Good Luck Finding "Titanic" On DVD These Days

If the coming centennial of the sinking of the RMS Titanic has got you feeling nostalgic, perhaps you might consider taking in the ultra-blockbuster 1997 version of the movie. In that case, Paramount wants to make sure you head to a theater to see the re-released 3D version. The movie is tough to find at home, and nearly cost-prohibitive if you can manage to dig up a copy.

As NPR reports, the movie isn’t available at iTunes, popular streaming services or many video rental stores that have somehow managed to stay open.

Amazon has got it available new via a third party for $49.99, with used copies starting just below $30. Netflix has slapped the film with the dreaded “very long wait” distinction and isn’t offering the movie via streaming.

If you’re desperate to see the movie and still have a VHS player, that’s definitely your cheapest route. Amazon has several copies available via third parties for a penny, plus shipping.

Why ‘Titanic’ Is So Hard To Find [NPR via Movie City News]

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