Delta Air Lines Trying Its Best To Raise Domestic Fares By $10-20

Whatever you do, other airlines, please don’t follow the leader. Delta Air Lines just pushed through an airfare hike for domestic flights, and if their plan works, other airlines will follow suit and that increase will go into effect across the board. Sort of like when the popular girl tells everyone else they have to wear the right scrunchies or be ostracized.

This is the sixth attempt this year to push prices up, this time by about $10-$20, says the Chicago Tribune. Thus far only three hikes have been successful. It only works if everyone raises their fares, otherwise whoever initiated the jump will usually drop prices down again so as not to be shunned.

Delta’s price hike went into effect yesterday, for roundtrip last-minute trips, which includes any booked within seven days of departure.

Airlines are doing whatever they can to combat rising jet-fuel prices, and it shows in ticket prices — they’ve increased about 5% this year and are up 10-12% from a year ago.

Airlines aren’t the only ones trying to raise prices for the consumer, as legislators are currently trying to push forward a proposal that would change the Sept. 11 security fee from $2.50 for every trip segment to $5 each way, no matter how many stops.

Delta hikes domestic airfares by $10-$20 [Chicago Tribune]

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