Amazon Instant Video Hitches A Ride On PS3 To Hit More TVs

Access to Amazon Instant Video’s streaming library has been a nice perk to signing up for Amazon Prime. But the service was never particularly useful to many customers who like to sit back on their couch and watch stuff on TV rather than stare at a computer screen. Now Amazon has cut a deal with the PS3 that draws it closer to competitors Netflix and Hulu Plus, which both stream on the Wii and Xbox 360 in addition to Sony’s console.

According to PlayStation Blog, Amazon offers 120,000 movies and TV shows for rental or purchase. Prime members who shell out the $79 annual fee can watch a selection of 17,000 videos for no additional cost.

The PS3 isn’t the only way to get Amazon Instant Video on TV. Roku boxes and many internet-connected TVs also do the trick, as does a PC that’s connected to the TV. Hopefully Amazon cuts deals that get it on the Wii and Xbox 360 as well, leading to more competition on a level playing field that would theoretically make the selection and pricing more compelling on the major streaming services.

PS3: The First Console to Offer Amazon Instant Video [PlayStation Blog]

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