College To Use Fertilizer To Prevent Pot Party From Growing

If there’s one thing the last half-century has taught us about pot-smoking teens and 20-somethings, it’s that the best way to reach them is by cracking down even harder. That’s why the folks at the University of Colorado Boulder will be checking ID and spreading stinky fish fertilizer in an attempt to prevent pot-partakers from gathering on the school’s quad this April 20.

To the administration at CU (not to be confused with Consumers Union, where pot would only be smoked if it were legal and then only in the pure interest of science), the annual 4/20 party is a nuisance that their best efforts — including erecting fences and turning on the sprinklers — have been unable to snuff out. CBS Denver reports that around 10,000 people attended the 2011 bash.

Since the school says that most of the people who attend the party aren’t enrolled there, CU will be closing off the entire campus to people who attend or work at the university.

Of course, some of those 10,000 people at last year’s party might have also been students and maybe even faculty, so as an extra layer of deterrent, the school will be covering the quad with a fish-based fertilizer, which CBS reports will make the gathering spot “virtually uninhabitable.”

If a non-student or staff member is caught strolling the CU campus on 4/20, they could be arrested for trespassing and face a $750 ticket and jail time.

CU Hopes To Snuff Out 4/20 Pot Event [CBS Denver]

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