Seattle Makes It Illegal For Businesses To Tell Breastfeeding Moms To Cover Up Or Move

While many states, including Washington, have laws that allow for breastfeeding moms to nurse in public without being hassled, some of those regulations are not clear on whether or not this protection extends to places like restaurant interiors or even offices. Thus, Seattle has made its stance clear: It is illegal for a business to ask a nursing mom to cover up or move elsewhere.

The measure, which adds a mother’s right to breastfeed to the list of protected civil rights, earned unanimous approval by the Seattle city council earlier this week.


Seattle’s ordinance would make it illegal to ask a nursing mom to stop, cover up or move to another location; it would apply to areas open to the public, including doctor’s offices, restaurants, libraries and theaters.

“[I]t’s a health issue for our community,” the measure’s sponsor tells King5 News. “It’s very clear the benefits of breastfeeding. What we want to do is move the needle in terms of community acceptance of breastfeeding by having our local civil office of rights enforcing the law.”

For a thorough list of state laws regarding public breastfeeding, check out this index put together by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Seattle City Council acts to protect public breastfeeding []

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