Someone Thought It Was Smart To Grow Marijuana Inside A Meijer Store

It’s quite a leafy news day, in terms of pot-related shenanigans going down. But in this case, the drugs weren’t being dealt online, but grown in a seemingly very public place — specifically, a nail salon located inside a Meijer store near Ann Arbor, Mich. Perhaps Mary Jane Manicures were on the list of services?

According to, cops seized more than 70 marijuana plants from the nail salon this morning. A Meijer employee apparently discovered the plants this morning while checking out a water leak in the store, which rents space from Meijer.

“When (store employees) were entering the area of the water leak, they saw what appeared to be a hydroponic water filter sitting outside of a closet,” said the deputy chief of police. Artificial lighting was also spotted nearby.

Cops say Meijer is cooperating in the investigation.

One Meijer customer said she had no clue about the pot hiding out, but that the nail salon had a low quality of work. Perhaps because they were focusing more on pruning plants than pushing around cuticles and applying polish?

*Thanks for the tip, J.M.! You’re a stellar human being.

More than 70 marijuana plants seized at nail salon inside Meijer near Ann Arbor []

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