Cops Say CVS Employee Planted iPhone In The Bathroom To Film Women

Looking back on it all, perhaps it was a bit suspicious to have a male CVS employee insist on checking out a bathroom to make sure it was “all clear” before a female customer used it. Cops say a man working the pharmacy counter used that excuse to plant an iPhone in between rolls of toilet paper, and subsequently film dozens of women.

According to the Times Union, police say an Albany College of Pharmacy student who was doing his internship at the pharmacy planted the phone and hit record after a customer asked him whether the bathroom was open.

A 60-year-old woman spotted the phone behind the toilet paper and thought it must’ve been left there accidentally by a fellow customer, so she turned it in to the front counter. While she was handing it over, she saw it was still recording.

Another employee watched the video and saw the alleged perp set up the camera before placing it in its hiding spot. Court records say the pharmacy worker told cops he’d made around 30 recordings in that bathroom since he got the phone in October, and stored the photos on his laptop. So why did he choose to peep?

“It’s the thrill of not getting caught,” he apparently told cops. Thrill ended, it seems, as he was charged with unlawful surveillance and immediately fired from CVS.

UPDATE — Albany College of Pharmacy issued the below statement regarding the student:

“We take this matter very seriously. We have strong policies in place that prohibit the alleged behavior, and we are taking prompt and appropriate action, which could include probation, suspension, or expulsion.”

Cops: CVS intern videotaped women [Times Union]

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