Frontier Erases Last Midwest Airlines Remnant: No More Warm Cookies Onboard

Memories of the fragrant smell of chocolate chip cookies baked onboard Midwest Airlines flights, a practice continued by Frontier Airlines when they bought the Milwaukee-based company, are about to waft into the past for good. Frontier announced recently that the complimentary cookies are going bye-bye.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel bids farewell to the beloved treat, reporting on a memo from Frontier officials to company employees. Instead of free, warm, gooey chocolate goodness, Frontier will offer Pepperidge farm Goldfish Crackers or Barnum’s Animal Crackers. Business class passengers will get the snacks for free, whereas the rest of steerage will have to pay $1.

Of course, no one (except for me, perhaps) makes decisions on which airline to fly based on cookies, said Frontier, and the expense just didn’t pay off for the airline. And hey, animal crackers go along adorably well with the animals on Frontier’s planes!

“Frontier is the only domestic low-cost carrier offering a free perishable snack to all customers, which does not align with either the perception or financial reality of the ultra low-cost business model,” said Daniel Shurz, senior vice president. “Removing the complimentary cookie is another step in our continued effort to make Frontier a sustainably profitable airline,” he said in the statement.

The cookies will continue to live on only as long as the inventory holds out until about May, on flights after 10:30 a.m. — so if they’re offered to you, gobble them up while you can.

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