delivered to my parent’s house – our previous address was in a neighborhood where I didn’t trust anyone to not walk onto our porch after a delivery and walk off with that package. So I used my parents address as a default shipping address in Paypal and didn’t realize I needed to change it when we moved.

    So I’m hesitant to say this is totally Newegg’s fault.

  15. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    I can’t imagine using paypal with a reputable online seller. I only use it for eBay purchases and when buying from a company that I don’t trust with my credit card number.

    Last time I was at Home Depot I saw you can pay at the register with paypal. I didn’t explore it too much. Can we at least call them a bank for regulatory purposes?

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      it would make sense. paypal issued me a mastercard branded debit card years ago

      • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

        Paypal debit cards are administered by Bancorp. Until last month they were administered by Chase Bank.

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          i wouldn’t know the details, i have always been afraid to use it because it is paypal.

  16. Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

    This is clearly the OP’s fault. Paypal would not have given a different address from her account to NewEgg. Haven’t you read their privacy policy?

    Omg, I never thought I’d be defending Newegg or Paypal (I just closed my Paypal account literally 20 minutes ago…) But seriously, this is the OP’s fault for not selecting the correct Paypal address at checkout.

    • dolemite says:

      You never thought you’d be defending NewEgg? Why? They are probably the only retailer I do business with that might be more awesome than Amazon.

      • Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

        They have the worst customer service, though! We have spent over $30,000 with them last year getting our business updated in technology (new computers, new servers, etc) and when we had a problem with a $97 transaction (they sent us a defective refurbished computer) they absolutely refused to help. Amex helped quickly though and we closed out account thereafter.

        • The_IT_Crone says:

          Agreed. When they eventually sent us a replacement printer (several hundred dollars though) per their replacement policy, it was literally a printer with cardboard taped to it to act as a “box.”

        • gqcarrick says:

          Newegg has the worst customer service? I’ve had nothing but GOOD customer service from them.

  17. Tamar Weinberg says:

    > and this isn’t Jessica’s fault by any means

    Yes and no. PayPal shouldn’t have passed that old address to NewEgg. NewEgg shouldn’t have used it. But Jessica should have removed it from her account history altogether.

    And this is very easily done. Go to the Profile menu, choose “Add or Edit Street Address,” and then you see all of the addresses on file. Click “Remove,” and it’s gone.

    • erinpac says:

      It’s not as gone as you think. I’ve had Paypal give previous addresses out, despite deleting every trace I can find in Paypal.

      • Tamar Weinberg says:

        I find that hard to believe, but even so, the issue is a PayPal one. The first step she needs to take is to remove it from there.

  18. Tamar Weinberg says:

    > and this isn’t Jessica’s fault by any means

    Yes and no. PayPal shouldn’t have passed that old address to NewEgg. NewEgg shouldn’t have used it. But Jessica should have removed it from her account history altogether.

    And this is very easily done. Go to the Profile menu, choose “Add or Edit Street Address,” and then you see all of the addresses on file. Click “Remove,” and it’s gone.

    • Tamar Weinberg says:

      erm, sorry for the double post. Got a server-side error when posting the first time …

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  19. Captain Quack says:

    this is interesting. I’ve been a NewEgg customer for years. I purchase a lot of hardware from them. (I sometimes build custom systems). over the years NE’s customer service has been excellent but of late has gone completely downhill. I am suspecting they have changed their customer support company or something. I have a situation going with them now that’s is completely insane. (I’m giving them one last chance to resolve it before I post the details).

    another good company going down the tubes methinks.

  20. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    From NewEgg’s perspective they shipped to the address that the buyer gave them. They don’t have access to the buyer’s alternate addresses in PayPal’s system. I suspect the OP made a mistake and didn’t double check before submitting.

    That’s why I take screen shots at every step when buying online. There are screen shot programs but I just take PrintScreens and paste into an Excel file.

    The OP had an address on file where she didn’t know anyone?

  21. waicool says:

    new egg ROCKS!!!

  22. ovalseven says:

    The recipient is under no obligation to send the package back“.

    Maybe, but they’re not entitled to keep it as a free gift either. That rule doesn’t apply to shipping errors (if it did, scammers would make a living shipping merchandise to themselves “by mistake”). The package would have Jessica’s name on it, so it’s clearly a shipping error.

    The recipient at least needs to notify NewEgg, and offer to return it at NewEgg’s expense.

  23. nishioka says:

    Why was Paypal involved with this at all?

  24. 2 Replies says:

    Simple solution. Chargeback.
    She never received the goods she ordered.

  25. Newegg_Support says:

    Dear Jessica,

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you. Please feel free to send us an email at with your order information and we will be more than glad to look into this further. We hope you have a great day.

    Customer Service
    Monday- Friday
    5:30AM- 5:30 PM PST

    • az123 says:

      Now about New Egg trains people and pulls their heads out of… well wherever they are stuffed. I think people actually expect customer service from companies when we call in the first place and to basically be told sorry we shipped it to the wrong address but unless someone sends it back you are screwed is showing just how poorly your company is run.

      If a customer gives you the right information and you fail to ship to that it is 100% the company’s fault and a customer should be treated with respect and have the situation corrected without publicly shaming you into doing the right thing.

      I seriously hope that you loose lots of business from this posting, though it will likely not teach anyone there a lesson to treat customers with respect.

      • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

        Depends on what address was showing when the OP clicked Confirm” and what address shows in the order confirmation email. It is unclear if the address changed before or after the order was confirmed and submitted by the OP.

      • Tamar Weinberg says:

        I’m a loyal NewEgg customer and don’t think NewEgg is at fault here. I hope they DON’T lose business. They’re the best in the biz.

    • GadgetsAlwaysFit says:

      If this is legit, at least you, Newegg, read this and posted it for all to see. I believe in forgiveness if something can be made right or made better. Here’s hoping….

    • Lukecadet says:

      Or just use Never had any issues with them.

  26. oldthor says:

    Newegg USED to be the place to buy Electronics but that has all changed in the last 18 months or so. After shopping exclusively there for years because of their outstanding customer service I found out to my own peril that their service to customers in now in the toilet and I simply have not made a purchase there in almost a year. In my case I bought a router which arrived in pieces inside the undamaged box. I call within 15 minutes of receiving the package and am told that even though I want to purchase a different brand because of the quality I’d have to pay for return shipping and a substantial restocking fee because as the rep told me ” What are we gonna do with a broken router” . Guess they were within their rights and so am I. They lost a long time customer

  27. erinpac says:

    I’ve had this happen with two other stores. Now, I am extremely careful if I must use paypal, and make sure to verify the address after the order, separate from the receipt itself. Both times, I had the right address on the order, which appeared on the invoice, and it WAS a verified address in paypal and attatched to the credit card. Once they shipped to an old address I’d removed from paypal as best as I could (but apparently it still existed somewhere as the original address), and another was an address I’d once sent a gift to years before, which wasn’t set as my home and wasn’t verified (also no longer valid for that person).

    Sadly, the stores couldn’t seem to do anything, but Paypal was willing to do the refund. It wasn’t entirely satisfying – it was obviously at least somewhat Paypal’s fault, and not only the store’s. However, there didn’t seem to be any better option.

  28. cryptique says:

    This is a PayPal problem, NOT a NewEgg problem.

    And before someone tells me I didn’t read the post correctly: the OP said “not the primary address, or the one even associated with my credit card I paid with” — neither of which is necessarily a confirmed address that PayPal requires for shipping. So if anyone’s at fault here, it’s the OP, for not keeping her PayPal profile updated with a current, confirmed shipping address.

    Ultimately, the best solution is to not pay by PayPal. They introduce too many potential pitfalls into the transaction. I had a similar experience once, with a vendor shipping to the wrong address because of PayPal’s rules — fortunately it was still one where I could receive packages, just not my preferred address. After that I decided that PayPal is not a good option for anything other than eBay purchases.

  29. MurderGirl says:

    Thankfully I live close enough to NewEgg that I can drive down and pick up my items same day.

  30. meh_cat says:

    It’s a problem with PayPal. It happens to me quite frequently, so I’m on the lookout whenever I HAVE to use PayPal. You can enter the right address when you check out, but then you have to make sure you choose the right address when you go to PayPal. In other words, PayPal and the website are completely different systems. It’s really not Newegg’s fault, because PayPal does that to me no matter where I use it.

  31. ldillon says:

    Newegg is great — until you have a problem. I usually get stuck paying return shipping on DOA items, which wipes out any price advantage and means it will take weeks to finish a project that should have been done in days.

  32. skapig says:

    Paypal has 2 addresses for you to select: billing and shipping. Selection of the billing address is described. The shipping address isn’t described as being selected, so it probably went with the configured default. With Paypal if you want something other than your defaults, you have to take the initiative to modify the selections. All Newegg gets is your selected shipping address.

    Why on earth Paypal is selected for this is beyond me. It’s generally best avoided when at all possible.

  33. Geekybiker says:

    Yet another good reason not to use paypal. This would never happen with a CC.

  34. dks64 says:

    I have a feeling it was an error on Jessica’s end. I’m sure she THOUGHT she gave them the correct address, but didn’t. I made a similar error a few months ago when I paid for an item from a private seller with Paypal. I didn’t update my address when I moved and even though my billing address was right, my shipping was not (or something like that). The package got sent back and I had to pay $10 to have it reshipped. It was my error, luckily the package was returned. The person who kept the package is an ass. Hopefully Newegg can fix the problem.

  35. Hub Cap says:

    NewEgg has done this to me twice. I now avoid them in favor of Amazon.

  36. icerabbit says:

    We just had an online purchase with Paypal address on file issue this week.

    For whatever reason there upon completion of the transaction there was a default to the last confirmed physical address, at which point you couldn’t intervene any more.

    Chalk it up to security and packages only going to confirmed addresses, but if you have moved and used Paypal infrequently, or mostly for digital transactions where nothing gets mailed to you, it is easy to overlook.

  37. doomtop says:

    NewEgg, once known for stellar customer service, has done a 180. They no longer care about their customers and will screw you over for a few bucks. I’ve ordered thousands of dollars worth of computer parts from them and recently received a defective motherboard. They told me they would not replace it and I would have to send it back for a refund and order a new motherboard to replace it. I bought another one and sent back the defective one. Then they told me I had damaged it and refused to refund me. They told me to deal with the manufacturer. But even if the manufacturer would fix it, I don’t need two motherboards.

  38. AdviceDog says:

    There is now nothing to believe in.