Putting A Knife In A Jar Of Mayo Probably Won't Fool The TSA

We’ve done our fair share of criticizing the Transportation Security Administration for confiscating silly things like cupcakes, subjecting fliers to ridiculous ordeals and workers who steal from passengers, but when it comes to trying to sneak weapons past security at John F. Kennedy Airport in a jar full of another banned item? Yeah, they’ll probably get ya.

The TSA is most likely going to find that knife stuck in a jar of mayonnaise, as they say one man tried to sneak that combination past them onto a flight on Tuesday, reports CBS 2 News in New York. A spokeswoman says he was headed to Mexico City, and was stopped during the carry-on luggage screening process.

“One of the TSA officers spotted something very unusual and when they did a closer inspection, it turned out that somebody had pushed his leatherman knife into a full container of mayonnaise,” she said.

Hey, buddy — if you can’t bring knives on the plane, and you can’t bring more than 3.4 ounces of any gel or liquid… do we have to finish that thought? No, it’s a dumb idea to put one prohibited item inside of another.

The knife was taken and the man was allowed on his way to his destination. No sandwiches were harmed in the process.

TSA: Man Caught Trying To Conceal Knife Inside Jar Of Mayo At JFK Airport [CBS 2 News]

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