Delta Air Lines Trying Its Best To Raise Domestic Fares By $10-20

Whatever you do, other airlines, please don’t follow the leader. Delta Air Lines just pushed through an airfare hike for domestic flights, and if their plan works, other airlines will follow suit and that increase will go into effect across the board. Sort of like when the popular girl tells everyone else they have to wear the right scrunchies or be ostracized.

This is the sixth attempt this year to push prices up, this time by about $10-$20, says the Chicago Tribune. Thus far only three hikes have been successful. It only works if everyone raises their fares, otherwise whoever initiated the jump will usually drop prices down again so as not to be shunned.

Delta’s price hike went into effect yesterday, for roundtrip last-minute trips, which includes any booked within seven days of departure.

Airlines are doing whatever they can to combat rising jet-fuel prices, and it shows in ticket prices — they’ve increased about 5% this year and are up 10-12% from a year ago.

Airlines aren’t the only ones trying to raise prices for the consumer, as legislators are currently trying to push forward a proposal that would change the Sept. 11 security fee from $2.50 for every trip segment to $5 each way, no matter how many stops.

Delta hikes domestic airfares by $10-$20 [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. dakeypoo says:

    This is an outrage. Not an outrage that Delta wants to raise prices. They’re a private company and I don’t care. It’s an outrage that our legislators want to double the security fee, to pay the TSA, which is a financial sinkhole of stupidity and government waste.

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    But won’t someone think of the poor shareholders and bosses who need their bonuses while the rest of American workers feel lucky that they can just keep their job.

  3. Cat says:

    Just be glad the airlines aren’t regulated like they used to be. De-regulation was the best thing that ever happened to the airline industry! Anyone remember the high prices, there were fees for everything and customer service and perks like food and free…

    Ummm, never mind.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      I’m glad you put the Ummm, never mind in there because I was about to rip you a ne… Ummm, never mind.

    • ARP says:

      Before deregulation, airline prices were fairly high. Flying was still seen as something for the rich, or only a rare occasions. I remember when I was very little, we had to dress up when we flew (I miss that clip on tie) because it was a special occasion. On my last fight there was person who was literally in their pajamas sitting next to me.

      Of course, service was much better because that’s how the airline differentiated themselves. If flights continue to increase in cost, we could be getting the worst of both worlds, high prices and bad service. But how else will we pay executive salaries and reliably deliver dividends? I mean, they didn’t have executives before the 70’s, did they?

      • Cat says:

        Can we really compare a 1950 – 1960’s Pan Am NYC-FRA to a discounted economy ticket of today? I think a proper comparison would be with modern business class. Adjusted for inflation, with added fees, it’s pretty close in price.

      • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

        I agree — In the regulated era, ticket prices were significantly higher but they came with perks, like meals, free checked baggage, and they were generally refundable/transferable. The only exception was smaller airports, which had lower airfares because they were subsidized by the more profitable routes.

        The closest equivalent today is flying first class or buying a refundable ticket for 4x the going rate for a non-refundable one. And we definitely are moving in the direction of the worst of both worlds: Terrible service and expensive tickets.

        I’m incredibly cheap and just buy the cheapest ticket possible (part of the reason why I fly Spirit & Allegiant). If a commercial airline modeled itself after military flights, where you sit on a long webbing bench, facing other people, with all of your stuff in the middle of the aisle, with no bathroom, no windows, and a few red lights inside, I’d probably go for that if it was cheap enough.

  4. maxamus2 says:

    Gas keeps going up and people get surprised when airlines add $10 to $20 per ticket?

  5. eturowski says:

    Yes, clearly Delta is struggling and feeling the crunch from increased fuel prices. That’s probably why they posted $854 million in profits in 2011, including a record-breaking fourth quarter, due to “higher ticket prices and capacity cuts.”

    Dickie Anderson is sitting at his stupid old desk counting stacks of bills and laughing.

  6. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    “Sort of like when the popular girl tells everyone else they have to wear the right scrunchies or be ostracized.”

    It’s so true. One day I showed up at school with the wrong scrunchies in my hair, and my life never recovered from the fallout.


  7. nopirates says:

    you always pay a giant premium for booking less than 7 days out. this $10-$20 is a lot less than what you would save by booking more in advance

  8. ihatephonecompanies says:

    I’d rather they just raised the fares and advertised etc. as such rather than making up fees and surcharges.

  9. gman863 says:

    I saw a news report recently that stated the only successful fare increases occur if Southwest either announces them first or plays follow the leader.

    Can’t remember the source; however it seems to make sense.

  10. VashTS says:

    I hope when the world ends, the wealthy are the first to go…I don’t mean beamed up to heaven either…oopps, I said the, “H” word. Oh crap.

  11. golddog says:

    “Sort of like when the popular girl tells everyone else they have to wear the right scrunchies or be ostracized.”

    But is Delta really a Heather??

  12. VashTS says:

    Airlines probably saw more profits from De-regulation. Maybe more people could fly would offset the lack of high prices, but they will push the envelope till people they wanted to be able to afford to fly, have no more money to spend, then will need a bailout….oh boy.

  13. AllanG54 says:

    They want it both ways. Higher fares and checked bag fees. They get us coming and going, literally. And I’m a loyal Delta customer. Out of the roughly the last 30 round trips I flew, I used Delta on 29 of them.

  14. jeb says:

    This doesn’t explain the $20 hike I saw a couple weeks ago on a roughly three-month-out flight (from $392 to $412).

    No matter. Amtrak is just over half the price, and doesn’t charge for baggage. Longer, yes, but much cheaper.

    • iesika says:

      I wish there was a passenger train that ran between my two main fly-between locations. Trans-continental high speed passenger rail across the Southern US, from sea to shining sea.

      Hell, I just wish there was a passenger train that went from Houston to Florida along I-10 – all the major cities there are in a row, and there are already freight tracks and rail bridges all along the interstate. Lake Pontchartrain and the Atchafalaya basin would be the only big geographic obstacles – that part of the country is pretty damned flat.

  15. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Look, it’s a picture of the puppy biscuits!

    PS – no matter how hungry you are, DON’T EAT THOSE.