Study: Women Twice As Likely To Hit Gas Pedal By Mistake

A new study commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that women are more likely to accidentally step on the gas when they really mean to hit the brake. Just hold off on the jokes about women drivers, okay? Shh — stop it.

CBS 3 in Philadelphia says that women are twice as likely to goof up on the accelerator than men are. The study did not, however, dip into men’s inability to admit they’re lost.

Data from police crashes in North Carolina and news reports on accidents occurring elsewhere contributed to the study. When acceleration was unintended, women were at the wheel about 65% of the time.

It ain’t just the ladies making missteps — older and younger drivers are also dangerous near the gas pedal. Those kinds of accidents happened mostly with drivers under 20 or older than 76 in North Carolina. But across the nation, those over 76 were found to be responsible for 40% of all unintended acceleration accidents.

Women Are Twice As Likely To Hit The Gas By Mistake [CBS 3 Philly]

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