One Man's Campaign To End Six Months Without A Working Haier TV

Andrew took advantage of a great Black Friday deal from Newegg to buy a nice large TV. At least, he assumes that it’s nice. The first set he received never worked, and the second worked for only 48 hours. Stuck dealing with Haier, he still hasn’t managed to extract a working TV out of them.

He has started a site to get his story out to the world. He simply registered the domain name (Probably not such a good idea to open that URL at work.)

I was suckered into the sweet $200 32″ LCD TV Newegg was offering for Black Friday.

It arrived DOA: Newegg replaced it. The new one worked for 48 hours and since I disposed of the box, I was stuck going through Haier for warranty.

They approve the return after months of the parts being in-stock/not-in-stock and a lost day at work after their service team just straight up didn’t show up to repair my tv.

They currently have my TV but haven’t been able to “get the approval from corporate” since they somehow don’t have my proof of purchase, which I was initially sent them to prove it was under warranty.

It’s been over a month of them with my TV but refusing to actually do anything.

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